Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Alone

Here I sit in solitary state, like Rapunzel in her tower or the
Lady of Shalott. The Prof is still away and a whopping great
limb of a river redgum that fell from heat exhaustin across
my driveway, is as effective in keeping me grounded as the
Great Wall of China.
Do I feel lonely and neglected? Not a bit.
My trusty and very pregnant huntsman protects me from
small biting flying beasties.

These little painted finches that my eldest granddaughter gave
me as a parting gift when she left to take up employment in our
Natinal Capital, cheer me with their chatter.

This young blue tongue lizard peeking out from under the BBQ
eradicates any creepy crawleys at ground level and my ancient
21 year old black Millie cat makes sure I sit a lot so she can curl
up on my lap

and while the grapes last on the vine, so do the daily visits from
my younger granddaugter.

In fact, I live like, as the Germans say "Gott in Frankreich" or
God in France, a saying that survives from the time of Louis XIV
the sun king. My culinary wants are supplied by darling daughter
carting anything my pantry or fridge may lack as "meals on heels"
up the hill to my tower.

When the day fades into dusk, the whole troup assemble up
here for G's&T and the mandatory hilarity supplied by courtesy
of No.1 grandson.

As you can tell, this Rapunzel is making the best of her situation
and most certainly needs no rescuing and at times has more
company than strictly necessary as the pre dawn visit of the
tame steer who pruned my roses, grazed the strawberries as well
as the new row of potatoes and the sheep I noticed gazing longingly
through the fence at the green in the garden when her paddodck
was dry and sere. Next day she became pot valiant in the company
of a friend and broke in only to be instantly deported to the other
side of the fence.

Certainly no time to catch cabin fever.... I am truly blessed.


  1. You sound more like Dr. Dolittle than Rapunzel! All those interesting creatures for company.

  2. Arija, you are turly blessed to be surrounded by such loving family and entertained by critters. Sometimes it's nice to be "trapped" at home, where your heart is. And soon the Prof too, I hope.

  3. Yours does sound like a blessed life! (Well, i could do without the huntsman, but ...)

  4. What fun to have read your entry~ Such creative jucies flowing, very refreshing~

  5. Certainly no moss growing beneath your feet Arija. Enjoy all the attention too.

  6. You are fortunate to have family who obviously love you very much.Enjoy the quiet moments.

  7. I was glad to see the painted finches after the beasty photo!

    Your surroundings ~ are so lovely ... It's always a pleasure to visit your blog ♥ A beautiful Sunday to you ~ Maria

  8. Arija..everyone should have your attitude toward life and think how much richer we would all be...Thank you for reminding me that of this.. hugs.. Michelle

  9. watched the tv news on the one year anniversary of the bush fire. I wonder if the fire also killed many of the animals.

  10. It brings me great comfort to read this. I feel warmed, like I've downed a nice G&T myself. Indeed, these are wonderful blessings.

    And I've never seen English Leicester sheep before. Incredible wool. They are magnificent animals.


  11. Scary, creepy, beautiful and yummy... all in one post

    Moon at noon - Manori is a fantastic beach in Mumbai

  12. I read between the lines of comments that people are worried for you Arija.

    It's good of you to reassure your blog admirers that your real family are also there to help you as needed.


  13. Love all the critters, and love your positive attitude. Have a great day Arija.

  14. It feels me with joy knowing that you are so loved and well taken care of in your Rapunzel tower! ;-)

  15. I missed this one. Did I tell you that I had a choice between immigrating to the US and Australia? I always think that I should have gone to Australia every time I see your clouds but when I see creatures like these, I start shuddering. Do you know why I draw lizards on my trees? I am afraid of them! I hope you are well my dearest.

  16. Hi this is my first visit here. I love the way you weave your words, very poetic. Those company you keep are so very interesting esp the lizard, but i love the colors of the finches. Alone is a word only in the mind. So while your are still without a human companion please visit my tropical posts, i assure you warmth for the soul, as i am from the tropics displaying our yearlong summer blooms. thanks.


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