Friday, September 24, 2010

A little Philosophising . . .

Life, fragile as a butterfly, a tenuous thread to reality, precious
beyond all else . . .
God willing, by tomorrow I can count another year of it, how
much longer we have, not one of us can know or determine.
This last year I have spent a little too much time knocking on
those pearly gates, yet each time been knocked back and sent
away. Sometimes I was not too happy with that as passing over
would have been so very easy.
Then, being back and seeing the gyrations of my newly grown
up grandchildren, developing an even closer and more loving,
if that is possible, relationship withmy daughter and seeing the
garden thrive again, has given me new strength to cope with the
Prof's fading memory.
Every equation seems to have pluses and minuses and we cope as
best we can.
The blogging community has been a wonderful spur to at least a
little creativity in moments of respite. I know I have not been able
to visit as much I would have liked and yet so many have left me
kind comments when I was unable to respond. There were many
times when those caring words kept me going against all odds.
To my dear, dear sister/daughter friend Ces a special thank you
for the most wonderful present that arrived to succour my soul
with the wonder of her great gift of drawing. On That another
post will follow I hope soon.
At the moment it is daily injections at the hospital as my body
seems to be refusing to submit itself to the major blood thinner
on the market which I have been subjected to for many years.
I resent the time this robs me of but at least it stops clots forming
on my artificial heart valves.
Sometimes we just need to accept what is.
So thank you for making my life so much richer and full of
fun and I send big hugs to all of you who drop in regularly
with scones and cup cakes to take tea with me and thank
you for your friendship.


  1. Hi Arija, may you have a blessed birthday tomorrow and I praise God that you are coping with the injections. Bless you dear friend. Rest in the Lord. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. A beautiful and touching post. May all go well with your new treatments that you may enjoy all the sweet blessings of life. God bless.



  3. A BIG Happy Birthday Arija!!! Another milepost marker to show how strong and full of life you are. I'm sure the loving family around you will celebrate in Joy. Hugs!

  4. I'm glad the pearly gates remained closed to you, Arija. Your friendship is pure joy. Rest and be well, dearest. xx

  5. What?!!!! It's your birthday tomorrow? That is definitely worth celebrating. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! I love you Arija. I truly do. I know it's strange that we have never met and yet I have this feeling for you but when I count my blessings, you are among them. You are God's gift to me. I love you so much! Happy birthday. The place is a better place because you are in it.

  6. Wishing you a happy birthday celebration, with fond memories created for all.

  7. A very blessed and Happy Birthday tomorrow to you, Arija! Such a lovely, moving post for the day. My thoughts and prayers are with you each day. May your treatment continue to go well. Much love to you, my friend, as always!


  8. You've had a rough year. Hang in there. We like having you among us :-) God bless you today and each day of this year.

  9. May you have a wonderful birthday Arija. I for one am glad you are here, as your thoughts and blog photos are exquisite.
    Perhaps you have things left to do, and that is why the pearly gates keep telling you NO!
    Take care~~hope the meds continue to do their job.


  10. Hi Arija! Happy and blessed Birthday! I hope that you will find joy and happiness and strength to cope with whatever problems you will have to face! Hugs, Wil

  11. Tammie Lee has left a new comment on your post "A little Philosophising . . .":

    oh how I would love to have tea and scones with you~
    The roses are lovely, I think of you as a rose, perhaps because of all the lovely ones you have shared with us.
    Wishing you a new year full of days that feel like treasures. Happy Birthday~

  12. Such beautiful photo--such wise thoughtful words. ((hugs))

  13. What a lovely picture of a butterfly! Happy birthday!

  14. Oh you really have been through a lot this past year and I am so happy that you will be seeing another one. Happy, Happy Birthday.... hugs...Michelle

  15. Happy, happy, happy birthday, dearest Arija. And bless those injections that, rather than robbing you of time, are buying you more of it. May you find new buds on the branches and new shoots on the ground. May you feel the warmth of a million hugs and the press of two million lips upon your cheek.

    With all my love,

  16. Dearest Arija, Im glad you havent gone beyond those pearly gates as i would have not had the pleasure of meeting such a strong, amazing women, kia kaha Arija..Tiara

  17. Birthday greetings to you, Arija, from across the Big Puddle! Have a splendid day, filled with all sorts of things that you love!

    I've only been a visitor to your blog for a short while but this I can say in all honesty: your attitude to life brings you such a quality of life, and that is what comes across in all your posts. I greatly admire your *positive* viewpoint - it's infectious, you know :>}}









  19. I did not say anything but I am praying that modern medicine will let us enjoy your company for a long time. I love you!

  20. Hello Arija, so it's your birthday? (The little bird told me)... Well, I wish you a happy one!!! May all the stars twinkle brightly for you tonight and grant all the wishes your heart desires!

    (^_^) ♥♥

  21. First time visitor and so happy to have found you via Ces, that wonderful woman. Happy birthday, your blog reflects what an amazing woman you are, and I look forward to dropping back and saying hello, if that is ok with you.

    Birthday Smiles

  22. Have a lovely Birthday. I love your photos and philosophy. You help me to see that ageing isnt as bad as perhaps I think it is. When the weeds overgrow the garden and my back and knee ache I am now allowing myself a bit of time to sit back and think or read, not do!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Arija. I'm Steve, a friend of I guess that makes us friend-cousins or something

    I recall being very sick, and one day I just said out loud, Well God, it's up to You...Whatever....

    and that was four years ago, and I'm still very alive. I have a feeling you are staying with us also. It IS not easy, but do it we must. There are too many Peeps yet who need to hear of our experiences, and what happened, and what it is like today.

    You have a great-looking blog, and the content has to be good--it is YOU!--grin! And I'd like to become one of those 'regulars' you described.
    Steve (steveroni)

  24. Happy Birthday dear Arija. Such a beautiful post. All the best with your new treatments.Wishing you much happiness and strength.

  25. You write so beautifully. You're a very special person - happy birthday to you! Such lovely photos...

  26. Hello dear Aria I am sorry I haven’t visited for so long. This touching post really made me sad but I am glad that I’ve just visited today on your Birthday. I wish for you many more beautiful birthdays to come and celebrate with your family in good health and spirit. You are strong and brave woman and I hope you will know how to cope with whatever problems you will have to face.
    Meda :-)

  27. Arija, thank you for dropping by to say "Hi" to steveroni. It is for me always a bit exciting to meet and slowly get to know another blogger. And with a new Peep usually comes about 50 more "new" Peeps

    Reason I am here now is to answer your question about mt violin. In July I blogged about a strange and curious chance meeting 15 years ago on an airplane. It will explain quite a bit. The second part og the page is what will be of certain interest to you--maybe!

    So if you have a few minutes (3), go
    HERE and read what I believe is a strange and true story. OK?

    Regards...and PEACE!


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