Sunday, March 6, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Some Late Blooms

One last summer bloom on 'Anna Pavlova' in my Mt.Lofty

As the sun glowed lower in the sky it lit up this Lemon Verbena.
It may not be a spectacular plant to look at but it exudes a most
wonderful lemony scent. The leaves are perfect for potpourris as
they retain their delicious scent for years.

Myrtus communis, a small flowered evergreen bush. In days
of yore brides wore a little garlands of this aromatic shrub as
a symbol of enduring love.
It looked lovely with it's last flowers glowing in the light of
the setting sun.

For all those of you who showed amazement at Eucalyptus trees
flowering, here is the showiest of them all, Eucalyptus ficifolia, a
native of Western Australia that has now been hybridised to
produce colours from white though a number of pinks and oranges
to an even deeper red than this. Unfortunately the sun had left
the tree and the leaves do not appear as dark green and shiny
as usual but when it flowers, it flowers all over with a sea of red.

Red is the colour of happiness for Chinese so when two of my
husband's Chinese graduate students were marries we held a
reception for them near this tree and it's twin in full bloom
and I baked a dozen glazed strawberry tarts. For students who
had managed to escape from Maoist China, it was a real treat.

With thanks to Luiz Santilli Jr. who hosts this happy meme.


  1. I always appreciate pictures of different flowers and information.
    Great pictures!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Liebe Grüße aus einem verschneiten Toronto,

  2. I could almost smell the blooms... Those red flowers are so stunning! Really neat that you shared it's beauty and luck with the Chinese couple!

  3. Your late blooms are all very beautiful. While you get late blooms, I'm getting early ones.

  4. Good morning, beautiful lady! How are you today? Is it 3:26 your time there?

  5. Gorgeous flowers and photos as always, Arija! Love the colors and what a great thing to do for the Chinese couple! I love it! Hope your weekend has gone well!


  6. Wow Arija, lemon verbena reminds me of my parents who were avid gardeners. Thanks for sharing these beautiful flowers. The reds are spectacular. Bless you my friend. Jo

  7. I can almost smell that Verbena! What an interesting story about the Chinese wedding. Love all your flowers Arija.
    Have a happy and restful week.

  8. Wow...all so beautiful! Like the others, I loved reading about you and your husband sharing its luck/beauty with the Chinese couple.

  9. so lovely to see your end of summer's beauty. i suppose we are at the end of winter, though only today did i sense something besides winter in the air..... woke to amazing ice crystals dressing the forest. ah

  10. These flowers are very pretty.

  11. Beautiful posies, just so beautiful and your banner is stunning, I love the way it glows and causes a natural fire like beauty~

  12. Very lovely blooming flowers...thanks for dropping by and sharing these beauties...

  13. Eu gosto de passar por aqui porque além de ver lindas fotos, aprendo muito sobre as flores e plantas do seu jardim!

  14. The flowers are so pretty,I could almost smell the fragrance here.

  15. Beautiful blooms to enjoy, especially for those of us just beginning to see the first few blooms of spring. Thank you.

  16. Beautiful shots of the flowers, and I would love to grow that eucalyptus plant around my home..

  17. Beautiful blooms Arija! The soft image of the Anna Pavlova projects romance.
    Lemon is one scent I never tire of.
    You are so right, that light on the Myrtus communis is captured beautifully. Very nice.

    Time has gotten away from me this week. Thanks so much for your Sunday visit.

  18. NatureFootstep has left a new comment on your post "TODAY'S FLOWERS - Some Late Blooms":

    lovely flowers all of them. :)

  19. Beautiful blooms..oh I can't wait for spring now..

  20. Beautiful images as always Arija, thank you for sharing the wonders around you with us.


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