Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday - Indian Mynah

In Sydney there are far fewer
Acridotheres tristis,
the Indian Mynah bird,
than further south

Melbourne has them in plague proportions 
and in South Australia again,
there are but a few

they are great scavengers and can be quite 
aggressive to other birds.

These two were the only ones at the 
Bronte Beach change rooms
scrabbling around the rocks.

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  1. I have heard of Mynah birds, but do not ever remember seeing any images. They do look like cool chaps. Hoping you have a wonderful day. Hugs

  2. They look fabulous with that color on their head!

  3. They do blend into the rocks in the background! I've never seen one of these before! Great shots as always, Arija!

  4. Sound like an invasive species, beautiful photos.

  5. We only see a few of them at a time here. Partly I think because there is an aggressive trap and destroy program in place. Which I am not comfortable with.

  6. They are cool looking birds, I like their eyes.. Great sighting and photos, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week!

  7. A few years ago we spotted two of these in a vacant lot near the Everglades; I expect they were escaped pet birds. I did a post on them because I couldn't find them in any of my bird books (at the time I never thought about their being escapees). So I learned what they were and one of my comments was from a guy who went ballistic on me because he said they were such a plague (he was from somewhere in Australia); he acted like he thought it was my fault they existed! (I had to block that guy from commenting later). I still think they are pretty birds (that eye!) but of course invasive species are never good news.

  8. Awful things to my mind, but then I am from Melbourne where, as you point out, they are everywhere!

  9. Beautiful birds.
    Best regards, Irma

  10. They look like they have enormous eyes. Good captures!:)

  11. Neat-looking birds. I know aggressive birds can be annoying and aren't as well-liked as the sweeter songbirds. But it's good to see them.

  12. Such an interesting bird. Their bill and eye patterns are really unique. Nice looking birds!


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