Saturday, July 25, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 24 Flowers in a Bare Winter Garden

Mid-winter and the nights are full of frost
but after years of drought and now a little rain,
it seems not all is lost.

I went out to the garden, to see what I cloud see
I spied a little Almond bud upon an Almond tree

and Crabapples were blooming though winter cold is here

a Pansy and a Hyacinth,

a little Rosebud dear

some Cyclamen

and Snowflakes

Geranium as well

and in the shadehouse corner a Jacob's Ladder fell
like pearls strung on a necklace with tiny flowers strewn
that mingled their sweet perfume
with that of grass new mown

Just when I thought how wonderful
the presents it bestowed
a lone Anemone smiled up
nodded its head and shyly bowed

Precursors of the Spring to come
the welling tide they promise,
but just for now I am content
with what the heav'ns to me have sent.

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A hug to my friend Luiz Santilli Jr. and the Team he has
enlisted to to give us this joy of sharing flowers.


  1. Nice collection for that time of year. It is summer here.

  2. Beautiful post Arija - and beautiful words! It always takes me by surprise when I visit bloggers from the other side of the world, where it is winter/spring and not summer!

  3. Your photos are amazing! This post is really one of a kind. 24 flowers... wow!!!

    Thank you so much for leaving your comments at I do appreciate it.

  4. beautiful series of photos, i love them all.

  5. Shalom Arija. I saw winter in your title and came here to cool off.
    But instead your poem and familiar flowers have warmed my heart.

  6. Dear Arija,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of a winter garden in Australia. Also, for dropping by my site.
    Wishing you a happy day~

    Your name is very pretty.

  7. Beautiful mid winter colors to brighten your and our day...

  8. Arija, these flower shots are stunning and your words are beautiful. I like the light and shadow play on the pansy...and the rose is very beautiful with the backlightng...

  9. Beautiful. You are blessed to have these buds and blooms during winter. Hugs Jo

  10. I sincerely wish that our winters could produce flowers like that! I'm deeply impressed.

  11. Lovely flowers,and signs of new life.

  12. What a delightful group of shots. If you have this much going on during winter, the spring will no doubt be amazing. Hope you get enough rain.

  13. Arija, I'd say spring is right around the corner with all these beautiful bloom. Mayb they brighten you day as they did mine.

  14. All lovely little jewels - so beautiful!

  15. A veritable chorus of beautiful blooms, and your photos are a delight to the eye. I'm happy that you have so many flowers that survived the drought. Thanks Arija, have a great week :)

  16. What exquisite flowers, Arija! Your photos and your beautiful words always take my breath away. Just to imagine having flowers like this in the winter is to me a miracle in itself!
    Have a lovely week!

  17. Beautiful set of flowers on your great garden. Love them, all are new except for the geraniums. Have a great week ahead Arija!

  18. Your flower photos are lovely.
    Sunny :)

  19. Arija!How wonderful to see the new beginnings stirring in your garden!
    You are leaving old man winter behind and we have him in the horizon!I'm getting way too ahead of myself..let me have an ahhhh..moment here in your Spring garden...sigh..ahhh!

  20. A delightful poetry to the garden's delight. Lovely flowers Ma'am Arija. You must be working round the clock to keep all those blooms in shape.

    Is snowflakes a bulb too?

  21. These are very lovely. I forgot how alive this time of year can be. Thanks.

  22. Such lovely poetry with your lovely garden blooms. Even in your cold winter, nature has its way to gift you with these.

  23. YAY!!! Everything is blooming---such gorgeous colors. I am happy you are happy. MB

  24. It is so interesting to me looking at those lovely buds and all those beautiful flowers in the mid-winter. All that beauty I can see only in the spring in my country. I really enjoyed this series of photos.

  25. Beautiful collection and words. Well done!

  26. What a beautiful spring collection!
    It always really gets me that you guys have a different season.
    One tends to forget so easy.
    I'm glad all the sprouts are coming and all's blossoming.
    It looks like a wonderful garden!

  27. Arija how beautiful you are.

    I love everything about you.

    Thank you for your compassion and your open heart.

    Love Renee xoxo

  28. Lovely post Arija...well done...the words are amazing!

    And to hear that you are having a little rain at last, and to know that they are your own flowers in your garden at certainly must do wonders for your heart. It doesn't seem that long ago that you were posting flowers from years gone by because of the terrible drought. Let's hope that the rain will be such to tend that run of drought years!

    Thanks for visiting my flowers also...and yes, it would be nice to have a river bank...mine is a fair long walk away...!!

  29. What a bright and lovely garden you have, Arija! The rosebud photo is excellent and I love the hyacinth (ah, the scent).

  30. beautiful blooms you have there especially the little almond bud

  31. Arija: Those are such beautiful flowers as your Winter is waning.


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