Saturday, September 26, 2009

SkyWatch ~ 51 Stormy Weather

I'm back on line again in our half-way house motel
in Horsham which does have internet..hooray!!

The drive of over 250 miles from Melbourne to
here was rather a strain with pouring rain, wind
gusts so you could not open a door against them
and intermittent hail for good measure.

Cars were kicking up spray that made it even worse,
especially when passing huge trucks when you had to
trust your luck and instinct to stay on the road.

Part of the way was dual carriage-way, here is the
spray of the on coming traffic.

Another hazard was the threat of aquaplaning on
the water filled ruts left by heavy pan-technicons
when the tarmac had softened in the summer heat.

It looks like tomorrow will be similar, but at least
it is the last leg home.

Thank you all for your good wishes, I am certain they
helped to keep us safe. I have 1,200 photos from this trip,
so be prepared to be blinded by the beauties of Australia
for quite a while.


  1. You are so brave to brave those conditions. Look at that sky!
    Did you have the great dust storm too??
    Wishing you safely home soon.

  2. Your second picture is my favorite. Huge, puffy and powerful. I would want to be snug in my house with my ipod plugged in my ears, maybe reading a book though, storms to tend to scare me.

  3. Wow! 1,200 photos for us to look forward to! I know very much about travelling in those conditions. Though I never drive, I do feel scary watching even if I'm boarding a big bus.

    I am curious, did you ever pass the Orange dust storm on the way? And what about the tremor, did you feel it on the road?

    Have a safe landing home Arija. Will see you when I get back hopefully with loads of photos too to share.

  4. Hooray for rain! I'm glad you were safe on the road. I'm looking forward to seeing your trip photos.

  5. Beautiful but very stormy-looking skies! You always post such wonderful pictures.

  6. Really great storm shots! That one arc almost looks like a monochrome rainbow.

  7. Glad you traveled safe so far and that you found a connection. I don't like driving in the rain, but I'll bet you wanted to absorb the moisture and take it home. I look forward to many pics and stories about traveling Austraila. Your country is certainly on my list of must sees. Maybe 2011.

  8. Your captures are beautiful despite the dangers. Where you impacted by the "great red dust storm" that made world news last week? Look forward to seeing your photos.
    Safe journey and blessings

  9. Those skies look very similar to my own this week. So much rain!
    I'm happy to see your return. Blogland is not the same without you!!

  10. Those are some scary looking skies! So glad that you're safe. May the rest of your journey home be safe. You really get the feeling of nature's power looking at these skies! I do hope you didn't get into a dust storm as well!

    Good to have you back, Arija! Look forward to deluge of awesome shots!

    Stay well and safe,


  11. You certainly do seem to be having extremes of weather in Australis this year Arija. Safe journey home - I look forward to your photographs.

  12. I sure hope the rest of your journey is a safe and enjoyable one.The clouds are very dramatic.

  13. Hi Arija!
    Your weather looks like the rain we had here in upstate, New York for the month of July! It poured so much...we fungus problems with many of our plants ...
    Looks like the sun's coming through for you now! ~Maria

  14. Nows that what I call rain... nice to have you back posting... I look forward to your 1200 pictures... all of them :O)

  15. I very much dislike driving in the rain. I hope the rest of your journey is safe. I also hope the rain is falling where it is so badly needed because of the drought you've had. The weather may have been bad for driving, but your photos were good as always.

  16. I love the road photos. I love the 2nd and 4th images. Hello my friend! Love you!

  17. Wow, looks like a true adventure! Keep enjoying each moment, and look forward to seeing photos from the trip!

  18. The storm is bad, but the sky looks very pretty from your photo.

    Did you get the dust storm?

  19. Looks like the weather I'm looking at from my place in my kitchen!
    Great pictures :)

  20. These are great photos despite the weather you were going through.

  21. Wow that is quite a soggy road trip, I am very happy to hear that you survived it safe and sound Arija.

  22. Glad you got home okay. I like the looks of the storm clouds. We had clouds here all day, but nothing happened! Catch you tomorrow for the new week of SWF,


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