Monday, July 27, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 36 Cuckoo Clocks in Omeo

In the small, historic Victorian country town of Omeo,
on the road to Mt.Hotham's ski slopes (see previous My
World post) is this charming giftware shop.

It draws its name from the wares it sell and is called
The Cuckoo Clock's.
Designed in warm timber with spacious display rooms
it is a delight to visit, browse and pick up some memento
of your trip.

All items are of high standard and quality with genuine,
beautifully carved cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest
and Alps of Germany that can lighten your purse or put
quite a dent in your credit card, to souveniers of linen
tea towels with Strudel recipes.

On the hour or even more frequently one hears the
plaintive cuckoo's call echoing from all sides. No longer
a mechanical device, but recordings of the real thing.

A little kitch, but even here the discerning eye of
Leonie Pendergast, the proprietress is felt as this little
crystal tea-pot shows, a little bling but well shaped and

A beautiful display case full of personal ornaments

Decorator items galore take advantage of natural
as well as electric light

and general eye candy everywhere. In the background
is one of the display cases and the picture windows
overlooking the garden and down hill, the main street of town.

A closer look at the pretties on display.
A selection of real Venetian masks,

coloured crystal,

also of beautiful cut crystal,

and for the more macabre minded, some witches
flying around a mobile. Again, an imaginative way
to display these delightful ladies.

Sorry , this one uploaded itself twice and I could
not find a way to delete it.

Click on photos to enjoy the details.

To Klaus and the Team, as always, my thanks.


  1. My husband tells me stories of staying with his rather eccentric uncle and aunt when he was little. They had no children, but loads of cuckoo clocks! Every hour on the hour.... quite a show!! So much fun for a little boy!

  2. My grandmother gave me a cuckoo clock when I was a girl. I would love to have it now. My parents probably threw it out years ago.

  3. oh such pretties!! I used to love my aunts cuckoo clock I used to think I wanted one till I spent the night at a friends who had one and we practically had to smash the bird to get it to stop:)) It was funny but not at the time:)

  4. Oh, what a wonderful shop, Arija! I love the cuckoo clocks -- actually, I loved everything in your photos! What a fun place to browse! And your photos are fabulous, as always! Made me feel like I was right there.

    Have a lovely week!

  5. What a gorgeous shop We had one of these cockoo clocks at home. We went on holiday to the black forest when we were young. I love the masks

  6. Lovely post Arija..It seems that all your photos have such a beautiful vivid blue sky in them...I love those clocks and anything hand crafted is such a dying art...Michelle

  7. my grandparents used to have a cuckoo clock whch is probably why my mother wanted one:) it's really cute and I'd probably buy one from that store you've shown plus those pretty masks. nice photos!

  8. Oh I like this place. I love watching the bird calling every hour from the clock. Lovely.

  9. Hi, what a awesome shop that is and thank you so much for sharing this! I've always loved any kind of clocks and have always had a fascination of cuckoo clocks but yet have never owned one myself. I may ask for one for Christmas. Thanks so much again for sharing these wonderful photos! Have a great day!

  10. What a beautiful shop!
    So much love and detail!

  11. I love the shop.
    Nice post and shots.

  12. Great shots, I liked the one with those precious clocks.

  13. "Eye candy" -- that's nice. Did you make it up?

    Thanks for your lovely poetic comment (or both of them). Remember the comment just goes into limbo until I "moderate" them.
    I would be fun to walk the bazaar streets together. Come on up. :)

  14. Very creative and unique collection.
    Happy MYM!

  15. Very pretty things! I love walking about in an antique shop and seeing all those lovely things! Very nice post, Arija. Isn't this a nice meme?!

  16. I would like to have one of those Venetian masks. They intrigue me.

  17. This would drive me mad. Maybe it's because I'm used to a quieter life now on an island. Interesting strange world.

  18. Those cuckoo clocks and masks are an incredible collections. Congrats.

  19. I love the idea of a cuckoo clock, but would hate to have one - don't need a cuckoo at 3 am.
    What a fascinating shop and some great photos.

  20. That´s a beautiful giftware shop.
    Lovely Cukoo Clocks, mask and crystal gifts.
    Luiz Ramos
    I agree about your comments on my post.

  21. Beautiful shots! Thanks for visiting My Muskoka !

    We have a cuckoo clock, like the one in the bottom of the clock photo.
    I have no idea where my late mother bought it!

  22. Aaah! STUFF! More stuff but I love cuckoo clocks! As for the rest, I am trying to simplify my life, so except for my clothes, no more stuff for me.

  23. Arija: What a neat shop with so many great objects to see.

  24. So many great pictures. Quite special. A marvellous place to go window-shopping. Have a great week!

  25. What a fun place. I love cuckoo clocks.

  26. What a fun place to shop,or just look around. Love the cut crystal. My Mom would go crazy with all those cuckoo clocks.

  27. That's like making a world tour in this shop ! even this awful German clocks ! When I was a child they frightened me to death, this cuckcoo coming suddenly out. An old aunt of mine had hanging one in her living room !

  28. so enjoyed the lovely tour through this beautiful gift shop. they sure do have an amazing variety of items, many things i would surely be tempted to purchase.
    have a wonderful evening.

  29. What great photos! Love the cuckoo clocks - and that crystal teapot - so quirky.

  30. Wow, I would be there for hours looking at all the wonderful cuckoo clocks.

  31. Arija delightful post -all so beautiful. I wouldn't mind a cuckoo clock. I've never seen one (only in pictures!) I never hear anything except what I'm supposed to hear (ha!) When we were young marrieds we lived on a farm and our telephone was part of a farm line. You only heard your particular ring no matter that the phone rings incessently (on a busy line) all day and night! Arija, I have found that if I uploaded an image and wanted to remove it (after having all the others already uploaded) I just click on that image and press the delete key on my keyboard. It works every time. Hope this helps if you ever need it. (((Hugs))) Jo

  32. Arija,What a delightful collection in the Omeo. I particularly love the cuckoo clocks and the face masks.Ram

  33. Eye candy for sure! I loved it all. I'd have to hold on to the credit card! We have a cuckoo clock that we got in Germany and never put it up. Perhaps we knew it would drive us and the cats crazy???!!!!! Love the bling!

  34. Beautiful shop, with so many lovely gifts. I love the cukoo clocks, the masks and the cut crystal.

  35. What did you buy?
    Interesting shop to go around and look, MB

  36. I had better stay away from that place.All those pretties would wear me down.Thanks for sharing this delightful place with me.

  37. Thanks for showing us around this fascinating shop. I was especially impressed with the cuckoo clocks. Some of them looked very intricate.

  38. What lovely things in this interesting shop. Thanks for the virtual visit ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  39. Interesting shop..I didn't know a cuckoo clocks can have a real cuckoo. But I don't think I'll get used to being cuckooed every hour. Interesting that the shop sells
    Venetian masks. Thanks Arja for the tour.

  40. What a fun whimsical place! My grandfather had a similar cuckoo clock in the dining room. I don't know how many time I stood there, waiting for the hour, just to see that little door open and the little bird sing the time :)


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