Monday, September 14, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 43 Away with the Faeries

With these two pictures of the Prof's park I leave
you for a little while. Tomorrow we depart for Sydney,
a round trip of some 2,000 miles. The object of our
pilgrimage is our youngest g-daughter's 3rd concert
for the year playing violin in the Australian Junior Youth
Orchestra. The first two we missed for unforseen reasons
and are now all the more determined to put in a statutory
grandparental appearance.

Since it is inadvisable for me to take to the skies, it will
take a number of days for us to drive the distance in easy
stages. Again, my health is the prime reason for our tardy
progress. Although I will be equiped not only with my trusty
Nikon but my computer as well, signals for internet will seldom
be available and posts will be few if any.
Apologies to those of you who expected the next exciting episode
of my water pollution post, it will make an appearance on the
first available occasion.
Please feel free to leave comments which I do enjoy so very much.

Until we meet again, stay well, stay happy and God bless you all!

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  1. best wishes for your journey and much success and love and joy for your daughter and all of you! love kri

  2. Safe travels to you.Will be waiting for updates upon your return.

  3. Have a safe and peaceful journey and enjoy your granddaughters concert. Blessings and smiles

  4. Arija, the second photo is so peaceful. Have a wonderful time at your granddaughter's concert and may your journey be safe and enjoyable.
    Blessings and smiles

  5. Have a wonderful trip, Arija! Enjoy the concert! And I know how proud you are! Look forward to your return to "your world"! And I love your shots for the day!



  6. Beautiful snaps. The lake is very refreshig.

  7. Like my world too pretty as a picture and so cute. Enjoy say safe.

  8. Safe journey, Arija. Have a wonderful trip.

  9. Great shots to see wtaer in the dam..presuming it is yours.

    Have a great trip and concert. What a talented g-daughter you have! Good on you for making all the effort!

  10. Tranquil scenes from your world, Arija, but it sounds as though you're in for some heavy traveling. Safe trip and enjoy the concert.

  11. have a great trip, and bring home some nice images :)

  12. I wish you a safe trip and enjoy the concert. Take care Arija.

    Ebie's World

  13. Have a grand time Arija. Will look forward to hearing all about this long journey.

  14. wish you a pleasant journey and an enjoyable stay in sydney

  15. All the best for the round trip. Hope you everyone will enjoy your g-daughter concerts! violin is a wonderful instrument to play!

  16. Best wishes for your journey and
    have a wonderful time at your granddaughter's concert!
    Great photos especially the second one!

  17. I hope you have a happy and healthy journey to see your granddaughters concert and visit with family, Arija
    Your photos are delightful as always.
    I look forward to more upon your safe return... :)

  18. Best wishes for granddaughter and her concert. I hope you have a safe journey and have fun.

  19. Ohhh, a violin concert. From your granddaughter, no less! Yes, that is definitely a trip worth making. Safe travels to you, Arija. Enjoy the scenery. I look forward to seeing what your camera captures along the way.

  20. Congratulations for your daughter.
    Enjoy your trip. You all have my best wishes.

  21. Arija, Have a wonderful and safe trip. What a marvelous reason to go on vacation to be with your granddaughter . You must be very proud.
    Take care.

  22. The best of wishes for a safe and healthy trip. It is wonderful that your grandaughter's concert is a priority in your life. :-)

    Driving has its benefits when one carries a camera! Looking forward to what you capture!

  23. Best wishes for your journey and for your granddaughter's concert. For years after moving to Montana, my wife and I made a 2,000+ mile roadtrip back to Pennsylvania each summer with our daughter, camping along the way, to visit our families. Great memories.

  24. Arija, I wish you a safe journey and much fun! Until we meet again I'll be seeing you!

  25. As we hear reports of the dust storms, I am thinking of you. I hope that you are safe and well and that we will all hear from you soon.

  26. Have the most magical of journies. How wonderful that your granddaughter is such a tallented musician. I look forward to catching up on your blog!

  27. Enjoy your trip with the faeries to attend your granddaughter's concert. I enlarged yourphotos and very much enjoyed the one of the pond - so calm and serene.

  28. You are dedicated grandparents to drive so far for you g-daughter's concert! I'm looking forward to your photos when you are back.

    Lovely photos of the park!

  29. thanks so much for linking to Petrus Spronk's art - he's a fellow countryman, living abroad, so always interesting -besides, I'm a painter. HAve a great trip!

  30. I like the idea of you praying in a country cottage.


  31. Your grand daughter will be delighted that you made such a long journey especially for her.


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