Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two little Birds

I seemed to have amassed quite a few bird photos, here are a 
couple from my backlog.

A house Sparrow sitting in my crabapple tree

and a Willy-Wagtail on a far away fence.

Hope you are all enjoying a great weekend. 

We have had wild weather with two little tornados in the city this
week, as well as pouring rain and some hail, it is cold and wet 
and I just got drenched pruning just one rose.

Happy days!


  1. You are know so much about them. You are amazing. Tsup!

  2. Feine Bilder liebe Arija !

    Herzlichst Hans-Peter

  3. So comforting to know there are Haussperlinge in Australia! In Europe, their numbers are falling, unfortunately.

    Sending you a few degrees of warm temperatures,

  4. Hope the weather settles down soon. we are in a heat wave.If there is one kind of weather I really don't like that is high heat.

  5. Sparrows are so common that we almost don't notice them but look how pretty they really are. Lovely litthe bir at the bottom.

  6. Such sweet little birds and I love your captures as always! I would send you some of our weather, but it's just like yours in spite of the fact it is summer here!! Hope you've had a good weekend! Stay warm and dry!


  7. sweet bird images
    we also have rain and hail
    calm and cooler and it is summer here

  8. A Willy wagtail??? What a cute name for such a lovely little bird!

    Hugs from Indiana

  9. Two of my favourite little birds. My Dad used to call sparrows by the Australian vernacular of "spoggies" and it was his nickname for small children also, much nicer than the "rug-rat" tag we use today.

  10. Love that wagtail! (I could maybe start a virtual life-list, with all the birds I learn about on blogs, that I'll never get to see in real.) Thanks for sharing. I do know the house sparrow --- we have those! (But I don't have such a good picture of one). Hope your weather has evened out a bit.


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