Monday, October 22, 2012

OUT WORLD - Old Timers out for an airing

While at the village to have my legs re-bandaged,
I spied these delightful Old Timers parked outside
the local bakery.

They were obviously having an outing for the day.
One of the beauties of living here, is the proximity
of a major motor museum in the next little township.

Normally these little jobs are at the museum for 
insurance reasons but now and again, their owners 
take them out for a run.

They were great favourites in the 1950's of young 
people short of cash, in particular new arrivals displaced
by WW ll in Europe, who would save up their meagre 
incomes working for the minimum wage on their two 
year contracts and get things like a 1927 Nash or a Ford
to impress the girls.

Now of course, they are worth a fortune.


  1. Beautiful cars and interesting story. Mike happen to be standing in the room with me and he enjoyed seeing them, too :-)

  2. Edward would look so handsome with his big white head sticking out of one of those windows!

  3. they are sweet to see out and about!

  4. Beautiful old cars and you did get some great pics, Arija!! Hope you have a good week!!

  5. HI Arija...Aww the good old days lol!!
    I rode in my uncles when I was a wee one many moon's ago : } ! I would love to ride in one again!
    Thanks for sharing these old beauties with us!!
    Hope your doing good!!

  6. What beautiful old cars Arija.. isn't it great that people keep them in such fantastic working condition.

  7. I bet they REALLY impress the girls now! Impressed you. Impressed me. :)

  8. Wow, they're beauties. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Beautiful classic old cars, it is nice to see them on the road. Great shots!

  10. Vintage cars always turn heads. Great shots!

  11. They are wonderful aren't they! Thanks for your kind comment on my recent post Arija. Much appreciated. Life's challenges eh?

  12. Yes, always lovely to spot these vintage cars, we mostly only see them at special events.
    Great photos.

  13. I just love seeing these marvellous vehicles and each year vow to find a spot to watch the Bay to Birdwood run (but each year - so far -something else captures my interest on that day!). Thanks for sharing Arija.

  14. I'm so glad to see you are out and about Arija. I love old cars.
    In my email I forgot to ask how the little goslings were?

  15. I love to see these classics on the road, and at the canyon. But alas I am gone from there and sitting in a RV park in Flagstaff.

    Hope the best for you. Hugs.

  16. How simply lovely. And, as a coincidence, this Sunday we went on a steam-train trip. Quite a short one. The train was 108 yrs old and has been lovingly restored - largely by volunteers. I will post photos of it later.

  17. very neat. We have old car shows in the bigger city and at times we get to see the cars being transported in by their owners and it is always such fun.

    Oh my dear Arija, what has happened...have I missed a post? What is this about your legs? I need to scroll down on your posts. I am so sorry.

    Love, hugs and blessings dearest~

  18. It is amazing how they care and maintained these vehicles that they still can function till now! I also posted old things today.

  19. Oh wow these old cars are gorgeous. Great to spot them

  20. Arija -- these really are adorable. We didn't have any quite as old as these, but some of the cars we had in the late 1950s we wish we had again.

    Please get well soon!!


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