Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged !

I've been tagged by Willow for something called
"The Fourth of the Fourth" . This is how it works:
go to your fourth photo file, select the fourth photo
and post it on your blog and select four other
bloggers to pass it on to.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio. . .

Forget it, women's lib is here, now it's : you
introverted idiot Hamlet, now I have to find
some other prince...

Portrayed in this charmingly gruesome photo
is one of my granddaughters in her self-made
Galadriel garb holding an Orc head they had made
with papier mache to be gruesomely re-slaughtered
by young and old alike whilst dangling from a branch
in the wild wood. The task to be accomplished
blindfolded by whacking it with a stout stick.
The combination of a solid crust and many misses
led to inordinate merriment. Once you made contact,
the stick was passed on. Most of us were doubled
up at my sister's valiant attempts with a broken
umbrella much like Hagrid's wand. My sister was the
senior family member present, and a minister of
religion, but game as a pebble.
We take our fun where we find it and are adept at
combining Shakespeare and Lord of the Rings with
Harry Potter or anyone else we care to enlist.

This was the nearest I came up with , with a
bit of poetic licence, skipping a few of my first
soft focus efforts with a tiny digital camera.

I'm supposed to pick four bloggers to tag,
so here goes, Amanda, Gemma, Michelle and
Ruth. Over to you girls and good luck!


  1. Is that an ant mask the girl is holding?

  2. Nice photo...

    But I have not understood the "tag"... Sorry...

  3. This is cute!! Thanks for playing along, Arija!

  4. Oh Arija.. I don't have any old photos on my computer as I haven't scanned in many..but I will look...

  5. I am sporry for not having explained the deep and meaningful subject matter of the photo. I have now rectified the situation by adding a (lengthy) paragraph.

  6. Poor Yorick isn't the man he used to be;)

    You are heading into your spring and we into autumn. It will be fun to check with your blog and get a dose of your lovely blooms all winter long.

  7. The photo and the game are both interesting and unusual. I like it!

  8. This photo looks fun. The orc looks scary though ... ^_^

    The photos you posted for My World meme yesterday were great by the way ... It's a beautiful place you live in Arija!

  9. If I were a little girl, I would play Galadriel all the time! Orcs or no orcs!

  10. Such a wonderful time of life to play Orcs and Goblins. Reality is so bland when compared to our imagination.

  11. A great photo! Your granddaughter is lovely. She did a very nice job on her Galadriel costume.


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