Friday, October 3, 2014

FLORAL FRIDAY, TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Wild Orchids

Some orchids from my birthday picnic at Jenkins Scrub.

It looks like nothing at all,
just a piece of ground left 
to it's own devices

luckily it has retained it's native vegetation
with the help of volunteers who 
weed out any imported species that suppress 
the valiant native flora that
survives by itself 
given half a chance

though we normally do not leave the path except for yanking
out the occasional weed,
grand-daughter was enthralled with the
many varieties of tiny flora
and looked before putting down an unsuspecting foot

today I am just concentrating on the few 
native orchids we saw,
the rest will follow in a few other posts

in a slightly moister spot,
this Donkey Orchid 
looked very healthy and larger than in 
more arid terrain

in dryer spots they still flowers but the
blooms were much smaller

my DD*, the Botanical Alchemist, who knows her plants
and those that are prone to share the same conditions
pointed out that orchids are mainly found where 
this pea-flowered plant, so like Dilwinia, grows

True to form, wherever we saw even a single little shrub of it,
there were also orchids hiding in the grass

this yellow orchid is actually pretty true to size

lucky last, this little bright beauty
unfortunately we did not encounter any spider orchids
but one must leave something for next spring as well.

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* DD - read darling daughter


  1. What an absolute treat.
    And a huge thank you to the weed pulling volunteers. And to you for showing us this magic.

  2. Oh my, this is a wonderful post Arija, and a lovely exploration with your granddaughter. The flowers are exquisite. Thank you for sharing them. I have never seen anything like the donkey orchid before.

  3. Fantastic post and great work the volunteers are doing. Love the flowers shots. Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for sharing these delicate beauties. The Donkey Orchid resembles a donkey's nose and ears (to me!) I love that the area was left to go back to nature. Have a blessed day, Arija. Jo

  5. These are some of the most beautiful are so blessed to be able to see them in person.

  6. Kudos to those workers who help weed out the aliens so that the indigenous plants still thrive.

  7. Oh, I do agree with EG!! Kudos indeed!! These are gorgeous indeed, Arija!!

  8. Native landscapes are Always special. What a delightful birthday gift to hunt for orchids with DD and DGD.

  9. Such delicate beautiful blooms. You've captured them nicely.

  10. And here I didn't think your birthday celebration could get any better! Wild orchids! I am also enthralled (and I confess a bit envious). Beautiful -- thank you for sharing them.

  11. Diese Blüten sind zauberhaft! Wunderschön!

  12. Me han encantado tus propuestas espero que disfrutes de mi post verde de esta semana, la decoración del Otoño

  13. Beautiful flowers! What a treat to get to see them growing wild. A happy belated birthday to you--it sounds like it was very happy with your family. I love the rainbow in the last post too. Truly a blessed day!


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