Sunday, March 4, 2012

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Roses . . .

An old, old rose that grows in my garden and has been there
since the 1870's, Rosa Noisettiana. It has weathered a number
of bushfires where it was burnt to the ground but has always
managed to re-grow.

The flowers are a little over an inch in diameter, the buds are
sweet little pink buttons, turning white when fully open with
a gentle and very pleasing scent.

Redoute painted them in the empress Josephine's garden and
only from his paintings was I able to identify it since none of
the present day rose growers knew it.

Looking out from the corner of my verandah over this as well
as another ancient pink rose.

Many thanks to all of you who have expressed condolences on
my sister's recent death. Your comforting words have meant so
very much to me.


  1. Those roses are just darling.Everything looks so lush and green.This must bring some refreshment to your soul,I pray it does.

  2. i love that you have these gorgeous age-old roses in your yard. how wonderful and resilient.

    (did you know you have word verification on your comments? just wanted to mention it in case you didn't realize it.)

  3. I love those old roses with small blooms but wonderful fragrances. My grandmother had several in her garden, none of which seemed to have names or be seen elsewhere. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  4. Just like these old and pleasant roses, the memories of your sister will be carried on.

    So sorry for your loss Arija.

  5. Hi Arija... Hope you are doing better,, it is nice to see your post!! One of my favorites of all the roses I have had over the years are the old fashioned ones that just go on and on!! This is a lovely one! The delicate pinkish buds that bloom into pure white just gorgeous!! What a lovely history to go with it : }
    Thanks for these beauties!!

  6. Such a beautiful, delicate yet strong little flower! Wonderful captures for the day, Arija! I do hope you're continuing to recover from the heartache of losing your sister and that you have a good week ahead!


  7. I must have missed the recent news of your sister. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers today. Much love,

  8. As rosas têm o poder de encantar-nos com a sua singelesa e perfume...
    E esta, dá mais uma lição de vida, depois de superar tantos infortúnios mostra-se tão radiante e majestosa.
    Parabéns pelas lindas imagens!!!
    Que seu lindo jardim traga alegria e conforto para os momentos difíceis.
    Um grande abraço.

  9. Nice to see you Arija and how perfect to be posting about roses.. sending warm hugs...Michelle

  10. I absolutely LOVE roses, and the older ones are the best by far. I just wish we could smell them.
    Thinking about you Arija.

  11. Beautiful roses.
    I like your last photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  12. very pretty flowers. i love that stove in your banner shot.

  13. I think this rose needs to be renamed the Arija.


  14. It is amazing that a rose flower can last that long, it must already have very sentimental memories for you. The more it shouldn't die in your generation! I didn't hear about your sister, my condolences too!

  15. The roses, and the glimpses of your garden are truly magical.
    Be kind to yourself at this dreadful time and know that we are thinking of you.

  16. Such a beautiful rose! I have never seen this before.
    Sending warm hugs,

  17. The pretty little noisette rose is delightful Arija ... It reminds me of a noisette rose I have growing Perle D'Or . Just different colourings. I hope yours bring a touch of joy to your heart.
    Don't worry about the USB Arija. ... You have more important things to think upon. xx

  18. Think of her and imagine her when you look at those beautiful roses Arija. Love to you.

  19. Hello dearest Arija. You know I just scroll through the comments to get to the comment box but always, Bella's avatar catches my attention and so I read her comment and I totally agree. I hope your heart is lighter today. Tsup!

  20. It's so lovely to see your wonderful old rose looking as young as the day it first flowered.
    A "Big Hug" written on a keyboard somehow doesn't seem quite right to express my sympathy but I hope you know if I could I would..
    Take care
    Big Hug from Andrew xx

  21. You have a very beautiful garden.

  22. These roses are resilient aren't they? One more hug from me to you.

  23. The resilience of this rosebush is wonderful and I am sure that is what speaks to you right now. Glad to see your post. I've been thinking about you and sending virtual hugs.


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