Sunday, January 11, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 12 Rose Extravaganza

For best effect, all Roses can be enlarged!

I am testing your endurance, look at as many or
as few of them as you choose. I bring you some of
my favourite roses from last summer.
This summer, with our prolonged drought there are
only two still flowering next to the house.
The other 148, are dead or dying, as are a number of trees.
Back to happier times, this is 'The Crocus Rose'
it is hard to pick a favourite, but comes very close.

Another white Rose I dearly love, 'Sombreul'
with a sweet, gentle scent. This one is actually still

Like 'Sombreul', this is another David Austin Rose,
'The Prince', an almost black red with a heady perfume.

'Abraham Darby' another that fits snugly into my
favourites basket. A Rose of great distinction with
blooms the size of saucers, a wonderfully perfumed
repeat flowerer growing to a good six feet.

'Friendship' , great fragrance and constant,
abundant blooms.

A delicate flowered rose that was a gift after fire
destroyed our house and garden 25 years ago. The
tag said 'Cupid' which however it is not. It's flowers
are less than 1" across, a delicate shell pink, blooming
from early Spring to early Winter with a sweet scent
and the dearest little jewels of rose hips. It is close to
6' high and blooms all over all the time.

'Eiffel Tower', it is easy to tell by the buds whence
the name. Another rose blooming constantly
all year round with the headiest scent.

'The Childrens' Rose' , royalties from each plant sold
go to the U.N. Childrens' Relief Organization. A perfect
bud opening to a full petalled quartered heart with
a great scent. A strong, vigorous bush constantly
flowering during the growing season.

This wonderful climber I have cherishd for 35 years,
it has perfect buds though short stems, a lovely scent
and is a delight in a posy.

'Angel Face', another perfumed wonder peeking
out from a carpet of Camomile

'Sparrieshoop', an elegant singe with delicately
pointed buds. More a rambler than a bush rose.

'Peace' which has such an uplifting history, still
the perfect survivor.

Climbing 'Gold Bunny' with its head well above
the 5' fence, reaching for the sky.

'Sutter's Gold' a semi-double with strong and
beautiful scent and perfect buds

and so we come to 'Polo Club' a Rose that lights
up the garden like a perfect sunset.

An interloper in my garden sneaking in under
a false name, but so beautiful I could not let it
go even though it is very thorny.

now we reach the grand finale saved for
'Just Joey', a Rose that has that 'je ne sais quoi',
that little extra something. The colour tonings
are perfect as is the bud, bloom and scent!

Another day if you can tolerate it, I may give
you more.

My thanks to Luiz Santilli Jr. for creating this meme
and featuring my photo .
To Luiz Denise and Laerte my gratitude for their
efforts on our behalf in organizing this meme.


  1. Beautiful flower close-ups!

    Thanks for visiting Liege City Daily Photo.

  2. I love the Polo Club rose the best, but they are all BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Oh how I needed a breath of summer this morning. Thank you! We got another five inches of fresh snow today. Looks lovely, but I think your roses looked even lovlier. My favorites,... Sutter's Gold, Peace and Eiffel Tower. Thanks again!

  4. Oh Arija! I love them all, but if I had to make a choice I would choose either the Crocus Rose or the bottom one, the Just Joey!
    I learnt from you the new expression: swanning it over...
    Thanks I didn't know that. I knew: "to lord it over" and "to queen it over".

  5. Tolorate it?Bring on the roses they are beautiful beyond words.

  6. Roses have always generated a feeling of passion! I can see from your variety of beautiful roses..they are a passion of yours!Simply gorgeous each one! hugs NG

    have a nice week! :)

  8. What beautiful photos! I'm so glad God made flowers!

    And thanks so much for stopping by my site and leaving your footprint on my comment page! Joy,Joy!

  9. Beautiful pictures of beautiful roses, Arija. I'm sorry to hear that you lost so many because of the drought.

  10. Such beautiful flowers and your photographs are wonderful.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I was interested to see (apart from your comment) that you live in South Australia as my son and his family live there also. A :)

  11. These are so beautiful - I love roses!

    My favourites are Sutters Gold and Just Joey - and I'm just going back to look at the white roses, because they look so effective in the more distant areas of a garden.

    Sounds as if I'm on a visit to a garden centre doesn't it! (One of my weaknesses, I have to ration visits and spending!!)

  12. What an amazing rosetour - I've never seen so many so beautiful roses8)

  13. Such lovely roses. I can't pick a favorite, but I love the whites, the rose against blue sky, the yellow with peachish pink...

  14. Hi Arija

    Great series of flowers!Wonderful roses!
    Welcome Arija, our guest friend!
    Great post in TODAY'S FLOWERS


  15. So many pretty flowers - I'm lost in these beauties! Bye and greetings from Croatia!

  16. Hello Arija, your roses are so beautiful and so far away from my imagination as I live on "the other hemisphere"...) They are greetings from summer!
    Hm, real iceflowers on windowpanes, it's not so easy to get today nowerdays!
    When I was a child, we, of course, had iceflowers on the window panes. But modern windows are hermetically sealed and there is no place for iceflowers anymore. Maybe in some very old houses...

  17. What a gorgeous display! Roses are among my favorites. Some look like tissue paper. Very delicate.

  18. Wonderful - your Polo Club looks a lot like Chicago Peace in my garden.

    Like you, it's been years since we were able to water, because of the drought.

  19. Difficult to say which one is the pretiest!

  20. I could only imagine how beautiful and fragrant your garden is!!! Beautiful!

  21. Delightful to see some roses again - I have to use Cactus from the window sill...

  22. Arija, the roses are gorgeous and so well described. It is such a shame that you are losing so many. Perhaps some come back especially the ones which are not grafted.

  23. Beautiful rose and colors.

  24. So beautiful, 148? That's a lot of rose bushes.

  25. Gasp!! You have most amazing flower show here ever!!
    It's like walking down a path through a beautiful garden and viewing these pretty blooms!
    I am in awe!!
    Just like nature's fireworks!
    Wonderful post!

  26. You have some stunning photos there. Thank you for the education, when I go to plant roses I will come here for ideas! Though I sense we live in different zones. There would be no rose that grows here all year round.

  27. Number 3 & 4, and the last one are all my favourites.

    Great photos,

    Gill in Canada

  28. All very beautiful. The first picture is my favorite with the light coming from the back!

  29. Wonderful Series of roses...
    I love roses,is my post too...
    See mines,visiting my blog...
    Gorgeous macros you have there...
    Love all
    Have a nice week...

  30. lovely roses..what a shame about the drought..just terrible!

    love the first one and the peach colored favorites!


  31. All the more eager for summer and my roses!

    Abraham Darby is one of my favourite David Austin roses.

  32. Thanks for sharing...wish I could grow like those comely flowers.

  33. All the roses are so beautiful. So sorry abought the drought. I am sending some of our record rainfall your way. I have always loved most any David Austin rose. MMMMmmmmMm. MB

  34. Wonderful array of roses you're sharing with us.
    The Sombreu looks extremely delicate just like tissue :)

  35. They are ALL beautiful! The last one is my favorite. I just love how you have caught the light in so many of them.
    You've been a wonderful 'guest' this week!

  36. Arija: What wonderful roses, I really like the yellow one with the red trim.

  37. Lovely, lovely flowers! Garden delights, indeed.


  38. And here I was wondering what type of roses to pick for my new home...
    You photos make it even harder to decide but give me beautiful hints :)
    Thank you for the roses!

  39. So beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  40. You captured some beautiful flowers with some stunning colors

  41. No wonder your blog is titled "Garden Delights"!

    I am so sad to read this:
    "The other 148, are dead or dying, as are a number of trees."

    I hope new flowers and trees will take over.

    Thanks for sharing. I have endurance :)

  42. What a great rose collection !
    And such beautiful colors, love it !
    Greetings from Belgium !

  43. Thank you for visiting. Lovely varieties of rose. Love them.

  44. Beautiful multicolour Roses.
    You are really 'Roses Lady" !

  45. What lovely pictures - I'm sorry to hear that you have such a terrible drought, especially when you have such beautiful plants. Thanks also for visiting my blog.

  46. Wow, what a lot of gorgeous famous roses. You need to call your blog The Rose Lady!

  47. Wow, what wondrous variety you have. Sorry to hear about the drought and how it is effecting your roses and your trees. I hope you guys get some rain soon.

  48. Sigh..such beauty in a small package captured perfectly...

  49. Arija, from your post on the sunlight coming through the trees and this one.. I see that you have lived here for a long time.. you know this place and climate well.. we have been hearing on the news about the drought that is occurring in Australia.. and you see it more so each year?..It makes me so concerned when I think about it.. the heat.. I don't know how I could think in it... maybe it is because I have lived in such a cold climate and I am acclimated to it, but what will happen.. can you stay there.. ? Do you think it will change? I remember you told me that you can not take long airline flights... It would be so very difficult to leave a place that has captured your heart though, I know how that feels...

    These roses almost send their scent through these old computer wires... they are like children, that you have invested time and hope and are giving back... Roses are such a strong plant, the roots won't die will they? they will come back after water returns?...
    What about you and your dear family and animals? Is there water enough for you to survive?

    These roses are magnificent!!!

  50. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your rose photos are a wonderful reminder of summer. I have a few David Austin roses too - they're my favourites.

  51. Hi there, my friend, I searched for an email on the blog, but found none... please not the old blog is no longer working. I'm so sorry.

    Hugs and smooches.

  52. Such lovely blooms you have! I think I like the pink ones the best.

  53. Oops! I have my one year old grandson today, and I had looked at these earlier, but was not able to type at the time. I just left a comment on a post where you don't even have any pink roses, but these are the ones I was thinking of. When I looked back, I decided I liked the deep yellow ones. They're all pretty, though!


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