Monday, January 11, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Seal Bay, Eyre Peninsular

Sorry this is a long shot, but what a place to chill out! The sea
breeze in your fur, a sundrenched rock all to yourself....

Oh jeeze, there's an other guy muscling in on the beach.

Ah, bliss. all serene again and we can settle down for some
serious relaxing.

All this just a little north of last week's post. Do enlarge them
for a bit of detail.
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  1. LOL, this is a funny one.

    What a beautiful place. Those lucky seals.

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  3. Dina,
    glad I tickled your funny bone.
    They were dashed far away down a steep cliff,very big and unwelcoming but kind of cute.
    Next weel God willing, a really exciting bit of the coast.

  4. Oh to be there; the waters are beautiful beyond description!
    When I lived in San Francisco, there were seals, and they were such fun to watch with their antics and their dominant behaviours, arguing over that foot of sandy beach!


  5. I love the combination of those glorious blues and browns.

  6. Ohh, I need holidays! Wonderful pictures!

  7. Lovely sea and sunshine - seems to have left here Arija. It is lovely though to see your photographs and marvel at the colour of the sea.

  8. Boy, would I like to join them! That first shot is so inviting. Fun post Airja.
    Smiles and blessings

  9. What a marvelous place to spend time--alone or not!

  10. These are stunning shots and fun dialogue. I love the shots from your world that you show us.

    Thanks for naming my bush on my today's flower post for me. You are absolutely correct and I had forgotten the name. You are so great at that.

    The pieris japonica is in a protected area near the front of my house and has done well for the 10 years since I planted it. I didn't remember when it set its buds and was afraid they were too early, although I know it's among the first early spring blooms.

    Our night temps last week got down to 16 F ( - 8.8 C) and our last Frost date isn't until mid to late April. Occasionally it gets even colder than it was last week but a single digit F night temps are about as cold as we ever get. I know this bush usually blooms by mid March so maybe the buds will be alright.

  11. I believe they know their paradise when they see it...

  12. What a beautiful place! Reminds me of places near us here in Seattle and I love visiting them when we can. Marvelous captures, as always, Arija! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


  13. Those do look like the perfect places to chill out. So beautiful!

  14. They are at ease, lying in the sun and sand. It makes me realize it is elephant calving season in California, maybe we need to go see.

  15. I'm all for having a sun-drenched rock all to myself for a little peaceful sunbathing! And the view is absolutely beautiful. Thanks Arija. Janice.

  16. Loks like my kind of place. The seals do not seem to mind company?
    Great photos.

  17. Especially my husband could be thrilled about seeing those wonderful animals. He has been saving last 30 years our special ringed seal, which are about 350 any more left.
    Such a fine landscapes too!

    Happy week to you !

  18. Is this the seal equivalent of a penthouse? :)

  19. LOL! It certainly is hard to find a secluded, sunny place to lounge on the beach. Great captures Arija.

  20. Wonderful post, Arija! Love the seals and your commentary.

  21. Wow what a beautiful place... thanks for sharing

    My Entry

  22. i would enjoy sunning with them at this point in's been so dang cold here.
    have a fab week.

  23. Great shots! It does sound inviting, especially with us below zero C most of the past week.

  24. LOL! What a wonderful place to relax in.

  25. Oh no dear Arija I don't ever want you to be sick. I don't ever want you to feel unwell.

    I don't want that to happen.

    I wish the heat in Australia would disapear it sounds like pure torture and so hard on your heart. You need new pills and don't step outside. Oh Arija I don't want you to get sick dear friend.

    I am being selfish, I love you. I know we can't help it when we are sick.

    I love you Arija.


  26. Arija,
    First , I hope you don't mind that I've come here from your comment on Renee's blog.
    I couldn' t let your worlds just fall on my heart and not send out tender thoughts to you.
    I'm not sure what you were referring to, but regardless, I wish you health and peace.

    And ,now, I am stunned by your blog. And so glad to be here and looking forward to hours of looking around .
    I love gardening, and nature and creation, and community. And it seems so do you .

    Thanks for sharing in such an incredible way.

  27. Dearest, I came here to see your beautiful visual captures again but I came via Renee's and now I am totally heartbroken and saw your beautiful Rose avatar and I read what you wrote. I love you. I love you.

    I know you told me about your difficulties but I did not know it was that severe. You are in my prayers from now and hereon. I love you.

    Oh this is a good omen. The word verification is "ceasesti"!!!


  28. Great photos and story Arija! What a beautiful place to relax on the beach!

  29. Arija my beloved, when you are up to it, I have something for you on my blog. I love you.

  30. That's an incredible tidal pool, and great seal pics too. Seals are hilarious--like the young men & women jockeying for position at the bar...


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