Monday, May 25, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 27 The Great Autumn Leaf Hunt 3

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The Tupelo tree, Nyssa sylvatica, a tree producing
the brightest autumn foliage enhanced by its shiny leaves.

The colours changing from green, to yellow and orange
into a really deep red amazing to behold when rain soaked.

We drove up the valley to get some Chestnuts, Walnuts
and Hazelnuts and were stopped in our tracks by this
impressionistic group of trees. Like something out of
faiyland it really was just a fleeting impression and one
click before the light had returned it to its normal state.

Just different light on the same scene along the old
railway easement turned into a walking and cycling

can you imagine jogging along here without a camera?
To me that would be criminal, yet a number of people
were long-distance cycling with their heads hidden under
helmets engrossed in conversation as though they had no
eyes in their heads!

All this splendour of Liquidambar trees passed them by,
what a waste of nature's wonderful display!

A little education:- in times gone by this valley was planted
to Hops, and Poplars for splitting into matches. Here are
some of the old corrugated iron oasts for drying Hops.

In front of the old farmhouse stood this wonderful
Rhus chinensis, in Noth America commonly called Sumac,
dressed in its finery

while across the road was one lonely field of Hops. Now
along the Ovens valley there are mainly nut plantations.

One more look at the path that runs for many miles
between a number of country towns. With easy gradients,
since it was cut to accommodate the railroad, which some
bright spark of a beaurocrat had dismantled and sold for
scrap when passenger numbers dropped off. All that effort
of building the railroad by hand and the sweat of many brows,
utterly wasted.

If you think the colours cannot get brighter than this,
come back next week and be surprised!

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Once again, thanks to Klaus and the MY WORLD team
we display our world in this great meme.


  1. amazing co9lours of the leaves! Some of them look like somebody changed the color :-) I love the autumn just for that and the clear crisp air we often have.

  2. Oh my God!

    There is no better artist that God. Amazing. Nature is a canvas, ever changing and we just need to open our eyes.

    As for you my dearest beloved wise teacher...I am shocked to learn the new lesson. Oh my God! It's what I have been doing all along. When I draw and paint I am baraged by these memories and thoughts that I sometimes dismiss as coincidental. Aaargh! I am so dense!!! Thank you for being my dearest friend!

    I am definitely sure I am not going to think of those things when I amd drawing something for you. I just know it.

  3. Oh! Aaw! I love you! I do! Aaw!

    You are so special to me!

  4. Your fall colors are amazing. That third shot is absolutely Brilliant. The bright colors against the green, Wow! Great post Arija.

  5. Hi Arija,
    You know if I were cycling in your beautiful countryside, I would be looking all around me, snapping too many photos, and being grateful for the gorgeous surroundings! Lovely fall colors - I also appreciated your former flower pics. I love the delicate climbing rose which has taken over the trellis!

  6. Such a beautiful path for walking and cycling. I am puzzled when I see joggers in the canyon wearing headphones that prevent them from hearing birds singing or the creek flowing.

  7. Such gorgeous colors and fantastic photos! It's so amazing to realize that just as we are finally enjoying the spring colors and eagerly pushing thoughts of fall and winter to the back of our minds, you're doing just the opposite! Arija, you always take us on such lovely tours -- spring, summer or autumn or winter! Thank you for sharing Your World today!

  8. Dear Arija,
    Austrian Radio is broadcasting live Mozart's Don Giovanni from the State Opera in Vienna, starting at 7pm Vienna Time, i.e. right now:


  9. That first shot is outstanding. So many brilliant trees! Your Rhus tree looks very much like our Sumac bush/tree here. They also turn red in the fall. What beautiful scenery, especially that old railroad path. I'd love to walk that for miles looking at the trees and views.

  10. Oh, how GORGEOUS! Autumn is my favorite time of year.

    There's something about the crispness in the shadow, the color splashed across the trees, the very feel in the air. Nostalgic somehow.

    Your photos fill my eyes.

  11. Arija, these are beautiful photographs. The fourth one is my favourite. I love fall for it's incredible beauty and crisp, fragrant air. As much as a love walking, I am terribly disheartened by the dismantling of our railways and railbeds. We should be reviving them. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of our world.

  12. Beautiful autumn foliage! that's the one thing I miss seeing up here in the sub-tropics!

  13. Stunning colours indeed, nature is an amazing canvas.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous.Yes,it is ahame how some people miss all the beauty which is right before them.

  15. I just got drunk from your wonderful autumn colours! Too beautiful! Thank you!

  16. Dear Arija, thank you so much for your nice comment!
    What I REALLY find most incredible about your autumn pictures is the contrast between the dark green gum tree and and blazing red and yellow leaves! I LOVE it! :)

  17. Stunning photos of beautiful trees. Some of your pictures look like paintings. Very lovely blog! Congratulations.


  18. I sure is pretty down there!

  19. Great selection of photos, those colors are outstanding.

    Have a great week
    Regina In Pictures

  20. Once again just absolutely STUNNING photos. The colour of the leaves is amazing. You bring your world to life each week with your amazing photos and I love visiting. Glad you like our bleeding heart in the garden though you used the Latin which I had to copy and paste into Google for a translation. We also have the Valerian in white. Thank you for sharing your gorgeopus world with us.

  21. What beautiful autumn colors you have. I'm not familiar with any of those trees, but they certainly put on a wonderful display.

  22. I find it hard to believe that leaves could be more vibrant than the ones you showed in this post. I'll definitely be back next week.

  23. ...intense color, saturated...beautiful! It does look like a fairyland (such a nice description--I can imagine a fairy waving her wand to drip color all over these trees).

  24. A great My World post Arija, the colors are just stunning, aren't they? And to think it happens in our own land of Australia!

  25. Absolutely fantastic fall colors! Your photos are stunning as always.

  26. What would we do without autumn? We would miss these wonderful and bright red, yellow and golden colours. Fortunate I live now in a country with four seasons. In Indonesia it was always green.
    Thanks for your visit. BTW here in the Netherlands making hay is also done mechanically.Grass is cut by a machine and the big machine on one of the photos did the final job. The men walking around didn't do much. Just looking if the grass is in the right position to be baled.

  27. Such lovely shots!
    I almost go speechless at your posts! :)

  28. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous autumn shots. We have autumn in October and November so it's fun seeing autumn in other parts of the world that is in full fling while we are in spring.

  29. Wow beautiful colours You have a nice autumn up there. Here it is already windy and rainy for weeks

  30. Oh, my those colors are so beautiful! If I were there, I'd ran out of batteries just clicking away!

  31. Such beautiful colours. I would take walking with my camera every time to cycling.

  32. Magnificent colors ... lovely series.
    Hugs and blessings,


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