Monday, May 9, 2011

MY WORLD, World Bird and Watery Wednesday

There are compensations to be had away from civilisation. This
place is definitely one of them. My favourite caravan park is
in Jamieson, Victoria. Right on the Jamieson river, where we like
to stay in a lovely two bedroom cabin under a massive Pin-Oak
next to a park that also has a wonderful selection of mature, well
spaced deciduous trees.

This is definitely not your average caravan park, shady trees in the
summer and the most glorious colour in the autumn.

All I wanted to do is snap - trees, leaves, birds and mushrooms,
good heavens, which way to point the camera next???

A flock of Australian Wood Duck, Chenonetta jubata, grazing
on the riverbank.

Was I ever excited when I saw this bird on my computer!
A first for me. I am tipping on a Rufous Bristlebird, Dasyornis
broadbenti. I am hoping some Australian ornithologist can
confirm my most amateur identification or point me in the right
Correction: not a Bristlebird at all but a female Satin Bowerbird,
Chlamydera violaccus, thank you Stewart M for the identification.
Even so it was a first for me , I once saw a male in a Queensland rain
forest but have never seen them in Victoria before.

A walk around this charming little township also netted a few
Australian King Parrots, Alisterus scapularis,

male above and probably female below.

A chocolate-box study of Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Cacatua

. . . and for Watery Wednesday, a shot of the quietly flowing
waters of the Jamieson River.

So from one blessed riverbank to the next, your roving reporter
will send the next instalment from the banks of the Ovens river.

We are having some worrying lights flashing in our vehicle and
will have a somewhat longer enforced stay at the home of the
Autumn Leaf festival while waiting for a booking with a reputable
Hyundai service department, did you hear me complaining? Not likely!
We are taking it easy and going out for lunch listening to the river
rushing past and having lovely long walks. I could spend a lot of time
this way.
See you all again soon . . . your roving reporter (in the slow lane)
signing off for now . . .

PS all photos enlarge of course.


  1. these are beautiful shots! it is SO neat to see autumn colors while we are all about spring in N America. Make the most of your extended stay! keep the photos coming!

  2. Yet another beautiful stop along your journey. I hope taking it slow is what it's all about. Please keep those photos coming.

  3. What a gorgeous tour you've taken us on -- as always! Love the autumn colors even though I'm hungering for the warmer weather that spring has failed to bring us! But soon! Enjoy, keep taking it slow and enjoy each moment, Arija! And, oh yes, keep the photos coming!


  4. Who could be in a hurry to move on from such a wonderful spot.
    Digital cameras are great aides in helping to ID birds. I can never remember the field marks accurately enough when I am looking in the guides.

  5. Keep on sending those beautiful reports.All the pictures are amazing.

  6. Those Autumn leaves are gorgeous Arija. I have to remind myself that it is Fall in your part of the world, while I am enjoying the bright green leaves on the tree I can see through my window as I type. It wasn't that long ago that they were falling to the ground. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Marvellous nature shots. Terrific autumn colours.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  9. Hi there - nice set of pictures - I'm pretty confident that the mystery bird is a female Satin Bowerbird. Keep an eye out for the blue/black males as well.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Oh, what a shame, to be stuck in the middle of the woods in autumn. I do hope you can console yourself!

    Srsly, I'd love to see half those birds. What a delight! Hope you're still enjoying.

  11. Oh, these birds are unique, Arija! The bright red and grassy green bird reminds me of Christmas. Like Sylvia, seeing the autumn leaves and colors does seem a bit strange when my world is still recovering from a long chill and warming into spring. :)

  12. Ha! Sounds like you are very pleased that your car is experiencing problems. :)) Beautiful photos!

  13. Hi agian - This is the 3rd time I have found the swallows sitting like this in this location. I think they may be young birds - but the books say that they should have much duller colours than they seem to have.

    These pictures took about 10 minutes of very slow movement towards the row of parked cars to be able to get close enough to make the image. The birds would fly off as I moved, but land again a few minutes later. But as you can see I got close enough in the end.


  14. A delightful post! I am not very familiar with the birds you have there so it is lovely to see them, they look so exotic compared to ours in the UK. The male Australian King Parrot is such a vivid colour!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  15. You sound quite out of breath with all that loveliness to photograph. It is quite difficult to keep on an even keel sometines when there is so much about. As here, with our Spring.

  16. I too would be quite content to spend a few extra days in this beautiful place! I love the shot of the Cockatoos perched in the autumn trees.

  17. Beautiful pics of that gorgeous area - your bird photos are wonderful!
    Keep safe!

  18. Lovely Arija and I am glad your friend got the correction for name of the Satin Bowerbird, what a lovely, she is!!!

  19. Beautiful colours.
    So looking forward to summer here though.

  20. Can't think of a better location to spend time during your journey. Lovely series and congrat on the lifer.

  21. Wonderful photos of gorgeous birds... amazing... what a lot of lovely birdlife around this riverbank.

  22. Gorgeosity! Oh my goodness, you make me long for the burning colors of autumn. That photo of the white cockatoos nestled in the colorful leaves is fantastic! I'm glad that, if you are stuck, you are stuck in a beautiful land. Nonetheless, I hope your car gets fixed perfectly and efficiently.

    Love to you.

  23. Those first two have such glorious light!
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time (except for the car).
    Lovely little bird almost hidden in such beautiful lush surroundings.

  24. Beautiful birds and lovely autumn colors. Congrats on your new bird sighting. Thanks for sharing!

  25. On my only visit to Australia many years ago, I was SO impressed with the wonderful birds.
    I love the photo of the river, too. That was my mother's favourite sound — the music of a river flowing by.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  26. How wonderful to see all the FALL colors!

  27. Wonderful shots! The birds are fascinating.

  28. Beautiful photos and the lovely color of the autumn leaves certainly sets off the colors of the birds.

  29. Thank you for the comment.
    Your blog is wonderful.
    The link of your blogs was displayed to "中庭のバラと猫 Rose and cat in courtyard".

  30. Thank you for the comment.
    Your blog is wonderful.
    The link of your blogs was displayed to "中庭のバラと猫 Rose and cat in courtyard".

  31. Wonderful mix og nature and birds in your post. Between us - I am very happy that this beautiful and rich in colours autumn is not here. We have now spring (Norway) and there is very far to autumn and winter! Very nice photo set!

  32. I'm so glad you are having this wonderful restful time Arija! Along with that you are sending us back amazing pictures of your favorite place. The colors are gorgeous even though I am glad we are heading toward summer. I hope your car isn't giving you too much trouble, but please continue with your tour and sending more pictures.

  33. National Audobon swooon! The images are like a bird encyclopedia entry. So beautiful.

    How are you dearest Arija?

    Ah I have been up since 2AM working on problems. The joys of being oncall at night and at work during the day.

    Ick! I want to be free as a bird. Tsup!

  34. Beautiful pictures and a lovely post. I love those wood ducks.

  35. Beautiful images of Autumn and the birds are absolutely gorgeous! Great post!

  36. i love the birds especially the parrot.

  37. Tremendous post. It's nice to see those fall colors. And the birds, incredible!

  38. What a beautiful place! Wonderful shots! Enjoy your stay!

  39. IF I could live the life of a wealthy person, Id fly down to enjoy Fall and get away from the upcoming heat of Summer. Great park indeed! WOW Great Birds too!!

  40. How fun to see fall colors during the spring-time of the northern hemisphere! And I love that shot of the parrots in the autumn leaves! Cool post!

  41. Pat Ulrich has left a new comment on your post "MY WORLD, World Bird and Watery Wednesday":

    How fun to see fall colors during the spring-time of the northern hemisphere! And I love that shot of the parrots in the autumn leaves! Cool post!

  42. Such delights you show us, as always!!


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