Monday, November 11, 2013

OUR WORLD, Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes - A Happy Post

With the world in turmoil with the super storm that hit the 
Philippines, bush fires across New South Wales
and Armistice Day reminding us all of terrible wars,
I decided to post something much happier today.

My eldest granddaughter has a way of taking in anything that 
needs a home:
as though three horses, two dogs, numerous cats, two pigs, two
goats and at least half a dozen bottle fed lambs were not enough, 
besides the goose, ducks and blue egg laying chickens she bought.
she came home with two peacocks and a peahen the other day.

We used to have a resident peacock that came with the farm,
screamed from the roof top and foulded our water supply, 
left stinking heaps on the doormat for one to tread in, fed 
from the hand, was absolutely gorgeous and succumbed 
to old age a few years ago.
His name was Claude, pronounced in the French way, he liked 
to strut and show off . . .

Here is the, as yet unnamed, replacement. Pretty as a picture

displaying with relish for this young hen although in full array
there is little room for manoeuvring with the rose in the round-house 
they are enclosed in until they feel at home and can roam at large.

The happy couple among the roses.

There was a young cock as well but he decided to fly over 
G-daughter's head when she opened the door to feed them
and was last seen in the wild wood heading towards the dam.

Who knows, he may yet return . . .

Lastly, one of the great joys of my life and childhood,
darling granddaughter let me loose in her wild strawberry patch!!!!

Being higher up the hill, mine ripen a little later. 

Naturally we shared the spoils.

Enjoy the wonders of Your World, who knows how long they may last?


  1. How very beautiful. A friend had a peacock named Andrew. The hens were Margaret and Susan. Beautiful, noisy and a delight.
    And those strawberries look a treat. I lose many of mine to the birds each year.

  2. awww! welcome to the farm, pea couple! what a farm you have! :)

  3. What a wonderful, caring woman! How cool. Thanks for this uplifting post.

  4. Oh, they are beautiful indeed, Arija!! And the strawberries do look delicious!! Delightful post for the day!! Hope your week is off to a great start!!

  5. The Peacock pair are lovely and those strawberries look delicious.

  6. What a fine post!
    «Louis» thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  7. Better to look at the joy in the world, and sit eating strawberries with someone you love. Well, maybe add a little chocolate. :)

  8. Thanks for spreading some joy in the midst of tragedy… this is life… always the balance tipping one way then the other… we must acknowledge the sorrow, do what we can to ease suffering AND look for uplifting moments to bring us back to stasis.

  9. A fine looking specimen. It won't take him long to rule the roost. Yummy bowl of strawberries. I agree Arija, too much doom and gloom of late, but I hope all those affected are getting help.

  10. Hi Arija. What a selection of animals your grand daughter has and now even more. These are very pretty birds although a bit noisey. Those Strawberries look yummy.

  11. Dear Arija, you're so blessed to have such a caring granddaughter. I love the colors on the peacock and the peahen is a lot brighter than I imagined too. I almost don't want to post my MUCH paler photos of birds seen this weekend in Tanzania! Blessings and hugs Jo

  12. The peacocks and peahens are beauties.Great to have a nurturing granddaughter. I love fresh strawberries.

  13. HI Arija.... What a menagerie of animals your Granddaughter has collected, and the latest are so beautiful!! I do hope the other returns!!
    Mouth watering strawberries yummy , and your right enjoy for who knows what tomorrow will bring!!


  14. They are such beautiful birds, I hope he returns. I haven't had a wild strawberry in years, can't beat the taste of those!

  15. Sometimes that's all we can do is just enjoy things from our part of the world. The outside world stuff can be overwhelming. Those wild strawberries sound delish!

  16. Beautiful birds! It must be fun to have a grand-daughter like that around!!

  17. Lovely up close shots of the peacocks!
    Looking forward to seeing the fan of feathers someday and hoping the wayward one returns home.
    Strawberries - yum. For wild strawberries these look really good.

  18. A delightfully happy post Arija. (I've pretty much decided that's all I can do is post what is happy, I can't say enough or say it right about the rest of it.)

    I love the peacocks -- and laughed when you talked abut the problems your Claude gave you and yet how much you loved him. Maybe these ones will be better behaved.

    Your granddaughter is a darling girl!

  19. Oh I love a happy post dear Arija.... Made me smile... Michelle

  20. How long indeed!? "Manila" or such like may be a good name for a unnamed peacock given recent events!

  21. Ahh, this post was so full of color, Arija. Picturing your granddaughter's array of animals.. and the mixed blessing that was Claude.. What splendid birds those peacocks are to look at! (fortunate for them.. considering the other behaviors!) And to pick wild berries just as a child does.. THAT is a lovely, happy picture.

  22. Mmmm, wild strawberries! Sharing the spoils with your granddaughter--it doesn't get much better than that.

  23. Your daughter is a lovely woman for taking in all these animals. Love the pretty peacocks. The strawberries look delicious. Have a happy day!

  24. They're gorgeous birds, but I'm not sure I would want them "screaming" outside my window. They can be very loud.

  25. Lovely to have your own peacocks to visit with on a regular basis. Your daughter has a kind heart like her Mum :) and those strawberries look as pretty as a picture too. Thanks for visiting. Sounds like you had some wonderful adventures in those flying machines.

  26. What a handsome fellow!

  27. Lovely pair they are and hoping the one that got away does well. Those berries look so good and all we get now are the ones at the market, never the same as fresh from the garden. Have a happy remainder to your week. I miss hearing from you~

  28. Beautiful photos!
    Greetings from Holland, RW & SK

  29. I smiled to imagine your eldest granddaughter who is so sympathetic and caring. The peacocks are pleasant surprises and the wild strawberries must be delicious especially when shared with the loved ones.

    Thank you for the kind thoughts contained in your comment. I’ve tried not to be overly worried because we humans are cancer-prone at our very old age and cancer develops very slowly at that age. I expect any miracles in your words: “Miracles still happen, not perhaps what we expect but miracles none the less.”


  30. I keep rading your name as Anja, although I always realise I’ve once again got it wrong. Arija is so much prettier.

    I love your world and will follow, to see what you get up to in your far away exile.

    Do come and visit me, It would give me great pleasure too.

  31. Your daughter has a lovely, big heart!

  32. If the bird knows whats good for it, it will soon be back!

    Glad you liked the wordy post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  33. Arjia, how nice to have a happy moment or two in life! Peacock blue and strawberry red; what could be better? Perhaps a granddaughter to hold and love!

  34. Nice pictures, but so very hot weather you have there...!


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