Saturday, November 15, 2008

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Flowers on my Table

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'Cecile Brunner' strongly scented tiny
rosebuds gracing a cloth embroidered
four generations ago, around 1850.

White Madonna Lily and pink Orientals.

A wealth of roses bunched up together

Tree Paeonia, backed by Rhododendron and lilac

A mixed bunch, just this and that...

My heart felt appreciation to Luiz Santilli Jr.,
Denise B. Castro and Laerte Pupo for hosting this delightful site.
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  1. Beautiful,cheery flowers on a day that here is overcast and cool.

  2. Hello Arija !

    Very pretty flowers... Smile for You...
    Have a good night !

  3. These photos are perfect to offset a cold wet day here..hope you got some sleep last night Arija...

    New site of Rambling Woods

  4. The flowers are all so beautiful.
    Your blog is filled with amazing photos.
    Thanks for coming to my blog. I hope you will visit again soon.

  5. Lovely treasures, Arija. Not only the beautiful flowers, but the fabulous family cloth! I love the gold trimmed blue glass, too.

  6. It's wonderful to have flowers on the table! I love cutting flowers from y gardens but it's cold her now so I have a Christmas cactus on the table. ;-)

  7. Beautiful flowers, so colourful! The olf family cloth is really precious!
    Unfortunately, the orchid in my office has no scent but a lovely colour!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  8. Hi………
    Very cool your blog!
    Great! Nice flowers........
    Good week............Welcome to my blog.....

  9. Breathlessly beautiful flowers and photos!

  10. Arija, thank you for your sweet comment on my ice cream 'not' post on Friday. My family are always up for some laughs. I love that about my sweet family.

    I never comment this late but I fell asleep early and now I am awake. sigh.

    I love your flowers you posted. especially the first photo with the fabulous table cloth. Fresh flowers are the perfect accent. Thank you for such a lovely post.


  11. Lovely flowers Arija! The problem here is that we haven't got any flowers in the garden now. I'll try and find flowers in Egypt.

  12. What beautiful flowers. Flowers can brighten anyone's day. You just brightened mine. We had a freeze last night that finished off our flowers.

    An Arkie's Musings

  13. Lilies and roses are my beloved flowers!

  14. Beautiful! Great thing to see on a cold and snowy day.

  15. Such beautiful flowers - thank you for sharing them.

  16. Dear Arija I can feel with you when your are loosing precious trees which have been nurtured for so many years. A man from St. George in western Queensland worked once for us. He had what we called the St.George Philosophy. When we ranted about the weather, we had many very dry years on the farm, he would say:" Don't despair every day is a day closer to the next rain." It only works when you are born in western Queensland!
    The flower bouquets are marvellous. The embroidered tablecloth is very precious. How many hours has sombody embroidered and how many thoughts have ben stiched into it. Herzlichst T.

  17. What beautiful flowers to have on your table. Wonderful photos.


  18. Such beautiful flowers!

    Mine is, HERE. Have a great week ahead!

  19. Every bunch is beautiful. I'm loving the roses of them all :)

  20. Beautiful flowers arrangement. I like variety and colours.

  21. Hi Arija, thank you for stopping over! I wish you a peasant journey and I'm looking forward to seeing your new pictures upon your return!
    Hugs, Maria

  22. Lovely flowers. I am struck by your note on the tablecloth. How nice to have something from four generations back.

  23. we could need some of these flowers here now - I thing I would have chosen the ones in the third picture.

  24. Beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers.

  25. Arija! All the flowers on your table are just fabulous. What a wonderful garden you must have :0)

  26. Absolutely beautiful! The table cloth is lovely too.

  27. What a plethora of beautiful blooms!
    That cloth is gorgeous!

  28. Hello Arija
    Variety of beauty and very colorful, loved all flowers.
    I thank you for sharing your images so beautiful and sympathetic participation in TF.
    hugs, Denise (TF Team)

  29. As always--amazingly gorgeous flowers!


  30. beautiful bunch of flowers!


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