Friday, May 24, 2013

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Pink and Pretty

The Cyclamen is a great autumn favourite of mine
so, because mine are just coming into bud,
I bought a couple to boost my morale
while I wait.

The above is a miniature with a delicious scent . .

I just could not pass the one below by, it is a larger variety but one of 
the rare scented ones.

I keep my Cyclamens in my bedroom where I never heat and the 
door is always open, summer and winter.

I have mended my ways and instead of living in anticipation, 
just live for each moment and cram as much joy into it 
as possible.

Hope you all do as well!


  1. And cyclamens do provide rather a lot of joy. I am still weeding and planting - but hoping (if only we get some rain) for a spectacular spring. In the meantime I do like to be out in the garden. Soothes my mind if not my body.

    1. I guess our bodies have something in common. There's nothing like gardening, is there? Not the picking of flowers but the weeding and feeding, the pruning and hoping and just nurturing our chosen darlings.

  2. Cyklamen är en jättefin blomma, här är den mest vanlig till jul att ha inne. men finns för att ha i trädgården med.
    Ha en fin lördag
    Kram Meta

  3. I own a cyclamen that has bloomed year after year for about 10 years. It just keeps coming back although I don't pay it much attention. I had a miniature white cyclamen once with a wonderful scent. It only lasted one season; although I have looked, I have been unable to find one like it since.

  4. I love pink flowers and these Orchids are amazing, and oh so pretty too! Happy weekend to you~

  5. oops, I am sorry, I read this, knew they were not Orchids and called them that anyway. They do sort of look like Orchids. Lovely Cyclamens!

  6. The cyclamen is very beautiful. I like their leaves as well as the delicate flowers.

  7. ...wunderschon liebe Arija!

    Liebe Grüsse und Umarmung aus der Schweiz


  8. bless you. :) they're beautiful.

  9. Heisann! You have come to the point in live when you appreciate the small moments just like me, but time passed figuring it out.... cyclamen is really beautiful growing outside, I remember them growing in the hills of Toscany.... Have a nice weekend ;:OD)

  10. All any of us can do is live for the Now. And right Now you have some beautiful flowers to admire. Thanks for sharing them. Hugs!

  11. Lovely flowers and photos, Arija!
    Best wishes for a good weekend.

  12. That's good advice Arija (hard to follow, but I do try). Cyclamens (especially a scented one) in the bedroom would help. They're lovely.

  13. Hi Arija...They are a lovely showy plant aren't they, I think I should have one too ; )
    Love your little philosophy words at the end lovely lady!!

  14. Beautiful flowers brighten our lives. I don't know what we would do without them - your cyclamen is beautiful. I have just learnt here that some cyclamens have a scent.
    I always appreciate when cities have botanical gardens, - wise city planners knows how much they lift both morale and spirit. Take care dear Arija.x

  15. I like your philosophy Arija - and the cyclamen.

  16. Hi! Nice cyclamen shots. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  17. Beautiful flowers. Enjoy each moment.

  18. You are inspiring Arija and I do love your flowers. Thanks for sharing both.

  19. Sweet little beauties... My daughter gave me one for Mother's day.

  20. I have a large cyclamen in a south window that only blooms in spring and summer. Yours are lovely!

  21. I have always admired cyclamens, but it only grows in our uplands so far from the metropolis.

    Re: your question on my Curcuma post. I actually searched on Curcuma and turned out that even morphologically the same, the supposed to be only one plant are of different genus. Hence, it is studied more deeply and finger printing is a help because one has good medicinal value, but the other has toxic properties. Curcuma species have long been incorporated mostly in ayurvedic medicines, and also in Thai and Malaysian cuisine and medicines. But it has to be very specific.

  22. These are nice flowers - we have so as well.

    Worrying that something, some event, is not perfect will make sure its not - I find (well, "found" if the truth be told !) the imperfect is often really rather good if you let it be!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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