Monday, March 5, 2012

OUR WORLD - Somewhere along the way again . . .

On one of my many recent 8 hr. train trips to Melbourne
during my sister's last illness, there was a glimmer of false hope
in the sky viewed through double glass and my sunglasses.

Closer to the city, all the vital and not so pretty infrastructure
that keeps a large metropolis ticking over,

the somewhat seedy graffiti and torn up wooden sleepers

as well al the new concrete variety to replace them,


as well as massive storage tanks.

The setting sun just prior to arrival lit up these man-made

and added colour to the containers they shifted, that have
become such an integral part of our modern consumer society

and so to the electric suburban train system and imminent
arrival at the inter-state rail terminal.

Like most cities in the world, the outskirts often are somewhat
less than salubrious.


  1. Tantas cosas por ver...

    Hasta pronto.

  2. I love that first image...
    Take care xx

  3. Arija, the first shot is gorgeous. It reminds of the northern lights, so pretty and colorful. Your scenery is much the same in the cities on the east coast of the US. Thanks for sharing. Take care, I keep you and your family in my prayers.

  4. That sky shot is great!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Those giant 'giraffes' could be the ones I saw in Norfolk, Virginia, last time we visited. Still sending hugs Arija, take good care of yourself my friend.

  6. The sky you shot when going on the train during your sister's last illness was stunningly beautiful.

    I remember one of the last times I drove my father to the hospital. The sky was unbelievably gorgeous. It almost seemed unreal to be viewing such beauty during such sad times.

    The colorful containers you shot were also very beautiful.

    You are in my heart and thoughts.

  7. That first one is an amazing capture, I've seen it once when in the bus through the hiway but wasn't able to record it as viewed by the eyes. You're great in capturing the details while the train is moving, not showing any movement at all.

  8. That first image is surreal, yet I like the landscape a whole lot better than the mechanized.

    Hoping that every day finds you better.

  9. That first shot boggles the mind! What incredible, breathtaking beauty! I've never seen anything like it before! Thanks for sharing the beauty! I hope you are beginning to heal and move on as we all have to do at time like these. Your sister is at peace and free from pain, no more suffering! My thoughts are with you, as always, Arija!


  10. What? On your way to Melbourne, you drove through the gulf states? :)

    That is similar to what we see along the gulf. The refineries are here. It makes for one gloomy place but I cannot condemn them. Some people, somewhere have to accommodate these necessary structures. They provide and maintain our livelihood.

    However, I know how it looks when one 's heart and mind are beset by worries and concern. In my case, it was the polluted air in Manila and the horrendous traffic that my sister's hospital room because a refuge.

    How life takes us for a ride. I became cynical, angry and miserable during the most difficult times. I scorned at love for it did not do a thing. I was wrong of course, very wrong and in the end, I wished ffervently that my sister took her last breath knowing she was absolutely and wholeheartedly lloved.

    God bless our sisters, my dearest Arija. Tsup!

  11. Nice to see glimpses of the outskirts from another world, Arija. I'm very sorry to learn about your sister's passing. I tried to leave a comment here earlier but couldn't. My thoughts have been with you since then....

  12. Oh Arija -- that was such a long trip for you to take so many times and under those circumstances. I love that you were able to see some beauty in it even then. Maybe the rainbow has a deeper symbolism , not just false hope....

  13. Your 'view' of the sky, I'd rather call it as 'fantastic and dreamy'!

  14. I love the first picture.It is gorgeous.

  15. That first shot is really beautiful! You are in my prayers and thoughts.

  16. I love the first shot...looks so surreal!

  17. Odd to think that in a century or so all that ugliness will be seen as quaint and worth preserving. Why wait? Lets enjoy it now! After all there are mystic rainbows in double-glass.

  18. Hi there - the way that light and lenses can play with each other really is remarkable.

    Hope that the grey clouds are a little less heavy today.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: I have to say that the iamges of my home town are less than flattering!!

  19. Wow, it does make you feel even more appreciative to be out in the meadows and hills and green that you and I both have the blessings to live in. They are very wonderful images taken though and the first very nice, considering what your thoughts were at the time. You have been missed, you have been in our heart thoughts and I hope the coming days will ease your heartache~

  20. Salubrious? I will have to look that one up Arjia! I suppose this view of desolation is probably how you felt as you returned home. I do hope you find the shining rainbow again one day.

  21. That first image is stunning!!

  22. I love that first image and it does look hopeful...sigh..I am sorry..I called my sister today just to tell her how much she means to me...

  23. love that first shot. it looks very cool. I have not seen you for a while. I hope everything is OK. :)

  24. Amazinf effects on the top shot!


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