Thursday, January 13, 2011

SkyWatch & Nature Notes ~ Fog

Fog, like a creeping thief
came silently at night
stealing away the hills
and houses that we knew

trees close at hand
loom up like ghosts,

the jewelled pond at sunset
is tucked within the bag upon his back
and is no more.

Only the nearest garden fence
has some existence,
all else has gone into
a whiteness dense as rock,

no sky, no landmark
and no sound or call
an eerie stillness
blankets over all
and still he creeps . . .

dim headlights loom
and tremble as they
inch upon their way
where all that yesterday
was bright and gay
on waking ,
has been spirited away.

* * * * * * * *

All photos grow on you if you bother to click them.

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  1. You have a way with words, don't you just.
    Hope you are safe where you are.

  2. Such beautiful, delicate photos and words. I love the mist.

  3. I adore fog. Beautiful words and images, Arija.

  4. You do indeed have a way with words and even the fog and mist has their own beauty! Such breathtaking captures, Arija! Hope you are well, my thoughts are with you.


  5. Simply beautiful in every way Arija!

  6. I love photographing in the early morning fog! Your shots are wonderful... Larry

  7. Fog can be so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Wow, so lovely are your images, so lovely are your heart thoughts spoken so eloquently. I have been thinking about you, your people in Australia and lifting them up along with so many in other lands as well~

  9. Your photos and words do a wonderful job of imparting the feeling of a foggy day. My part of California is infamous for its fog.

  10. I love misty foggy shots. Your words and photos both hold beauty and compliment each other. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  11. Beautiful, fog creates some great photo ops.

  12. I love the fog!! I am so glad that I enlarged the photos!! I think the second one is my favourite!
    And in the next post - I love that gate, overrun with roses! In my mind's eye, that is a lot like the lilac gate I named my blog for...

  13. Beautiful shots and prose; fog changes a familiar scene into one of mystery.

  14. Great collection of photos for sky Watch Friday, the views with fog are fantastic and do like to watch the birds at play.

  15. I love the poetry (words and photographs) of this post. I absolutely love fog although not when I have to drive in it. As long as I don't have to drive, I love the way fog spreads its own magic on the world.

    Thanks for your tips for dealing with the ice. Keeping dry sand is a great idea and I will also start leaving my garden fork by the door. That would work well. It's a nuisance because the ice from the last storm has melted except on my deck. There is still a thick layer on the deck that keeps refreezing at night and doesn't get melted during the day.

  16. Beautifully tranquil. We had fog yesterday, but it preceded a snowstorm--snowfog!

  17. Your tongue in cheek comment on my blog made me laugh. I could keep my old sled by the door for that purpose. Then the birds would have meals delivered by sled.

  18. I love how fog wraps you in a warm blanket of stillness. Beautiful pictures!

  19. Fog creates its own special mood. Beautiful photos.

  20. I could positively feeeel that misty shroud through your words and images, smell it almost... and this post has spirited ME away....

    Astounding birds on the fence ~ what are they?

  21. Sweetpea

    the bird is one of our common parrots, the Galah in lovely rose pink and dove grey, They are spectacular veering in flocks, now a silver-grey cloud, now sunset pink.

  22. i was in your blog when u visited mine....good feelings we have , my dear

    Your shots are all beautiful and show an excellent scene..congrats

  23. Arija! Wonderful images and prose for the foggy images!Loved the first verse!!Fog is like a thief!
    waving to you from the sunshine! xo

  24. Lovely words. Sometime fog creeps me sometimes it's not. I see two woodpecker enjoying the scenery. Thanks for sharing happy weekend!

  25. Very beautiful images in both words and photos. I hope you aren't near all the flooding.

  26. beautiful poem (did you write that!? well done!!), beautiful photo series! That fog is thick! It looks great! What kind of birds are those?

  27. Oh...the gift of your poetry with your photos...sigh..warms this cold winter day as does your friendship. Stay safe .... hugs... Michelle

  28. Hallo Arija,

    viele Australier haben zur Zeit besondere Sorgen, wenn sie den Himmel betrachten. Mit denen fühle ich besonders. Wir beide wissen was es bedeutet, wenn mann sein Heim und liebe Menschen verliert.
    Ich hoffe, bei dir ist alle in Ordnung.

    Liebe Grüsse

  29. Foto molto misteriose !
    Buona serata.
    Myriam :)

  30. Wow, hat a wonderful, atmospheric post. I love both the poetry and the photography.

  31. How very, very beautiful. Wow. You are an amazing artist.

  32. Arija - The poem is a joy and your photos of the creeping fog are a story in themselves. Love the birds on the fence and the pond!

  33. I love the words that accompany your beautiful shots. As if absorbed by your fog, I too am spirited away.

    Oh, Arija! Your roses! I would take a chair and park myself by them all day.

    Have a glorious weekend. xoxo

  34. The first thing I can see when I wake up lately is fog. I was surprised to see almost the same scene in your post. I like your poem very much; it goes great with your photos.

  35. Arija, Love, love, love this poem! Did you write it? I assume you did. Beautiful captures of the fog also. Amazing!

  36. The poem! It is beautiful. I shall bookmark this page. Tsup!

  37. I forgot to tell you. It is foggy here today too.

  38. Der Nebel hüllte alles in ein weiches Licht.... Sehr schöne Aufnahmen. Liebe Grüße von Luzia.


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