Thursday, February 5, 2015

SkyWarch - the difference of an hour or two

Last Monday, DD* took me to Victor harbour
with both our dogs which did not quite work,
her pup is well behaved and my old hand-me-down dog
. . . best left unsaid.

We enjoyed 'fish-n-chips' on the beach
sitting at a distance from each other
(my dog is not compatible with any other dog *!?…)
and enjoyed being on the sea-side
even on this drab day

went on to Petrel's Cove (post to follow)
on the return trip
the sun had come out
and my how the view had changed!

* For DD read darling daughter.

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  1. lovely! (my dogs would misbehave, i'm certain.)

  2. Beautiful skies and great captures for the day as always, Arija!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. I'm loving your photos of the harbor, Arija, as snow falls here in Breckenridge.

  4. The water and sky look lovely, especially in the second photo. Glad you had an enjoyable day out.

  5. The blue sky always makes the picture look so much brighter,although an overcast sky also has beauty in it.

  6. Wow, looks like two different places with that change in sky.

  7. That is what is so wonderful about the ocean. I guess the whole world changes from hour to hour and it is just more apparent at the shore! Beautiful pics. Perhaps your dog does not realize he is a dog!? He's lucky to have patient you as his human.

  8. Oh wow that is a huge difference and beautiful too.

  9. I love how you have edited the last shot. Glad you ejoyed yourself.

  10. Lovely shots - sunshine can work wonders.

  11. Hi Arija, hope you are well. ...nice example of how much we need light for our photos and interesting posting! cheers

  12. Oh, but those views are lovely!
    And I miss my dog. :)


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