Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just an Inbetween Post

Oops, I pressed the wrong box on a Greek post (sorry, don't
read Greek) and got a foreign post on my blog. Decided to
replace it with these charming little Thornbills.

They all enlarge, hope you enjoy them.


  1. Hello Arija :)

    I seem to have missed you during breakfast, so I hope you have a 'beautiful' one tomorrow morning! (^__^)

  2. Hello Arija - I am pleased to hear that you are getting stronger - sit in that glorious sunshine and soak it up. Best wishes to you.

  3. thank u for ur kind and thoughtful response today. its so lovely hearing from u. there is always that sense of having soul friends even before we meet, our contact has always felt loving and true. i miss india and look forward to our visits together but understand her life pulls her in many directions. our baby is pure joy to us. much love and hugs. x rachelle

  4. dear Arija, that´s happens....oh, so cute the birds

  5. Thornbills? Are they also called Thornbirds like the ledgendary novel and movie that takes place in Australia? I have never seen a thornbill. How cute! What do they eat? Are they insect eaters?


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