Friday, May 8, 2009

Wanderlust at Twilight

We drove to the horizon
and nearly fell right off the earth

we drove by day and drove by night
we drove for all that we were worth

we drove for days on end,
until we nearly dropped

it seemed we drove for ever more
until one day we stopped

and stood there wondering
why ever we did start
when now we had left far behind
all things close to our heart.

The far horizon beckoned
with promise full of change
but everything we yearned for
was home, close to our range.

If ever we should get the urge
to harness horse and go
to run away from daily life
that's boring, drear and slow,
take out the axle pin
and say the waggon broke.

Brew up a billy full of tea
upon a smoking campfire
and say if we should need a change:
"go camp down on the flat,
the snakes are plentiful down there
they'll give you quite a thrill,
the kangaroos go sailing by
bushwhacking noises fill the night
the sheep can give you quite a fright

and we will know that you are safe
from hoons and trucks upon the road.

The stars shine brightly there at night
and should the cold decide to bite
come back and turn the blanky on
and sleep in your own bed,
the cat will read a goodnight tale
and you will get well fed".


  1. Beautiful photos and I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Nice photos,... and words, too!

  3. This was a fabulous sequence of photographs and I loved the words too. It does look like you could fall off the earth in the first shot.

  4. I enjoyed the ride with you! Thanks! Thanks also sharing the fact that you lived in Latvia. Yes we have had a lot of warfare in our lives. When will there be peace? Real peace?

  5. What a wonderful post, the photos so well matched to the words.

  6. Wonderful collection... beautiful words. Love the lambs!

  7. It is so true that home is always the best.Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Delightful post from start to finish (top to bottom!)

  9. Now I see you were speeding HOME! Glad you're safely back to your to your own blanky!

  10. All this beauty, and baby lambs, too! Thank you!

  11. Ah Arija, the road ever beckons, yet it travels to home as well.

    Great post, captures and prose.

  12. A very lovely tale with pictures to match!

  13. Lovely post. I most enjoyed the parts about kangaroos sailing by and the cat reading a goodnight tale.

  14. It looks like a great trip!


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