Sunday, September 13, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 31 My Garden Today

As I went out to the garden this afternoon, I found
this ballerina in her tutu dancing on my Almond tree.

when she saw me, she blushed rosy red, was she
pleased, was she embarrassed? Who can tell....

Meanwhile, Viburnum burkwoodii was out in all her
glory exuding perfume all around.

Not to be outdone, the first branch of my Orchid had
opened and the whole shadehouse was bathed in scent.

Shy 'Claire Matin' coyly turned her head as I lifted
my camera.

Further down the garden path the Crabapple was
reaching for the sky,

here it is again in all its perfumed delight, Malus
shading the grass that perhaps I should
have weeded out. On the other hand, the grass is
still green and green is good.

For flowers of other seasons, click on the Logo.

All photos enlarge with a simple click.

Luiz Santilli Jr. is the originator of this great meme,
do join in, it is great fun.


  1. Arija they are so beautiful, and I could smell them from here.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Beautiful shots of exquisite flowers and tree.

  3. Thanks for today's dose of floral delight. :)

  4. Dear, excellent shoots..congrats.
    Have a nice weekend

    I was travelling last weekend

  5. Gorgeous flowers.The Crab Apple reaching for the sky is definetely my favorite.

  6. Isn't spring the most beautiful time in the year?
    Flowers are blooming and new leaves are emerging every day.
    Beautiful pictures and flowers.
    LG Gisela

  7. Arija your head must be spinning with all these delightful sights and smells. I'm so glad you have blooms around you.

  8. Your flowers and descriptions are delightful. Always a pleasure to visit here. Thank you for sharing them.

  9. Beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers. I only wish there was some way for you to post the fragrance. I really like your photo of the crab apple branch against the sky.

  10. Wonderful pictures with great poetry and nice information! The flowers look so alive I can almost smell them in my living room!!

  11. At first I wondered at the crabapple blooms, but it's spring where you are! So many lovely colors.

  12. Hi Arija. These are so gorgeous!
    Love all!
    Have a nice week ahead.

  13. ooooh,...definitely beautiful! Looks like you are enjoying a wonderful spring.

  14. Fantastic series of photos full of beautiful and lovely photos. The photo I especially love is the one with the branch full of lovely pink blossoms against blue sky. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

  15. I just loved visiting your garden and all its occupants!
    These are so very lovely.

    Carletta’s Captures.

  16. All your flowers are so exquisite! I hope you had better weather this year than last year. Our summer is almost over, but still, the weather is reasonably warm and dry.Thanks Arija, for your visit and kind comment.

  17. The apple blossoms are especially ravishing. Beautiful!

  18. I feel I could almost smell the blooms... it's a grey overcast day today here in Hyde Cheshire... your pictures have helped to brighten my morning.

  19. Je découvre votre blog en lisant votre commentaire sur le blog de CES .
    J'aime beaucoup vos photos , leur lumière .

  20. Oh my your staring ladies are putting on a beautiful show..their frills are exquisite!Lovely images..such an exciting time of year for you Arija!

  21. I don't know what I enjoy more. The flowers or your description. You are absolutely the woman I want to be - beautiful, open and just full of life! I love you. Have fun and be safe. Think of me when see the trees and say "Hi Ces" and I will feel it up here wher I am. Have a good day my dearest friend.

  22. Oh I see Jean here. I have been blogging with him for three years! He takes great tree images.

  23. It's a delight to be able to relive spring again through your posts. Your garden is lovely and your flower photos are just beautiful.

  24. Hi Arija, how are u, dear?
    Beautiful shots, dear.congrats

    I folow your link, ok?

  25. Your garden is an absolute delight Arija, I can almost smell all those wonderful perfumes.


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