Thursday, September 18, 2014

SkyWatch - A bit of weather coming in . . .

Heading towards Port Augusta we had just a little weather 
coming up
so I did just a little drive-by shooting

looking towards the Flinders Ranges

and the other way towards Spencer Gulf

they looked just a little bit threatening
and when they closed up
we were in for a downpour and had to crawl until 
we had passed through the storm
not exactly ideal
as we were nearing our stop for the night and it had been 
a looong day sitting in the car

since I'm still here, we did get there safely.

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  1. Fantastic captures of cloudy sky.

  2. Wonderful, dramatic skies, Arija!! Glad you had a safe trip!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Although these stormy skies are magnificent to look at their heavy rain is not so nice to drive through.

  4. So glad you got home safely Arija. Those were very dramatic skies, made for lovely photographs. Have a great weekend :)

  5. Wonderful shots of the sky. I do love dramatic clouds!

  6. thanks for sharing your photos, it truly is big sky country out there
    my blog moved to

  7. Dramatic and beautiful - and I am very glad you are safe.

  8. Beautiful scenery in the first shot and the sky is looking awesome. I like the dramatic skies.. Glad you arrived safely.. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Skywatching!

  9. The cloud patterns and colour contrasts are fascinating. Grand skies.

  10. Beautiful skies even if they bring storms

  11. just gorgeous. glad you made it through, okay!

  12. Great cloud shots. Glad you made the trip safely.

  13. That's a beautiful sky. I think the last shot is my favorite. Glad you stayed safe (and hopefully dry!).

  14. Those are amazing images. I love the ever changing sky.

  15. Arija, such dramatic skies! I love your form of "drive by shooting!"


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