Monday, October 27, 2014

OUR WORLD - Andamooka Opal Town

Take the Suart Highway out of Pt.Augusta
drive a few hours then take a right at Pimba.
By this time you're probably hungry
so stop at "Spuds" roadhouse for some chips,
thats French fries in N.America,
we did and they were freshly made and good,
had them on the road.

Pass a few red sand dunes

pass Woomera and turn right again
where the sign says Andamooka

just keep driving
eventually the town floats into view
over the dusty, dry desert plain

there are even diggings among the houses
in any mining town one needs to watch one's step
not only for deep shafts but also 
not to encroach on a ming lease

in the right light, 
the mullock heaps against the blue sky
can look quite spectacular

evening light

and morning light
if you get tired of looking at the horizon 
or digging for opals
or painting or doing your chores

you can always pop into town for a beer or two
who knows, someone may build another bottle house
it's nice and cool in there

or, like me, just watch the rising sun
gild the landscape.

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  1. I love this landscape. How fun to dig for opals. Pass on the beer but love the bottle house. Such an adventure.

  2. These are stunning shot. The light is amazing in them.

  3. What golden light, beautifully captured, Arija!
    Hugs from Vienna,
    (who wishes she could have you over for apple strudel)

  4. Is this all part of planet Earth? It's like no other landscape I know.

  5. What amazing landscapes; such red, red earth with the whole colour spectrum of contrast to the clear blue skies. Your photos are beautiful. I love the idea of an opal mining town. In the medieval world they believed that opals had special, magical powers. They prized them more than diamonds. The central, and most important stone in Charlemagne's crown (the Orphan Stone) was an opal. Sadly, somebody nicked it, so it's not there any more. Lovely post! All the best, Bonny

  6. Awesome shots I especially like the bottle house!

  7. A wonderful adventure indeed and what a beautiful, different looking place!! Amazing landscapes and your captures are terrific, Arija!! Thanks, as always, for sharing the beauty!! Hope your week is off to a great start!!

  8. Beautiful images. I would be right there beside you watching the sun instead of going into town.

  9. What a beautiful place - it looks rather wild.

  10. Arija, sometimes your desert landscape reminds me of the US southwest desert, but today's pictures are unique, of a kind. Just amazing. I would almost always rather gaze at scenery than shop. But especially here ... I wouldn't want to tear my eyes away.

    This might be a sort of duplica post. I tried on my laptop but it seemed to vanish. So tried again on my IPAD.

  11. I have to agree with Sallie above, for as I was viewing your wonderful images, I was thinking, she could well have been right here in the states too. Hope you are doing well~ HUGS

  12. That red earth and those dunes - they are bathed by the morning light. Opals did you say?

  13. Oh my! I have never seen sand so red before! I love opals. They are my daughter's birthstone.

    Many hugs and kisses to you!!! xoxo

  14. Great scenery Arija and those chips sound so good I could eat them for breakfast :)

  15. Really an amazing place ! And your pictures are great !

  16. Your environment is so unique. Thank you for showing the rest of the world all its amazingness!! Is this really a picture of a bottle house?


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