Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cheer from the Shadehouse

Waterlilies, Rockhampton Bot. Gdns from our holiday in Queensland

Sunrise on the farm



Frosts threaten and most of my orchids are ailing except, oh wonder of wonders, my Zygopetalums. Wish I could share the intoxicating perfume. One plant fills a whole room to overflowing with scent of tropical sunsets and large pina coladas, perfect sandy beaches and the obligatory orchestra playing. In winter one becomes nostalgic for Queensland, Noumea, Fiji - no, not Fiji with the present political situation, or Tahiti. Sadly only Queensland is accessible to this earthbound blogger. Large aircraft play havoc with the balance of bionics in my ticker. Fortunately memory still holds true and the many places on our planet I call home walk with me still in this little slice of paradise in the driest state in the driest continent.

Back to my Zygopetalum of which I have three pots flowering concurrently as well as a solitary Cymbidium. I am happy to report that my Calendulas are a picture and the broccoli is in full bloom due to neglect of picking. Must remember to chop it back for a fourth crop. The grandchildrens' bunnies will be ever so happy! Where did the time go? Yesterday they slipped a tiny hand into mine as we wandered the paddocks or explored the creek in the wild wood and now they tower above me in time honoured role reversal and pat me on the head.....Tempus fugit....time to post blog.

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  1. Your blog, your photos are beautiful but that sunrise took my breath a bit. Thanks.


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