Monday, January 2, 2012

Our World & World Bird Wednesday - Goose on the Loose

Nothing really special, just one of my evening walks . . .

You may remember our goose forever sitting on infertile eggs?
Well, someone hearing of this at the cherry orchard our
granddaughters help out at during their holidays, offered a
gander. Granddaughter thought it was a kind gesture but laid
not much dependence on it. Imagine her surprise when next day
the lady was back with a box full of gander as a present.
The gander was duly installed in the farmyard but goosie was not
much interested as she had grown up with another gosling and a
matriarchal duck who was superseded by a bouncy, bossy bantam
who had met her untimely end by flying into the German Shepherd's
pen to steal his food.

What with one thing and another, Mr.Gander decided to
emigrate to the dam in the park where Goosie, who feels at
home among the dogs, cats and cars, occasional sheep and
horses in the farm yard, goes to visit and for an occasional swim.

Mr.Gander is more concerned with over-flying birds than with my

To get there, I climbed through a barbed wire fence, using the unavoidably
rattling chain on the gate instantly alerts the parrots who raise
the other birds.

While doing a photo session with the gander, a couple of cormorants??
lifted off our old diving platform. Sorry I can just show you a glimpse
of one, I inadvertently erased the shot of both of them.

The pond was teeming with life, the whole family of little grebes
was at home as well as a number of wood duck and black duck
and blackbirds coming down to drink.

One of the adults near the far side of the dam

and a very curious youngster who hotfooted over to within six
feet of where I was sitting on the crossing stones.

Isn't he just the cutest?

Some of the other residents keeping to the other shore

or having a quick bath on Golden Pond.

Just one more shot of the gander as the light fades, doing
his swan impression after an Olympic swim around the pond.

Since these few shots, the temperatures have been in excess of 40+C
so I have been housebound under a fan to prevent my brain melting
and leaking out of my ears.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and lots of fun visiting both
OUR WORLD and World Bird Wednesday. Both accessible from the
relevant Logos on my side bar.


  1. Dearest Arija: You certainly had your share of travelling more than one bumpy road this past year. I am saddened in reading about your sweet Millie.I have no doubt that she lives forever in your heart.
    You are an inspiration with your courage and positive messages as you experience one heartache after another. May this coming New Year be kinder to you.May the abundance of love and support from the blogging community comfort you as you journey ahead.
    love and light Anna.
    At the end of this week we journey to our winter hiatus in Arizona.

  2. I feel sorry for the gander, but who knows!!
    Thanks for sharing your birdlife! It is so peaceful in contrast with what you wrote about the shootings in big cities . We have the same problems here in my country. You are right we have experienced the most terrible events during the war too. My heartfelt wish is : Peace in this world and in our personal lives. I wish you a lot of strength to face your sick relatives and help them.

  3. Time and eggs will tell exactly what form these goosie visits take Arija!
    A very happy new year to you too

  4. I love visiting parts of the world where there isn't snow and ice!
    Lovely photos that let me know that there is open water somewhere!
    Cheers from Cottage Country, Perth, ON!

  5. Always enjoy your captures of the birds in your world! Delightful as ever. I do hope this year is kinder to you and yours so that you may continue to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Have a wonderful first week of the new year, Arija! Much love and good wishes!


  6. i hope the goose and gander will draw nearer as time goes on. that little grebe is precious!!!

    good luck with your summer heat! stewart m. mentioned it on his blog, too! brings me quickly back to our past Texas summer. hopefully yours won't be as brutal!

  7. Your bird world looks magical and the image you paint of yourself wandering in it is priceless. I really like the hues of the Golden Pond and I can't help but admire the goose that swims like a swan. :)

  8. what a great post! love all your bird friends :) looks like a fun walk! Happy 2012!!

  9. Such a wonderful present. Hope the goose and gander come to an understanding. Love going birding with you on golden pond. Stay cool.

  10. This is a nice set of photos. I especially liked the one with the light on the water.

  11. What a wonderful series of bird shots!

  12. That is a wonderful set of bird photos, and yes, that young one is so cute.

  13. Wonderful shots of all the animals on the pond. I love the story of you following the loose goose. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  14. Hello Arija, you are seeing lots of great birds there. The grebes are just adorable. I hope your goose on the loose stays safe. Great post and photos. Take care and have a great week!

  15. Happy New Year!! Summer is beautiful at your house -- (tho I hope it cools down for you a bit). Because of course I don't want your brain to leak out, but if you don't get outside, I will miss your pictures ;>) I hope the goose and gander get together eventually (I'm just a romantic at heart).

    Thanks for the smiles.

  16. watched your record high temperature.

    How do you cool off?

  17. this is wonderful, arija. i've come by to wish you a healthy and happy new year and i am greeted by storytelling at its best; with brilliant accompanying photos of a brilliant world.

    i hope the gander finds his passion....


  18. Hello Arija...such wonderful shots and your words make me smile. Great way to start my day today! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  19. Beautiful pics. My OWT is up too.

    Happy New Year from New Zealand.

  20. Oh, summer! What great photos. Poor ol' gander. Such a nice time outdoors, though.

  21. Thanks for taking us to the pond with you, just lovely, Arija.
    Perhaps nature will eventually win out and goose and gander will get together.

  22. Wonderful caption Arija - Goose on the loose - I love hearing about the wildlife - in your neck of the woods.

  23. Very interesting write-up and beautiful shots.

  24. Another wonderful series Arija. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to read about your loss of Millie; I pray that happy memories of times past will lift your spirits. Some choose not to release their hearts to loving a pet and sadly miss a great deal of joy in the process. Hoping 2012 is a more positive year for you and yours.

  25. With my 4 cats my birdlife is rather limited ! But whenever I can I love to feed ducks on a walk !

  26. It is always such a pleasure to read your writings. They are full of what life offers, and how you champion above all. I can smile, I can giggle, I can rejoice and I can lift you as you make your shares with us from your world into ours. We really love you dear Arija. This entry, like all entries, is truly a walk that we too can take with you. May you walk always in happiness, no matter what the ofing, you shall always rise above it~ Hugs

  27. great series of photos and what a great post to start off the new year. Happy 2012!

  28. i like this first one and the black duck? most but all beautiful. :)

  29. All shots are lovely but my favourite is the cute little guy on a 'bad hair day'! :-)

  30. Great pictures Arija!
    I really loves it...
    New Year greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  31. so enjoy your birds and your world! All the best for the new year ... and better temps!

  32. lovely shots and great story telling of your bird watching day! :)

    thanks for visiting my Our World Tuesday entry :)

  33. Dear Aria, I enjoyed both your writing and your photos. I hope the goose and gander will get together as time goes on.
    It really is too hot there. Take care, my friend!

  34. Beautiful shots, Arija! Hope you have a better year in 2012. Love your photos!

  35. A really fun post!! All the best from Boom & I at the Vermilon River, Canada.

  36. Thank you for the know I love geese..maybe they will grow to like one another..I wish I could be where I could have domestic geese...hugs..

  37. Lovely photos. I had a friend with a pet goose once and I was surprised to find out their feet were warm :)

  38. A wonderful post to read Arija... made me smile that we both used golden ponds this week...

    I wish you all the best for 2012.
    Take care..

  39. Hi Arla! Thanks for the visit and comment at my blog.I truly love all your beautiful captures. Keep them coming!

  40. The "golden pond" photo is especially beautiful.

  41. Lots of good shots and I love your story. Lets hope Mr. Gander decides to stay, and Mrs. Goosie decides to keep him. Have a wonderful week Arija.

  42. Lovely bird photos, Arija! The gander is a classic!

  43. Hi there - it must be great to be able to just wander down to your dam - even if you do have to cope with the rattling chain.

    Hope the New Year brings good things.

    Cheers - Stewart M

    PS: don’t worry about 'identification projects' - if I did not want to do them, I wouldn't!

  44. Delightful post accompanied by some equally delightful photos! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!! ~karen

  45. Such a paradise for birds! Your narratives made me smile and photos are magical and heavenly. I hope a little of heat wafting from the computer as I hear the sound of winter storm outside. Take care for heat stroke in such a sizzling heat. Wish you a year of good health, smiles, and peace of mind, arija.


  46. I love the shot of the gander's upward glance. So many gorgeous birds!

  47. A very eventful evening walk Arija.
    Great captures.

  48. Wonderful collection of bird sightings!

  49. The goose in the first photo looks as if smiled, and I love it:)

  50. cool! lots of cuties there. :) And a beautiful last shot.

  51. you really did have an adventure and saw so many wonderful creatures! thank you for sharing your journey with us through your awesome photos~

    lovely 012 to you and yours!

  52. belle serie animliere avec de belles lumieres


    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

  53. your very own goosey goosey story.

    we have one too, when I was 6, and my younger sister was 3 plus. One day she went missing. We found her chasing our flock of geese. The more she tried to get the geese home, the further the geese went.

    After that, my parents took me and her to the studio to have a portrait taken. Just in case she became a missing child again, and the photo could identify her.

  54. I enjoyed your gander story, Arija. Shows geese have their own particular personalities. Maybe with time your Goosie will spend more time with Mr Gander on golden pond and perhaps with time produce a flock of goslings. Lovely photos of the little grebe. I wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2012!

  55. I do hope romance blooms!! :)
    I love all your photos and how you had to climb barbed wire to get them
    the gander is so majestic

  56. Wonderful images, Arija! I love the fluffy youngster.

  57. I feel your pain with the heat. I'm dreading it in this place!
    Poor Gander :-D Maybe he gets lucky one of these days ;-)
    Love that cute Little Grebe (and of course all the others!)

  58. sorry ich weiss nicht, wie die blümchen heissen :)

  59. Beautiful shots Arija! I love that cute little Grebe!

  60. Ah...the poke in my post went right over my

  61. Arija, It is wonderful to see the effect your new camera is having on your pictures. We see your vision much more profoundly. You are taking giant steps! Thank you for your insightful remarks on my WBW post, I am in lock step with you!
    I can't wait to see all the captures you have in store for us this new year. Many blessing to you!


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