Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday - Common Bronzewing

Apologies for the quality of these shots, very fast reaction 
on my mart and rainy late afternoon light are not conducive
to startlingly good photography 

even so, I am very pleased I captured this incredibly shy 
and elusive bird

although I know it very well, since it is native to my Mt.Lofty garden
where I had one that was happy to forage in my vicinity,
it always kept in the densest shade.

The Common Bronzewing has a haunting daytime mating call
a protracted hoooot, like the San Francisco fog horn, 
followed by an interval . . .
then, another hoot with the intervals becoming progressively 
longer until you give up waiting for the next one and yep,
three seconds later, there it is.

It is always a pleasure to listen to, not only for the haunting 
quality of the hoot but also the surprise factor involved.

These two shots I managed to capture at the end of my pine 
plantation walk as I headed for my car and watched four 
Magpies squabbling, one flew into a tree across the road as I 
headed for my car. I dropped my eyes and there, within a 
couple of feet of my bumper, was the Bronzewing at he 
side of the road. 

It was in an 'alert' position so no time to check settings, just
lift camera and shoot (and pray).

The Bronzewing turned as the Magpie swooped and I clicked.

Moments later,  obscured my car, it had taken off.

Just when I was a little disappointed at not bagging any birds 
in the plantation, I was on the verge of ecstatic 
at this bird being handed to me on a platter
at the last moment.

Joining Stewart's 

and Michelle's


  1. What a prize capture (twice) of this bird which I didn't even know existed, Arija! It's wings look like extra wings hang down beside the body? And incredible markings around the eyes. Thanks for sharing. Thanks, too, for your kind comments while visiting my blog. I am better now thanks! Blessings and hugs Jo

  2. That is a good looking bird and it's vocalizations sound intriguing.

  3. How lovely that you saw this bird and were fast enough to get photos of it as well. This is another bird I would like to see and also get good photos of.

  4. Great captures of beautiful birds, Arija!! Thanks for sharing them with us!! I'm looking forward to getting back to regular blogging, but it will another couple of weeks! I'll continue to visit whenever I can!! Hope your week is going well!!

  5. great you picked up the photos of the bronzewing; a lovely moment for you

  6. Delightful to read of your appreciation and great pleasure in birds.

  7. Every so often they come to visit us - but are certainly not 'common'. I love their markings and the irridescance of their feathers. I am so glad that this one arrived to make your day...

  8. Arija, what a cool sighting for you! It is a neat looking bird and your photos look great considering the light. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nice to see. Great photos!
    Well done!

  10. For reasons involving near idiocy we call these birds "Foop Pigeons" because of their call!

    I think the cormorants were cooperating - but the egrets were opportunistic! And I had to wait about half an hour for the echidna to come out of the woodpile to get the shots!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. I do love a Bronzewing moment! Congratulations! We are blessed to still see them in the bushland of some of Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

  12. An unusual looking bird, probably of a family we don't get here in the UK. Bad luck with the light and rain - it's always the case when you really want to get the best picture. Full marks for first finding the bird though.

  13. What an elegant bird Arija - certainly not common as far as I am concerned - we don't have it over here.

  14. He's a pretty large bird. I'm so happy for you that you had your camera in order to capture this special moment.
    Hope you're having a wonderful week Arija!

  15. Nice find! Thanks for your research into hummers in Belize. 26 kinds. That is a lot.

  16. What a neat looking bird. A sort of pigeon perhaps? I am glad you caught the elusive one and the shots are pretty darn good. MB

  17. HI Arija...I always try and if it doesn't come out good ..at least I gave it my best shot : ))
    Great to see your birds over there, so glad you was able to get to the "verge of estatic" ; ) and still be able to have composure enough to get a click of this fella to share : )))
    Thanks so much for your comment on my post! : }

  18. Quite an interesting bird. You documented it effectively and the shots are actually quite good under the circumstances. I've found out that birds don't respond well to my command to "hold that pose."

  19. Beautiful photos, that sounds like an interesting bird.

  20. So nice! I have never even heard of this bird before. Yes, you always have to be prepared to take photos! :) Thanks for your comment, Arija! /Pia

  21. Lucky you..that would have made my day as well.

  22. looks like a very interesting bird. Think that is new to me. As you point out, sometimes you just have to shoot and hope for the best. :)

  23. Interesting posturing and I love watching bird behaviors.... Michelle


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