Sunday, August 3, 2014

OUR WORLD - Pictures at an Exhibition

Yesterday's treat was an exhibition opening
in Tanunda, the capital of the wine growing region
of The Barossa.

a rather wonderful mix of installations
ecologically and environmentally sustainable
contact prints on everything from bone, through fabrics
to paper and writing on the wall

the catalogues ran out and my memory is a trifle iffy
but I think?? the above was part of a long row of
fabric . . . however, I could be mistaken

a detail

an installation of a most glorious dress in autumnal tones
with many, many small pictures on paper in mixed medium
drawn upon and dyed

detail on fabric

detail on paper

installation of rusted shearer's combs

An exhibition of 'Back Country' by India Flint
I found it impressive even if I am a tad biased 
being the artist's mother.

Photography is not the best but the best i could
hurriedly do in a crush of people
also, there was so much more than I was able to capture.

Tomorrow I'm off on a long journey, 
don't know when or if I shall ever be back.

Please leave a comment or two,
I do appreciate them so very much.

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  1. The exhibition looks inspired and inspirational. And of course you are proud. How could you not be?
    This long journey of yours? Physical or metaphorical? Travel safely, and come back if you possibly can. You are important to so many of us.

    1. Both my dear. Off to Sydney for a concert but my ticker tells me it could go off with a bang anytime.
      All in God's hands

  2. wonderful exhibition, safe travels.

  3. I wish I could see that exhibition 'in the flesh'. It speaks fluently of the landscape. At first glance I thought that gown was an old tree stump!
    Have a safe and enjoyable journey.

    1. Thank you John, I will endeavour so to do.
      I wish you could have been there as well, we could have had a few glasses of superior wine and enjoyed these and the rest of the exhibits together

  4. Wasn't it a great exhibit? happy travels, Mary

    1. It certainly was Mary. Thanks for the happy travel wish.

  5. Wasn't it a great exhibit? Happy travelling, Mary

  6. I can see why you would be proud! Hope the ticker holds up for the Sydney trip!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Thanks Stewart, unfortunately my photos did not live up to the real thing.

  8. A beautiful exhibit! Have a safe journey and keep ticking!

  9. What a beautiful exhibit! The dress is beautiful. You should be proud! Enjoy the trip to Sydney, wishing your safe and happy travels.. No negative thinking is allowed! Have a happy week!

  10. Inspirational. This is an exhibit I would very much enjoy seeing in person.

  11. Beautiful artistic work ~ love the sepia colors ~ great post and shots for OWT

    artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor

  12. What a fabulous exhibition Arija. I must try to take the trip north.

  13. Interesting art! Have a saf journey!

  14. Love the earthy presentation. The dress is really a focal point for me.

  15. A great display and capture. I also like your banner pic. My grandfather had a stove just like that...and kept using it in the sixties.

  16. Arija, this is just gorgeous! You should be very proud of your daughter! Well done India!

  17. Love these fabrics. Have fun and Sydney and keep well.

  18. Your daughter is brilliant and talented -- she takes after her mother! Wow. I am so impressed.

    But 'when or IF" scares me. I hope you are kidding about the latter word. I hope you have a wonderful trip and that you are well. Take care, enjoy the journey.

  19. it's so grand to see your photos of india's show.

  20. Plain to see you're daughter gets her explorative and classy nature from you. such talent. such beauty!!!
    I would have loved to see that show in person! Must have been breathtaking... you must have been so proud.


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