Friday, December 11, 2009

The Anniversary

No, no, not us. We've been going for 51 years and still counting.

Jointly the path of life they tread
she looks aside, he looks ahead
their glances skirt the plants along the way
she humms a little tune
her mind conveniently blank
he walks behind
not thinking by the hour
whither their way goes,
neither one or other knows.

Talking is cheap they say,
so, easily they throw the chance away...

The path ahead comes to a fork
will they turn left or right
together silently to walk
or seek a little spark to catch
and find themselves some other match?


  1. Having thrown away that chance to talk so many times, I find this a really poignant poem.

  2. That is beautiful Arija...I found my husband and I were finishing each others sentences today.. it's nice to be married to your best friend.. Michelle

  3. Great, Arija! Really great! Poem and drawing are really good! Being such a long time together is good, but staying together is better. A friend of mine was married for 46 years and suddenly her husband left her and lives by himself in a neighbouring village. He has no other relation and nobody understands why he left her. She is a very lovely person and so is he. Mysteries, mysteries...

  4. My hubby and I have been married 40+ years and still enjoy each others company so much. We never play the radio when we're driving either, just talk, talk, talk.
    Love the poem.

  5. 51 years darling. Congratulations. I love your drawing.


  6. so many decisions to make in our lifetime and we always hope we choose right... will we ever know?

    depends on our personality

  7. 51 years is a mile stone,but I like how you added and still counting.That is so important,too many couples do not make it that far in marriage.

  8. How wonderful that you've been together that long and plan to be even longer!

    The poem is very much like many people's lives and that is so sad. Glad it's not you.

  9. Oh my... Arija. That is outstanding!
    How I was very absorbed in that poem and the drawing is fantastic!!

    You are an amazing person, of many talents.
    Keep well, my friend, and keep posting such beautiful work.

    Hugs and kisses♥


  10. Congratulatins, Arija :)! My parents are together now for more that 50 years, but I was not so lucky because my first relationship/love broke up after 1o years.
    But my hubby and me are together for more than 10 years now and the relation is new and fresh and renewed and refreshed again and again.
    I wish you all the best for the next 51 years ;) Hugs Maria

  11. So many paths to choose in life and wonderful if one is with your mate.

    Really like the drawing and poem Arija.

  12. Never miss a chance to talk and tell loved ones how you feel... I did enjoy this...
    Thank you for stopping by my place.... I am feeling a tab better but I am not ready to blog each day... it is more mentally tiring than anything else... I will certainly call back here before Christmas...

  13. simply great ... and really true ... hope it never becomes you ... best wishes from Austria

  14. Your drawing is so beautiful. You are so gifted, all around!


  15. Such a lovely piece, 51 years and still counting!

  16. Clever little poem to go with quite a detailed drawing. Yes, I enlarged it to see what I could see! I found the bird on the bench and the face on the balloon! What's that little dog up to anyway? ;)

    51 years?
    What did you do?
    Get married at age 2!
    Congrats and Good For You!

  17. Congratulations, and nice poem. Watched the Whitehouse family interview last night, and was deeply touched by the tender, loving, and humorous relationship between President & Mrs Obama. And they're still youngsters--imagine them in another 30 years!

  18. I love the drawing and the poem is very thought provoking and fits it so well. (glad it isn't you!)

  19. Oh, Arija, I just love this drawing! All the detail....lovely! He is certainly a very tall man, and they look very happy together. I think they will stick together, don't you? Fifty one years for you? That is quite an accomplishment. Wonderful!

    Here's wishing you and your family an incredibly festive and fun holiday season. No possums allowed.


  20. great drawing and poem. Loved it.


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