Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nature Notes ~ Gecko and Bunny

This delightful little fellow was in the laundry trough, guess
who made a beeline for the camera...

he had the cutest markings and little adhesive feet. We have two
varieties of these, the other is smaller and paler and has little suction
caps. Both are seldom seen as they are night feeders and delight in
chomping the mosquitos on the screens. I have only ever had the
pleasure of seeing one of each in the 17 years we have been here on
the farm.

My daughter reports that they are often seen at her place a
little further down hill. Our prevalent geckos are quite snake like
and are easily mistaken for snake hatchlings. They are about 4"-6"
long, dark grey with two pronouncesd yellow lateral stipes. At first
sight they appear to be legless. Closer inspection however reveals
their very short little legs which they propell themselves forward
in a snake like wriggle.

The grandchildren found this tiny flea ridden bunny and brought
him home and were full of excitement about taking him back with
them to Sydney as a pet. He was such a lovely colour too.
Unfortunately, not only was he full of fleas but also succumbed to
the calisi virus the next day. They had wondered why he could be
so easily picked up!

This summer the owls have not returned and I miss hearing their
call of Mopoke in the night.
To balance out, we have scores of swallows again. They are fun to
watch against the darkening sky in the evening or grazing the dams
for rising mosquiteos.
The Nature Notes Logo will take you to our host site of Rambling Woods
where many interesting observations are to be gleaned. Thank you
Michelle for hosting this informative meme.


  1. Geckos are cool critters, and the bunny is just adorable. Great photos.

  2. It is adorable! Be careful, though, in handling lizards and reptiles. You may put bacteria or human stuff (technical term- I forget the real one!) on them with your hands. I just learned this!

  3. I have never seen a gecko. What a wonderful find and great shots. Poor bunny. I know that must have been sad for your grandchildren.

    What you said about seasons on my blog is how I feel. I love all 4 seasons although sometimes summer drags on but then there's fall around the corner. I would have trouble living somewhere that didn't have 4 distinct seasons.

  4. Great shots -- I've never seen a gecko either! Poor little bunny guy, so cute and I'm so sorry he didn't make it!! Hope your new year is off to a great start, Arija!


  5. He looks like a mosaic of a lizard! Beautiful.

  6. The only gecko I have ever seen is on a TV commercial for a cell phone company - at least that's what I think the commercial is for, as I don't watch a lot of TV. And he talks...with an Australian accent. (Bet you didn't know they talk. also bet you didn't know there;s an Australian accent, LOL)

    So sorry the bunny didn't make it. Death is a serous but important lesson for kids.

    Have a great week, Arija!

  7. Oh..I am so sorry about the bunny. I have a friend who rehabs rabbits and she tells me how difficult it is.. Poor little things... But lovely catch on the gecko. Very considerate to come out in time for Nature Notes.. I had a close encounter with a hawk and I am debated about using it for Nature Notes as it is very graphic, but amazing.. It is here..
    Hawk with starling

  8. Sorry about the little bunny,.... but oh that gecko is delightful! Nothing like that here!

  9. You are so full of life Arija and is it any wonder, you are surrounded by it.

    The poor little bunny.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. It is hard to imagine holding some of their ancestors. Nice pics.

  11. Okay help me my brain is not working this morning.

    I keep trying to figure it out.


  12. Of course that is what I thought, but the one kept throwing me off.

    I'm like shit, no. shat, no. har har


  13. The reptile is very nice and beautiful landscapes I've seen in your blog.

  14. I really like the markings and splayed out toes of the gecko. Too bad about the bunny, yet a good life lesson for all.

    I read that the cactus was sent to Australia. Never good to have an invasive species. People just didn't understand that in the past. Now, we have to learn to live with it.

    Have a wonderful weekend Arija!

  15. Love the photo of the gecko on the hand with the red carnations in the back. And I'd really love to give the bunny a hug (as would my daughter).

  16. What a beautiful little Gecko friend! They are beautiful little creatures.

    Poor little bunny, he does look as if he was quite ill.

    It sounds absolutely magical at your place right now. I can imagine the swallows dipping and soaring.

  17. Oh poor little bunny. What a cute lizard though, especially its little sticky feet. We saw quite a few when we were in Australia.

  18. The gecko and the bunny are both adorable. I'm sorry the little guy didn't make it. I hope your grandkids weren't too upset.

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  19. So sad that the rabbit died, but so lucky you could see and hold it for a while.

    I love Geckos, we do not have them in Sweden so I love them even more when I see one.
    The had a lot in India and the were very good and took the mosquitos like you said.

    Sunset color are so beautiful and even if it looks the same they are never the same.
    take care my friend an do pick some roses and have them inside your house,
    Maria Berg

  20. What an adorable Gecko and Bunny. Too bad Bunny did not survive. I think the reason these little friends show up is the fact they do not feel threatened around you. The sense your welcoming spirit :)

  21. That is so sad about the bunny.
    we used to have lots of geckos in Hawaii. They were suppose to bring good luch if the got in your house, and they eat spiders too. They make this cool clicking sound, kind of like when you click your tongue in the back of your mouth. They would click three times.
    Thank you for you kind words on my blog. I hope you come back,

  22. what a pretty gecko, I see lots of these here, but my camera or I am not fast enough.

    Is it hot where you are?


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