Thursday, July 30, 2009

On Isabel's Children leaving for Abroad

Whispering winds what do you tell
Where are the children gone?
To lands across the seas they go
far, far away and left us all alone.

We wish them great adventures
and many tales to tell
we wish them kindness on their way
and safety where they dwell.

Someday we hope they will return
to stay a while again
we'll be the roots they sprang from
the rest from wind and rain
when all their dragons have been slain
we'll wait for them no more in vain.

Isabel, they will be back again soon though not unchanged.
You may like 'The Nest is Empty ' Sept.2008 in my archive.


  1. Arija, just a quick pop in to say I really enjoyed visiting India's blog from your very astute observation - I'll be back later to do more reading.

  2. An empty nest gives you the choice of how to fill it...

  3. It's really cool photo and nice post:)

  4. Beautiful shots. I liked the partial lighting in the second snap. Nice composition.

  5. we'll wait for them no more in vain.
    I hope so!! Some children never return.
    Thanks for this beautiful poem!

  6. Beautiful. Well done. I liked the last shot too.

  7. I am one of those children who left and returned once in a blue moon.

    Like the bird. makes me think of the gannet birds that fly from Oz to NZ every year.

  8. A nice poem and picture - with us it is the geese leaving for the south, For the winter...

    PS Thank you for the comment. I was standing on a bridge.

  9. Thank you my dear friend for this lovely heartfelt post. For your beautiful photos and poetry of the soul. Yes they are gone and we miss them dearly, but we know they need this time of their own, to get acquainted on their own terms with the land we came from and that is also theirs. And we know we are always home. Like they are ours. Always :)



  10. Hi Arija, Your poem is truly delightful and your photos are lovely as always.
    I wish you a weekend of Happy blessings :D

  11. Beautiful photo and poem... I was just reading something beautiful about :roots: Now, I'll have to go find it...and remember~
    My middle 'birdie,' Rachael, just "flew to her own nest" after a coming back home for almost a year...she was in between apartments and jobs. Our nest is empty again... for a while ;o)
    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt sentiment.
    All the Best, Maria

  12. The children must move on. Love your poem Arija.

  13. A very touching post, especially in light of the fact that I have a child leaving the nest soon too.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog.

  14. Always sad when one's children leave the nest - but it is inevitable AND necessary for development - that;s what I told myself - sure it is true but it doesn't make the parting any easier, does it?

  15. The photo of the backlit grasses in the stream is spectacular when enlarged!

  16. Arija, you always express with your lovely words and poetry what so many of us feel but can't/don't say as well, as beautifully. I will have a treat next week when two of mine come for a visit and to celebrate my birthday. Needless to say, I'm excited, but at the same time, my youngest has a very worrisome situation at work and that takes some of joy away. But we've weathered the difficult times before and we'll do it again.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  17. Great pictures. And I sure did enjoy your poem. I wonder where they go, too.

  18. How sweet Arija.

    Oh yes, I know the Hermitage well. Isn't it the loveliest spot and how they travel in their caravan.

    Thank you for thinking of me on this site.

    Love Renee xooo


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