Monday, January 12, 2015

OUR WORLD, Nature Notes & Wild Bird Wednesday - On the Strut

The imminent fire threat has passed
and I can now turn my attention to pleasanter things.
Thank you to all of you who cared what became of me 
during that stressful time.

A pair of peacocks strutting their stuff on my water tank.

Her Ladyship with her brilliant green neck
and rather drab coronet

his Lordship, magnificent even without his showy tail

together they make quite a pair

at the moment herself is sitting on a huge set of eggs
threatening a population explosion.

The older male cohabiting with us,
has become quite tame and comes up when I feed the
chickens and eats out of my hand.

It is rather nice to be feeding the chickens in their cage
with a peacock on one side and my dog on the other,
both waiting for their share.

Life is GOOD!

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  1. they're so beautiful. a sweet story of feeding, too. glad the fire danger has abated!

  2. Sounds like a win win situation for you and the

  3. Big smiles.
    Long may life continue to be good - and safe.

  4. What magnificent deep royal colours .... a fashion show right in your backyard

  5. They look like babies. :)
    Great series!

  6. Oh, a beautiful series indeed, Arija! Handsome and strutting!! I do love these!! And I am SO glad the fire danger has abated!! Take care!!

  7. Beautiful birds. Rather noisy but beautiful nonetheless.

  8. Gorgeous shots! So glad to hear the fire threat is now over.

  9. they are both lovely and i am dying to see the chicks when they arrive. yes it must be lovely to have them eat out of your hand.

  10. Arija, I am so happy to hear the fire threat is over.. I love the peacocks, they are lovely birds with pretty colors.. It is nice they all get along at feeding time.. Have a happy day!

  11. Life certainly is much better for you now that the fire threat is less, Arija. I'm glad you're OK. Love the Peacock and peahen. Magnificent pair! Blessings Jo

  12. wow... they look gorgeous. Wonderful captures

  13. Oi Arija
    Como são lindos! São dignos de apreciação tamanha a beleza

  14. Oh! I'm so glad to know the good news and to see your joyful post. Love the mental picture of you hand-feeding his Lordship! And the portraits of the royal couple are great. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad news both. But needless to say good is better. I admire how you are able to talk about the scary bad stuff without whining though. A tough skill to master.

  15. A handsome couple. I love the crowns.

  16. Ah, prancing around:) Thanks for sharing!

  17. Great shots of beautiful strutting peacocks!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  18. Beautiful birds and it must be lovely to have so much company when you are feeding the chickens... Michelle

  19. So thankful you are safe and back home doing what you do best, living life to the fullest and then sharing with each of us. Peacocks at your door step and how fun that has to be, They are quite the beauties! Hugs as always to you~

  20. Nettes Pärchen, Arija !

    Ja, ich habe auf Deinem Blog vom "Feuerteufel" gelesen, muss schlimm gewesen sein, sowas kann man sich hier gar nicht vorstellen...

  21. Beautiful peahen and peacock! So glad the fire missed you!

  22. What a handsome pair. I'll keep an eye out for photos of the 'population explosion' if ti happens. :-)


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