Saturday, May 10, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Blooming Marvels!

Three weeks to winter and the garden in a Blooming Marvel

roses and geraniums have gone crazy on the gate in front

even in behind the apple tree on the back fence

they smile at the darkening clouds

 the orchids are scratching their heads 
and have gone into flowering mode.

The temperatures have taken a dive and I have to cover up my 
tomatoes and lettuces at night as I shiver in my boots.

Seems I'll have to invest in some kind of heater for my little 
shack, sitting in the evening in a very cold room 
can get a bit waring 
no matter how hardy you think yourself.

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  1. just beautiful! do stay warm, yourself!

  2. Exquisite and so colorful!! And, yes, do stay warm, Arija, and have a wonderful week ahead!!

  3. The weather is so strange around the world. It's Spring here, today it was unseasonably warm (31) and tonight it's cold (4). We are 3 weeks behind in bloom time! Your roses are lovely, and the orchid is gorgeous!
    I lived in SA for a while, and I remember very chilly temps.

  4. Wonderful to have such beautiful flowers so close to winter. Everything a week or two early in the UK though this weekend we're back to some rather dismal weather.

  5. How absolutely gorgeous. Our roses are just about gone, but the geraniums are going gang-busters. There are violets out. And a solitary jonquil. And a nerine. And a couple of anenomes. And some dahlias. And the neighbours camellias - but not ours. I am confused.

  6. Gorgeous flowers, both roses and the orchid.

  7. absolutely stunning flowers... i love that first image... here's hoping you can stay warm... have a great day~

  8. I love how wild they grow and they are so free! Amazing! #iheartmacro

  9. Do stay warm. These flowers are so pretty.

  10. Stunning flower-bedecked gate!

  11. Oh Arija, your flowers are beautiful! Things around here are just beginning to show life. I picked my first batch of asparagus on Saturday, and with the warm rain expected today it will shoot up more very soon.

  12. Seems oddly beautiful to me. Seeing your blooms while here our early spring flowers bloom even with a light dusting of snow. Please do stay warm.

  13. Lovely and beautiful !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  14. So pretty flowers! Wonderful shots.

  15. Liebe Arija,
    Deine wildwachsenden Rosen und Geranien sind so wunderwunderschön und duften bestimmt ganz wundervoll!!!
    Dein Kommentar hat mich sehr berührt!!! Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen so fern von seiner Heimat zu leben, aber ich weiß, wie sehr man jemanden vermissen
    Ich glaube auch, dass man, egal wo man lebt und welche Welten einen von seinen Lieben trennen, ewiglich miteinander verbunden ist...
    Ich wünsche Dir das glückliche Momente, die traurigen ganz bald ablösen werden!
    Alles Liebe

  16. gorgeous orchid! such pretty flowers! doesn't look like winter coming soon.

  17. Lovely flowers. I'm especially partial to roses. That orchid is beautiful!

  18. What beauty, oh my goodness Arija, your gardens are glorious. Mine are slowly coming into Spring, but I do not have too many Summer flowers, but mainly green on green. My daughter got me an Orchid for Mothers Day and I so hope I do not drown it. Contact me via FB messages to ensure I receive, if you have any fine pointers. Hugs your way~

  19. Lucky you to have this lovely garden. :)

  20. Heisann!
    Wonderful blooming, Arija!
    Have lovely days... ;:OD)

  21. You are a hardy person to even think of braving winter without a heater. I've always been a weather wimp, more so the older I get. (Hence, Florida in the winter.)
    Your late Autumn yard is beautiful.... and wonderful to have lettuce etc at all this time of year. You have a green thumb. A hardy green thumb!


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