Friday, May 20, 2011

SkyWatch ~ On the Road

Sorry I have been flying rather low below the radar recently.
My mobile internet connection ran out and without grand-
daughterial assistance I could not manage to cash up my
account again.

These few pics are from two days ago on our way from
Albury/Wodonga to Sydney. The trip was rather too long
for me to cover in one day so it was wonderful to have this
guardian angel watching over us for much of the way.

All too soon daylight started to fade but the glow in my side
mirror made me wind down the window and shoot backwards
towards the blazing sky. Pardon the slight blur but we were
doing 110kph.

We briefly stopped so I could get a more direct shot at that
glorious sky before hurrying on to Wollongong and a friend's
wonderful welcome, delicious and companionable dinner and
a bed to dream about. Hooray for friendship!!

My photos are straight off the camera and have not been
tampered with in any way and can of course be enlarged.

We are at the moment at our son's house in Sydney where our
granddaughter is playing violin at a soiree tonight and I have
access to wireless internet. I may be able to post more tomorrow
before we again vanish into internet shadowland.

I do hope you keep me in the loop and send a few comments my way.

Thanks to everyone at SkyWatch for this smashing meme!


  1. Beautiful photos of the skies. I haven't done that Sydney to Melbourne trip for a very long while but even back then (when I was young and fit!) it was a long way and lots of traffic. Take care in your travels.

  2. Such SKIES!
    Your loop is a fine one to follow.

  3. Wow, these are just stunning shots. The skies are so pretty and colorful. Awesome captures. Have a great weekend, Arija

  4. these are fantastic! the guardian angel made me smile, but then the glorious reds just filled me with awe.

    glad you are enjoying your trip, even without more internet access. be safe and have fun!

  5. That sky is beautiful beyond words.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful skies as always Arija and I love your guardian angel. Enjoy your trip.

  7. Arija, these are magnificent! Thank you for sharing and glad to see you here!

    The Gardening Life

  8. ah gorgeous
    as I am sure the violin will be!

  9. Wonderful warm coloured skies, thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Wow wow wow! These shots are stunning!

  11. The first photo is awesome ~ it looks like a bird with its wings wide open {or maybe an angel}.

    Enjoy your time with family ~ wishing that fills your heart with much joy.

  12. Good stuff Arija. I love the sunset. Beautiful and very relaxing! You must be having a wonderful trip.
    take care, drive safe!

  13. Oh my goodness! I am awed. This is wonderful. Travel safely. I think of you and often. Tsup!


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