Monday, April 20, 2009

Three Most Wonderful Awards

I was so overwhelmed that it took me some time to
assimilate that someone could think so highly of me
and my work, that they could honour me in this
outstanding way, particularly an artist of such talent
and incredible output as Ces of Ces and her dishes.

To be placed in a class of my own could infer that
I am important in some way when in fact I feel like
a grain of sand in the Gobi desert.

The award for being a phenomenal woman I hope
some day to grow into being at least partly
worthy of.

This brand spanking new Renee Acorn award, inspired
and created by wonderful bloggers, is so very close to
my heart. I feel it was especially created for people like
me. The Oak has always been my favourite tree with
which I identify, and with whose qualities of strength ,
endurance and shielding and sheltering those in need,
I fully identify with.

The first thing I did when we bought our farm, was to
set a paddock apart for an oak wood which I started
planting straight away.

I am so fortunate that sometimes I have been given a
word or phrase to pass along that has made an appreciable
difference in a chance aquaintance'slife.
Those are the acorns I like sowing best.

Thank you Ces for recognising my favourite asset.
For you and your work on all levels, I have the greatest


  1. Congratulations from one small grain to another!
    You totally deserve them all!

  2. Arija, so well deserved! Congratulations!

  3. You DESERVE it!!!!

  4. What wonderful, thoughtful awards and although I'm fairly new to your blog, I think you totally deserve them all!

  5. The honor is mine. I admire you so much, you have no idea!


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