Monday, June 22, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 31 In the Wild Wood

The fog having settled in my brain, my feet led to the
Wild Wood, the children's secret world where goblins
roam and faeries frolic in the dell. Where the owl hoots
at mid-night and the blackbird calls at dawn, where
diamonds sparkle in the grass and Unicorns are known
to pass and children are both safe and free to roam and
wander as they will.

Just go down hill and leave gates as found till you
come to the creek with trees all around. The willowy
breeze is different there, the leaf litter thick and dank,
you feel there is magic in the very air with wing beats

around you everywhere. The old tree clothed in green
moss where he lies where others more recently lay down
by his side. A carpet of shamrocks covers the ground and
stealthy rustlings follow you around.

Look up and gold still bedecks the trees with blue
peeping through to gladden the eyes.

A giant of the forest lies across the creek, a highway
to the little folk whose dwellings lie the bank beneath.

King's ransom gold hangs on the trees to dry
as children through the ages pass near by

A witche's house? a castle? a tidy up of sorts of drought
dead trees that block the way but not a thing that is the
wood's is ever taken out ... wood gently turning back to earth
to bring forth more of its own kind.

The Wood is left to nature's way to do with as she wills,
wild quinces line the creek bed, a clump of age old pears,
surviving many fires, still dressed in snowy white in spring
vies with the row of hawthorns to the bees' unending joy.

The tangled wood tells tales of old....

The creek here widens with some stepping stones
glinting silver in the sun's warm light. Frogs hide in the
watercress and turtles wander here and there, small barefoot
children squat beside the pool, watch water bugs and lambs
who come to drink, make nests of plaited grass or when the
the creek is dry, build cantering horses in the creek's soft bed
of sand.
Their happiness still sings within this quiet place.

The magic steals along the bank, turns silver poplars
into precious gold

to float in pools of blue...

with faery diamonds sparkling in the grass as to the
molten silver pool I pass.

The laughter of the children follows me uplifting spirits
so once more I see.

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To Klaus and The Team, thank you for clearing my
head with this meme.


  1. Arija, that is so moving. You're words flow as smooth as the water. I could hear the children's laughter while the little people watched from the shadows. Excellent! Awesome captures!

    Be well on your journey.

  2. I was enthralled--thank you for taking me on this journey. Thank you for seeing with a child's eyes and imagination!

    How very inspiring. These photos, this journey, filled my eyes--which, as you know, is the best and biggest compliment I can give.

  3. Lovely photos and your description detailed every little thing.

    I think I feel better now, too.

  4. Lovely pictures.This place looks like a photographers dream come true.

  5. What a truly enchanting and enchanted place!! I think one could see a lot of special things there...

  6. so enjoyed the walk about with the faeries ... made for a nice stop.
    lovely captures.

  7. What a beautiful journey in the Wild Wood! Thank you for this Arija, I enjoyed it tremendously!

  8. Lovely place and beautiful shots!! This is so green..Fantastic...Unseen Rajasthan

  9. What a beautiful place, made even more beautiful by your lovely words. I, too, could hear the childrens laughter and could almost see them peeking out from your wonderful captures! Thanks for the beauty, and your ability to see through the eyes of a child, Arija.

    And, yes, do be well on your journey.

  10. Magical words and photos. . .I didn't want to leave this enchanting area.
    p.s. I love the maroon leafed geranium!

  11. That is the place to be. Thanks for sharing.

  12. All these photos are fantastic, so unique that I can't pick a favourite. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week
    Regina In Pictures

  13. Hi Arija, This is such a lovely spot I want to go there and dance and play with the children...I love seeing the photos in the My World as each one is so different and it is an adventure. I wonder if you write children's books when you are not blogging?

    I like the link to Butchart Gardens on your sidebar.I will do many more posts on it for you.

  14. That is such great writing. You could compile that lovely story and its connected photographs for publication as a "children of all ages" type book. Perhaps you have already?

    Very well done. Thank you.


  15. The goblins and fairyfolk of myth and legend inhabit my island so I felt right at home wandering virtually through this post.

  16. Your words made the pictures come alive.

  17. What a lovely peaceful place. My daughter would have loved to search for fairies, elves, and trolls when she was younger!

  18. Arija, this is just a wonderful post. So magical.

  19. Arija, thank you very much. The image of the moss covered trunk made me smile the most! But you view your world with a more poetic and lyrical heart.

    Aha! I was on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty this morning photographing the skies around New York and New jersey harbors and I thought of you! Haha! There you go.

  20. Wow the photos you took looked like an enchanted and magical forest. Very beautiful. I can imagine some fairies and elves hiding in some of the trees.

  21. Arija what a wonderous post. Thank for the walk with the faeries and my childhood and your photographs are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings and smiles

  22. Outstanding photos this week and lovely text - just magical.

  23. Hi Arija
    I was transfixed in the story and in awe at your pictures.. this post will be revisited for sure... I can not tell you just how much I enjoyed this.. :O)
    My post are: Reddish Vale and Horse And Poem

  24. this is so wonderful! excellent!

  25. What a forest it was. The mossy tree and all that glowing green. Faery diamonds too. Wonderful!

  26. The photos portray a sort of magic "unfamiliarity" about the landscape, it could be anywhere, yet as one looks for the familiar it eludes!

    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

  27. Arija, I tried to reply to your comment on my blog but you appear to have 'no reply'set. Yes we do have snow 2 or 3 times a year, the photo was last July, it's just magic when it snows, cleans the world.

  28. Hi Arija;) Thanks for a beautiful post of stunning photography with such moving text. I am so sorry to hear about your brother's passing last week. May you find peace and healing in time. Blessings Jo

  29. Hi Arija, I read your wonderful words this morning and it was a delightful way to start my day...
    You have a glorious way with words and photo,too.
    Thank you for letting us all enjoy them. Be well and happy...

  30. Oh that looks like such a lovely place. I would love to go for a walk of a morning there.

  31. Your first paragraph makes me want to jump right into the wood for a visit. Lovely words and photos!

  32. A lovely path, made more lovely by your enchantment with it.

  33. Arija: Very beautifully shared from you trip to the woods. This was so well written and the photography was splendid.

  34. I thought I was reading my fairytale book again! It's magical - photos and prose. Thanks a lot. I enjoyed my visit.

  35. Story and shots. Beautiful.
    I do see gnomes there!!

  36. Wow, such a place to lose oneself and the world in--your words made the post spectacular. I loved, loved, loved taking this walk while visiting you! Thank you!

  37. Extraordinary Ma'am Arija along with a very dreamy narration of your beautiful story. I could imagine you were sitting as you tell the story surrounded by those angelic possumic eyes around you.

  38. I love the intense peace of an old, tangled wood!

  39. What awesome photos. Just love it...

  40. What a wonderful post ... magical! I can just see the little people playing. To see with a child's eyes is a special, special treat. Thanks for the reminder.

  41. I would have loved walking my dog there! Perfect place for me! And seeing it all through a childs eye made it even more fun and thrilling!

    About Monika; I really don't know anything about her the last couple of years. I know she published a book (crime) in 2007, and participated in some book gathering after that. But it is very quiet around her now. I tried google her name to find adress or phone number, but nothing. Sorry!

  42. What an enchanted place. Your pictures are wonderful... WONDERFUL, and I love the commentary you put with them. Very nice post!

  43. My dear Arija, this walk through your eyes made my heart full. Beautiful! Simply magical! That giant of the green and alive even lying there across the creek...

  44. Wow what a lovely place. I could imagine some fairies playing by the water. What a wonderful place for children's imagination to run wild.

  45. Love this series of pics! Love the nature aspect of it... seems very cool and peaceful!

  46. I love your story... and the woods..

    It looks like something out of LOTR. :-)

    Beautiful captures !!

  47. stop it Ma, i'm homesick already!!!

  48. Awesome place! Fantastic pictures!

  49. Arija,

    I can very well see why you want me to see this. Yes indeed. Look at that moss covered-fallen log, I had a big grin on my face as soon as I saw that! Everything about this post. It whispers my name and my pens! Thank you.


  50. Lovely photos and a charming narrative, that was a great post.

    Btw, I hear you about economic rationalism and scientists getting the whack - the University has another museum, of Natural History, and its huge collection is in danger of being sold because a new building big enough for it is too expensive. Never mind that it's one the biggest collection of animal specimens worldwide...

  51. Oh. My. Goodness. That was divine. Truly a spiritual experience. **blows kisses** Deborah

  52. Beautiful series of photos of really lovely place. The first photo is my favourite one!

  53. Wow, Arija! I want to go down to the woods with you! This is so lovely, magical and very moving.

  54. A truly magical place made all the more wonderful with your beautiful words.


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