Saturday, January 24, 2015

TODAY'S FLOWERS, Nature Notes & I Heart Macro - Red flowing strawberries

Sorry I have been a sporadic blogger lately.
Summertime there is such a heavy load of dragging hoses 
to keep things alive that, with the heat and exertion,
I am usually too exhausted to get my brain back into gear.

Here is a recently acquired little darling that goes 
so well with my white flowering, old fashioned strawberries 
in the raised bed my grandson made for me.

They add such a nice touch of colour

and started bearing as soon as I put them in.

Here is the raised bed with a couple of very hot Thai chillies
in the centre, a couple of perpetual bearing spinach plants
that give me a good feed every couple of days,
red flowering strawberry on the left and a few
petunias for leavening.

Very soon the strawberries will take over,
they are already throwing out runners.

Gardening is really such fun!

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  1. Hello dear Arija. Good to see you again. Gardening is therapeutic too. Lovely color in your strawberry beds. And yum to your spinach. Blessings Jo

  2. I can think of many, many worse things to take over a bed than strawberry plants. And those are charming.

  3. Hi dear heart. What a neat idea to have the berries and such in a raised container like that, you shall enjoy ;) Now then, if I tired this, which I have planted many a fine plants in past, I would go out to find that either the Rabbits, Squirrels, or Deer had fled with the lot, even under a nice netting of protect. Happy week to you~ HUGS!

  4. looks all so good , here in denmark we have snow , and you can enjoy all from your garden , enjoy garden time

  5. Dear Arija, I am sure the heat alone is exhausting, let alone all those chores to keep these beautiful flowers as healthy as they are. The strawberries look luscious! Thanks so much for linking up and wishing you a great week :)

  6. how pretty! i can imagine how difficult it is to garden in your extreme heat! like texas+ :)

  7. flowers fruits and greens
    oh yum
    our growing season is quite short here
    people do garden and farm but it can be quite challenging, just like i imagine your sun can be.
    chores in heat is so exhausting.

  8. Ah, it all looks good indeed, Arija!! Always wonderful to have a garden!! Hope you have a great new week!!

  9. Gardening at my elevation would be a challenge, but yours looks great!

  10. Strawberries are delicious and the flowers are very pretty as well.

  11. That looks like a great way to have a garden.

  12. So schöne rote Erdbeerblüten habe ich noch nie gesehen, sehr schön !

  13. I've been thinking of you Arija and wondering if you are well. These blossoms and tiny strawberries are a delight! Thanks as always for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro, it is good to have you back:-)

  14. Those garden beds look just like ours - except you have strawberries and we have tomatoes!


    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. I've never seen a red flowering strawberry, only the white! It's beautiful and ... Yumm! We put in raised beds ..back when we had our house in Oregon ... After a few years of gardening the usual way. Made such a difference...the only way to go!

  16. Wonderful strawberries and -flowers! Looking forwards to them :) Raised beds are genious-

  17. Hello dear Arija..yes the heat is sapping and so is the cold in a different way. I LOVE the flowers and the strawberries... I hope you get some rain... hugs..Michelle

  18. What a pretty flower. The raised bed is a great idea, so easy to maintain.

  19. Vais ter uma farta colheita de morangos. Uma plantação linda e muito bem cuidada
    Uma boa semana

  20. A lovely splash of red.

  21. Pretty flowers and strawberries to come!

  22. nett, dich getroffen zu haben!
    Du sprichst Deutsch?

    morgen bekomme ich besuch von einigen freunden. alles sind fans von ....z.b. neuseeeland. du bist in südaustralien?
    herzlich p.


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