Monday, January 11, 2016

OUR WORLD & Good Fences - More wonderful New Zealand

Driving on, we found this wonderful place 
recently returned to the Maori people
who have put immense pride and toil
into, not only this magnificent hand carved 
entrance arch

but also into the kilometres of walking trails
over hills and dales and along the sea side

as you walk the trails, the sacredness of this
place oozed up throughout he soles of your feet

blood red flowers to remind one of the blood
shed here over the centuries

even the service area has a long log for the volunteers
to celebrate around the bonfire 

occasional shaved lawns giving a broad view
and a lovely place to picnic and listen to the 
native birds singing in the large shade giving trees

last, but certainly not least, this massive tract of land 
is surrounded by a seven foot high paling fence
forcing one to enter by the gate, that has a 
magical protective force. 

Walking through the entrance arch, there is a feeling of awe 
as you enter this sacred place.

I saw a number of cars turn back and go away
obviously not able to appreciate this place.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the way we travel.
We tend to avoid the large crowds and car parks 
of the usual tourist attractions
and follow up the gentle places of this world.

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  1. You are certainly seeing beauty all around.I can feel the peace and calm that abounds in those areas.

  2. Sounds like an amazing place! Where is it, and what's it called?

  3. What wonderful traveling you are doing and such a beautiful place!! You sound wonderful and I'm so happy for you Arija!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  4. The peace, calm and beauty permeates your photos. Thank you.

  5. das ist ja ein wunderschöner ort. den möchte ich gerne besuchen. danke fürs mitnehmen.
    liebe grüße

  6. I like the way you travel very much. It is good that the Maori open their land (now, once again theirs) to other gentle travelers. Thank you for sharing your visit.

  7. Oh, I love your way of traveling. We try to avoid the madding browds, too.

  8. Hello, what a lovely walk and a beautiful peaceful place to visit. Hubby and I tend to avoid the more crowded spots. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing your visit. Have a happy day!

  9. I could feel the magic from your words and images. No surprise this is our kind of place.

  10. Beautiful, and symbolic, and so much feeling here~ Hugs!!!

  11. what a beautiful place! that is the way my husband likes to travel too!

  12. hi arija! happy 2016! what a marvelous gate and love the fence and gate in the last, too. thanks for linking these!

  13. Fascinating place and lovely fences ~ love what the Maori's did and glad they have land back ~

    Wishing you a joyful weekend ~ ^_^

  14. The entrance is really cool, I like the carvings. Great fence with those tall spike like poles. I think it would be interesting to visit this place.

  15. So beautiful and green over there Arija ... you certainly capture a sense of peace and beauty

  16. Fascinating beautiful pictures!
    Summer heat.

  17. oh my, the gate, the grounds, so inviting and beautiful!


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