Monday, December 19, 2011

Our World & World Bird Wednesday - Christmas is coming . . .

Christmas is coming

and the geese are getting fat . . . all except this one which has
been dieting for two months sitting on a clutch of nine infertile
eggs and fiercely protecting them until I snuck in the other end
of the shed and managed to hide the stinking things while she
snatched a few mouthfuls of grass. No, she certainly will not be
Christmas dinner.

Today I must make a foray into the big smoke to locate a few
elusive presents. Haven't managed any Christmas baking as
yet and have a birthday cake to bake before Friday. I hope all
of you are better organised.

How can I get anything done when I have little distractions like
this Superb Blue Wren around?

Or kangaroos checking me out as I stalk a bird or two,

like these Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, a few couples of which,
in our twenty years here, have passed through on their annual
pilgrimages. Last year a small flock decided this was a good
spot to linger and colonised one of our paddocks. This year
there has been a population explosion and we have well over
a hundred of them screeching between our houses. The noise
of feeding and begging babies is deafening and they, together
with a flock of Galahs, are stripping our Eucalyptus trees where
they roost and snipping off new shoots on ornamental evergreens.

At least some of them hide their heads in shame . . .

And so, with a few meadow flowers sunning themselves, I wish
all my dear blog friends wherever you are, a Happy and Blessed
Christmas and/or Holiday Season. May those of you in cold
climates stay warm and those in hot ones stay cool. Enjoy your
time with family and friends, be they two or four legged.

Stay safe on the roads, everyone else drives like a maniac!


  1. your goose looks fierce! i hope she can go back to normal now that her lackluster eggs are gone! always marvel at the different birds and wildlife you get to see there! :)

    hope you have a great holiday week!

  2. a happy and safe festive season to you and your overly maternal goose. i noticed that the staff in our PO here in Bathurst were all wearing tags that said "tis the time to be organised", LOL!

  3. I'm not organized at all these years. Your nature photography is always such a joy to look at.

  4. Glad to see your captures! So much wonderful wildlife!! I love it! Organized, organized???? Surely you jest!! Hope you have a great week, Arija, and a very Merry Christmas!


  5. And Season's Greetings to you and yours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Merry 2011 Christmas Arija, and a wonderful Happy 2012 be yours to enjoy.

    Know about clucky Geese, I shared my life with one. She'd be content sitting on a stone she was that determined. I eventually convinced Neighbours at the time to part with one of their Geese's fertile eggs. My Perci glowed when I presented it to her. She soon dispatched other items she had been sitting on, putting all her efforts and chats into her fertile egg, from which emerged a gosling she doted over. He was part of our life for over 14yrs. I adored him.

    My 18yr old Gander Nicholas lost his friend of 10yrs in September, and though he tried hard to cope, he was slowly not doing well at all... but that has all changed... In November he became the proud Dad of 2 adopted Goslings and has not stopped looking more wonderful everyday... the whole experience a blessing and a treat.

    Your photos and words are beautiful as always Arija, and I love the way the Kangaroo is craning to see you.

    Your new camera certainly responds wonderfully for you too.

    Good luck with being organized... always a challenge for me any time of the year!

    Bye for now, from Magda and Crew in Qld Australia with love

  7. Dear Arija, with you checking input before published.. I'm being bold and including in this the link for Nicholas' Story I did in December of his new Journey if you would like to meet him and his Goslings...

    (Please don't feel you have to either Arija.. it's not why I've done this)

    The Goslings have grown so much since then and it's only been a month... will do an update in the new year.. in the meantime there's Christmas, and the Post I'm preparing for my crippled Dove Wonderbird's 12th Birthday on Jan 1st...

    Hope this doesn't offend... but I know you don't need to include it, because you will see it first, it's more of a personal note to you.

    Though I have not had the chance before this with tragedies occurring monthly amid my Family since August... and I hope has now stopped.... I thank you deeply for your words you gave when you visited. I don't know how many times I read what you wrote. I was astounded how deeply you could see what I feel and am.

    Also your words... here... or when you visited, feel as I read are like a song... almost a song of lament, yet beautifully haunting melodious and uplifting.

    Truly glad I met you. A special experience for me you are...
    merry christmas and a wonderful new year Arija... hugs with love from Magda and I have to include my Crew... they watch as I do, and give input too xoxox

  8. So many things happening in your beautiful world Arija - that little blue wren perched on the branch is ever so pretty and I know how elusive they can be when trying to photograph them - they just flit away at the last moment.
    You have captured this little treasure beautifully - that's much more important than being organised.

  9. your flora and fauna is so beautiful and exotic! I can only imagine how delightful it would be to see a kangaroo in the wild! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends Arija. happy day to you.

  10. Wonderful images to see Arija.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year..
    Big hugs from Andrew xx

  11. I love your Christmas weather (actually ours -- here in Florida -- is a lot the same -- but you have better wildlife.

    Don't worry about the baking -- keep taking pictures ;>)....have a wonderful Holiday. Thanks for all you do!

  12. Wow, I love all your beautiful birds and the kangaroo is cool! You do see wonderful sights there, Arija! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  13. HI Arija...So wonderful to see the wildlife in your part of the world...the hidding in shame shot is beautiful!
    Lovely post as usual
    have a Merry Chritmas

  14. How very delightful! You are probably more organized than I am, but I don't have your excuse of watching kangaroos and Superb Blue Wrens. If I were there, I wouldn't get anything done. Wonderful photos! Merry Christmas!

  15. Thank you for the walkabout with you Arija...poor silly goose...glad she shall not be Christmas din din. Wow, what a treat to be taking a walk and to see a roo...right, oh I already said that, but the thought is worth it;)

  16. A lovely post, Arija, and thoughtful blessing for all of your fellow bloggers.

    May your Holiday Season be filled with joy.

  17. I have that same ball, when they first came out, I bought one small ball and one large ball. Now, you can buy them at the $2 shop and get 6.

    Merry Christmas

  18. Lovely shots, but I do feel sorry for that poor goose!

  19. Dear Arija, your blog is always such a joy to read and your pictures are superb; they bring a smile to my face like that upset goose or the kangaroo checking you out. To you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  20. The kangaroo seems to be very inquisitive! Merry Christmas!

  21. A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you Arija. What a delightful post! Love the shot of the bird hiding its head in shame!! Love to see what's going on n your part of the world!

  22. Your photos of Australia are wonderful. I love those sulphor-crested cockatoos. They are so beautiful and cheeky like our sparrows, who join us when we sit in the garden and have lunch or something else to eat. I remember one time when we were in Sydney having coffee and cake, which we had to protect against three cockatoos who landed on our table.
    I pity the duck. We had a swan sitting on infertile eggs under a bridge here in my village. She was sitting there long after the breeding season was over. At last somebody removed the nest. These animals are such caring mothers.
    I wish you too a happy Christmas and a better year than 2011. I hope that 2012 will be kind to us all.

  23. Hope everything is going according according to plan with the festive preparations. Wish you a blessed Christmas!

  24. Great photos and a fun post to read. I hope you have a really good holiday season.

  25. A wonderful collection of photos, and a 'ROO to boot! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Arija!

  26. Za wspaniałe zdjęcia dziękuję i życzę Wesołych Świąt. Pozdrawiam

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and I wish you a Merry Christmas. Yours

  27. a delightful post full of our natures bounty; Christmas will still happen and you have captured some wonderful moments in time before it.

  28. Great bird shots - that goose looks mad! I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

  29. You always have such wonderful birds and wildlife in your neck of the world! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy each day!

  30. Well,you may not have any baking done, but you HAVE been taking some lovely photos--very pretty. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Mickie :)

  31. very nice shots! hope you have a great week :)

  32. That's a fearsome goose. I never get used to the thought of wild parrots in the backyard, that is so weird for me. The kangaroo looks hilarious.

  33. Lovely post Arija.
    Love the goose, and that Kangaroo checking you out.

  34. Protective goose with the mother instinct.Take good care of her - she may lay the proverbial golden egg! The little blue wren is beautiful The Roo looks suspicious. The cockatoo looks graceful in flight as also during landing. Great captures.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New year.
    Warm Regards

  35. Lovely post, as usuall:)
    Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  36. It would be extremely odd to see the ears of a kangaroo sticking out of tall grasses as it watches me … a rabbit perhaps but never a kangaroo. It is fun to explore different places in wonderful blogs such as yours. Thanks as always for sharing your world and for all the insightful remarks you have shared with me. Also, glad you helped out the bird that was sitting on those eggs. :)

  37. The second capture of the Cockatoo is fantastic! Great timing. Very cool shot on top.

  38. Merry Christmas Arija! i hope you and the prof are well and enjoying the holiday season! That last shot of the white bird looks like it is doing an impression of a Christmas angel!

    I am heading home to CT today. My cold is gone, the kids are fine, Mom's hair is falling out and she is tired but still in good spirits.

    I hope to get some blogging in over the holidays and catch up with all my blogging friends!

    Sending you love from the states! It's warm and raining here today but perhaps we will get some snow for Christmas!

  39. You know how I love geese....poor girl..that is a long time to sit on those eggs...Have a wonderful holiday season Arija....hugs..Michelle

  40. Organized? Not me!
    The goose looks unhappy with you. I can't even imagine screaming cockatoo babies and a kangaroo watching me - and a Blue Wren! Lovely flowers to top it all!
    Have a wonderful holiday, Arija!

  41. you seem busy my friend. .) Wish I could send you some of the white stuff outside the windor. Snow that is. IIt is still here. :)

  42. Thank you for your hard fought wisdom Arija. You are a remarkable person. What a hoot to see that curious kangaroo checking you out. It lets me know just how different our everyday worlds are. Thank you for the look inside your life and blessings to you this Christmas!

  43. Your bird shots are very beautiful. I love the goose!

  44. Hi there - what a splendid set of pictures - I like the roo!

    The Magnetic Island trip was one of the best holidays I/we have had. Just found out that we can’t go back to the house we found on MI - so will may be off to somewhere different next time!

    Have a good Christmas!

    Stewart M

  45. Thank you for your lovely greetings. Hope the present hunting was successful. I like your "meadow" flowers, have never heard "meadow' used in Australia, sounds so beautifully English.

  46. Lovely shots. Have a great Christmas!

  47. Beautiful array of photos - what a grand place!

  48. Oh, I am glad you managed to get those eggs away from the poor goose. I know chickens will starve themselves to death trying to hatch infertile eggs, so I am guessing a goose would do the same thing. Can you get her some fertilzed eggs to hatch? I did that for one of my chickens a few years ago who was bound and determined to become a mom!

  49. I love that Superb Blue Wren Arija! Too bad that the Cockatoos are so noisy and destructive, they are beautiful birds.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a very healthy and prosperous New Year (and birdy too)!

  50. I LOVE your words Arija. So perfect for this season or any other for that matter.
    Poor goose. I have 2 Bantam chickens that have been setting. Don't these foolish gals know we are supposed to be in winter? With mild temperatures apparently even they can be fooled! Love your little wren too. Keep sending pictures of all your gorgeous bords.
    Happy New Year!


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