Sunday, February 21, 2016

OUR WORLD - more from my NZ trip

A rare sandstone outcrop
a high-rise for many birds
and home to ancient petroglyphs

there is such a lot of wisdom in this sign
if you read the fine print

unfortunately, as in many places.
sacred sites and ancient petroglyphs
have given way to graffiti
and senseless destruction

happily, at least now, it is securely fenced off

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  1. Truly spectacular.
    And living by the philosophy of that sign makes a heap of sense to me.

  2. I do agree with Elephant's Child!! Makes sense to me as well!! Have a great new week!!

  3. sehr interessant. wie gut, dass es jetzt geschützt ist.
    liebe grüße

  4. Oh ~ I love petroglyphs and how fortunate you are to photograph them ~ Wonderful shots ~ thanks,

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  5. I really love this, Arija. I enlarged the Mauri Ora sign and saw the English version faintly underneath each line -- and yes it is full of wisdom. I like the way they did this -- so that the Maori language is at the forefront -- it is their wisdom! But it is kind of them to translate these beautiful words for the rest of us.

    Such beautiful country -- I'm sorry the petroglyphs have been vandalized; fools seem to live everywhere in the world, sadly.

  6. ancient stone art
    a joy to see
    and hard to believe anyone would mess with it!

  7. There are petroglyphs up-island and they are finally protected as well. It defies imagination - how people can desecrate old sites. I heard on CBC yesterday that the Welsh quarry from which the Stonehenge stones were carved is regularly pilfered.

  8. Very interesting! NZ is on my bucket list!

  9. True, it is sad to see the historical sites defaced by graffiti. Your New Zealand trip sounds awesome. Great clicks.


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