Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nature Notes ~ The Goslings are Growing

Our newly arrived goslings a monthe ago. Aren't they cute?

We got them a bit biger so they could hold their own againt the
competition in the fowlyard.

A month later and they are growing winglets and bristling
with pin featers.

There still is some baby fluff, but most of the feathers have
come through at least a little, and although they still have their
baby voices, they seldom allow themselves to be bossed about.

Do click on the Logo and visit other participants and their
observations of change in the natural world.
Thanks to Michelle of Rambling Woods we can all join in with
this informative meme.


  1. I suspect the fowlyard competition will be just about subservient by now!

    I look forward to more goosey tales!

    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

  2. I've never been around goslings, so this is a good illustrated education for me. They are cute.

  3. This post has macabre overtones - I seem to remember a little ditty that goes 'Christmas is a-comin' and the geese are getting fat'... though
    it goes on to say 'please put a penny in the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny then a h'apenny will do. If you haven't got a ha'penny, then God Bless you!'

  4. You represent Mother Earth to me now dear Arija.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  5. Wonderful study of goose growth ( : Thanks!

  6. Great shots of the goslings. I'm sure I've said this before, but I always enjoy the posts from Australia since your seasons and my seasons occur at different months. It's fun to see the differences.

  7. Oh Arija...I love them. I so wish I could have geese here..I miss Benji and his companion and I learned so much by interacting with him. Please do keep posting updates on them...

    Thanks for the info on snakes. My husband is very afraid of them and I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable....Michelle

  8. The gooslings are cute and they sure grow fast. I'll bet they can hold their own.

  9. How cute they are Arija. Thanks for showing us your new babies.

  10. oh, they are so cute! and fluffy :)!

  11. Awwwww they're so cute! What great photos and, yes, a wonderful "goosey tale"!

    Enjoy your day, Arija!


  12. You got them tagged in pink rings. Are they girls?

    Are you keeping them for fun?

  13. What cute little guys!
    What do you do with them?
    They do make great watch dogs...

  14. Those goslings are adorable and your photos were lovely. Look forward to coming back and seeing how they grow.

  15. bitingmidge,
    not quite yet, some of the big chooks can be quite mean.

    I could not imagine anyone here tucking into a pet goose, chicken sheep, cow or duck, so they are quite safe. We do however look forward to feasting on goose eggs if, that is, they are not both males, ha, ha.

    how ever did you guess?

    Hi Carver,
    nithing like living onthe other hemisphere...

    you know I especially posted this for you.

    those tags don't mean a thing, that is how we got them from the farmer's market. We just hope it will be one of each or two girls.

    Becky and Gary,
    I kept geese in historical times but ht bushfire baked them. The are the best early warning device I know. The geese would alert the the German Shepherd and he then would quite decidedly let anyone uninvited to go the other way.

  16. They are very cute. I bet they will grow up quite fast!

  17. They are such cute little balls of fluff when they are new. Not quite as cute now.

  18. So cute! What can be cuter than a baby goose! (except my grandson of course!)

  19. Oh not only are they cute they are interesting creatures.

  20. Oh, how cute they are. The first photo is my favorite.

  21. oh look at these guys!!! Wouldn't I love to pick one up and him them around all day long... such beautiful birds... I bet their feathers would make great writing quills...

  22. They are cute. Have been watching the neighbor's turkeys grow (have to remember to ask why he's raising a brood this time of year). Yesterday, they had all managed to get up on the shed roof but couldn't quite figure out how to get down.


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