Monday, November 10, 2008

MY WORLD ~ 4 Eyre Peninsula Coast, South Australia

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Just something a little different this time.
Sometimes I get a great longing for the sea and my
husband indulges me by driving for two days to take
me to a rugged enough coast for my liking. Sometimes,
he hires a small plane, this Piper Arrow for instance
and flies me there instead.
We flew to Streaky Bay, on the west coast of the
Eyre Peninsula, situated on the Great Australian
Bight open to the Southern Ocean.

Here we are at Streaky Bay International Airport,
please note the splendid arrivals hall, restaurants,
shopping mall and other splendid facilities. The
air-conditioning is perfect and guaranteed to function
all year round.

The beaches, although extensive, and this was
but one of many, are a little crowded. After all,
there were four of us there.

A gentle, protected bay with crystal clear water
ideal for observing marine creatures or just
splashing about in.

On one side of the jetty in Streaky Bay is this
Shark exclosure to create a safe water playground
for the townspeople and visitors.

One evening when all other stalwarts had given up
fishing, I was alone there just enjoying the sea and
being, when one by one a pod of dolphins materialised
in the growing darkness. Kneeling at the edge of the
jetty I whistled some Mozart and they responded by
frolicking arond me until it became too dark to see.
That for me was awe inspiring.

Some 20 miles down the coast near a rocky shore
some large seals were lolling about. Two bulls
thought about creating a disturbance, but thought
better of it and amicably settled down to rest.

Where the coast is open to the Ocean, which is one
of the more turbulent waters in the word and only
recommended for those with cast iron stomachs, I
find greatest joy.

The sough of th sea gathering it's forces,

to rush once more upon the land. With flying
manes the white sea horses charge

to dash themselves upon the rocky shore.
It is inadvisable to stand too close.

My thanks to the SkyWatch / My World team for
their stirling efforts on our behalf.

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  1. Oh, what incredibly beautiful photos! and your coastline, how awesome! You do live in a gorgeous part of the world. Thanks you for sharing it with the rest of us!

  2. I 've just looked up Streaky Bay in South Australia. Your post is an excellent one! And you show your photos with a lot of humour. Actually I came to thank you for the little poem in your comment of my Remembrance Day! It's beautiful. Actually I have my own Remembrance Days this past week. My father and husband both died in November. Father in 1959 and my husband now 9 years ago.

  3. Breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking!!! And how fun zipping around these sights in a little Piper plane? You are one lucky girl, Arija!

  4. What a lovely post. Those beaches and that sea - they look so inviting.

  5. I can certainly understand why you sometimes get a longing to be seaside! Amazing photos of a paradise!

  6. Very beautiful photos !

    Yoy are a lucky girl, because You have see these things in a little fly...

    See You later !

  7. Great posting!!! Nice photos and pretty colors!!! Australia is very nice!!! Congrats!!! Have a nice week!!!

  8. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I think that you are a lovely family.!

  9. Fantastic glimpse into your world.
    Cheers, Klaus

    Please remember for future post to add your country to your name! Thanks!

  10. WOW now that truly is crystal clear, stunning

  11. WOW, such beautiful photo's!!
    What an awesome place to share with everyone. Thanks!!
    Take care

  12. Your husband is very nice! I would love to be able to take a quick trip to the sea on a whim! Unfortunately, the sea is a bit farther away for me. Your pictures were beautiful!

  13. It's so beautiful there! And to think you have it all practically to yourself. ;-) Wonderful tour!

  14. What a gorgeous beach and you did a great job photographing it.

  15. What incredibly fantastic views. I would not care for facilities with all these beauty around.

    Good job to your husband, we all need indulging once in a while.

  16. I'm guessing that the airport gets away with calling itself "International" because on a good day you could fly a kite to New Zealand?

    I kid. (I do that.)

    What an eye popping beach! Actually, pretty much an eye-popping everything. Yeah, I could hang out there. Definitely.

  17. Arija, what can I say but 'heaven'!You lucky girl! Still, it's no more than I'm sure you deserve!x

  18. Terrific photos of a great coastline. I love the solitude.

  19. Arija: What a beautiful place to visit with the clear water. It's too bad the beach was so crowded. LOL I hope you did catch some fish.

  20. It's almost as thrilling as being there!

  21. It's so incredibly beautiful, how could anyne not want to live there.

  22. Oh my the view of the coast is just breathtaking. Love the waves crashing up.

  23. Breath-taking. What beautiful photos and a beautiful coast. I love the second one. But the sprays are wonderful too. What a wonderful place to visit.

  24. Great place, great photos, great post. Isn't it fun to fly in small planes? You're very lucky to have a live-in pilot :)

  25. Crystal clear blue waters? My! I'd trade everything I have! haha Seriously though, I am in love in that place! Looks really a great place to be! Lucky you!~

    Posted mine, HERE. Have a great day! And thanks for the virtual travel;)

  26. I simply loved reading your words as a looked at these beautiful images!
    Great post.

  27. I so understand your longing to see the sea. Having been a British Islander I struggle with being majorly landlocked here in Oklahoma now!

    What a wonderful husband you must have to do this for you and what a stunning coastline

  28. what an idyllic place! heavenly!!

  29. Oh what a beautiful set of photos you have in your world, love the sea and the color of the ocean.

  30. I wish I could go there, gorgeous photos.

  31. I agree with others, that your world looks like a paradise, but as a biologist I know, that it is not a whole truth.
    That part of Australia will propably
    become dryer and dryer as you wrote to me.
    If I could send to you some of my rains, I certainly would send my friend.
    Get some refreshing rains soon!

  32. Beautiful Natural and colorful World.

  33. Great post, Arija!
    One of my favorite places is by the ocean.
    Soothing and exilirating at the same time.
    Love your pictures.

  34. Wow, what a place! I'd love all that privacy on the beach.

  35. Oh Arija, thank you for this incredibly beautiful trip to Streaky Bay! It is wonderful, peaceful, stunning! The clear water, the wildlife, your dialogue with the dolphins - Great!
    So nice to imagine you fly with your husband in a little plane to a lonely beach!
    Thank you also for your sweet comment on my post, I am happy that you liked my autumn walk :)

  36. No other word for it but STUNNING....Thank you for sharing. Love Streaky Bay International Airport.

  37. I wish I could fly there too ! what beautiful landscapes !

  38. These are gorgeous shots. I would love to visit Australia someday.

  39. Excellent post and awesome pictures.

  40. WOW breathtaking and such a incredable BLUE...
    Happy Veterans day (USA)
    and I am so thrilled to be seeing mor eof your part of the world it is AMAZING!

  41. Wow! What a wonderful place you live in! The photos is incredibly. I would love to be at this beautiful beach with the wonderful blue osean. It's breathtaken!:)

  42. What beautiful photos! How cool to be able to take a plane and go where you like. I had a friend who got his helicopter license and we said one day we'd do something like this. That never happened but it's still a dream... like this. Beautiful spot and excellent shots! :-)

  43. Incredible photos!!!!! What a truly beautiful place. It makes me long to go there. A really perfect My World Tuesday post!

  44. Excellent photos and information.
    Thanks for sharing.

    If you scroll down this site you will find a B/W picture of the moose.

  45. Thanks for sharing your world, great pictures, seems a fantastic surrounding

  46. Oh how wonderful! Birds and seals, and that amazing blue water - I love your wave shots!

  47. Beautiful photos and I loved reading your commentary with your interjections of humor in it! Lovely post.

  48. Well worth the plane trip I think! What a stunning area and to have it virtually to yourself....a dream come true! Thanks for sharing this with us all!

  49. Great place and great pictures !

  50. Awesome photos! What a great place and how neat to fly there and see it from the air as well.

  51. What a wonderful day or two you had. How fantastic to have a husband who can fly a plane too.

    Beautiful photos and I enjoyed your beach time almost as much as you did!

  52. Brilliant photos, all of them. What a story. It closed perfectly with those waves splashing to the shore.

  53. Excellent presentation. That certainly looks like a place I would like to visit. In fact, I'm writing down the name so I don't forget it.

  54. I'm from Singapore and we're surrounded by beaches, but of course our beaches are not as breathtaking as your!

  55. never seen such beautiful beach even in any of the pics or videos .... awesome colors and clear waters :) Thanks for sharing ...

  56. Stunning pictures! Thank you for your visit and greetings from Croatia...I could watch for hours this sea scenery.

  57. Amazing, outstanding!
    You lucky girl.
    I need to move Australia higher up on my bucket list.

  58. Stunning shots. I like the second and the last best.

    Thank you for sharing your world.
    - celine

  59. Oh my..what blue color in that one photo. I love the ocean, but I am about 8 hours away from it...

  60. Just wandering through these images is an incredible experience! Enjoyed them so much and loved your streak of humour (pardon the pun!)


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