Friday, December 4, 2009

Nature Notes ~ The Never Ending Story? Possums again...

Those of you who have followed the possum saga (just scroll
down a couple of posts and you will see) may remember that
as soon as we were back on the farm and it got dark, the alarm
people would ring to inform us that there was yet another
burgler in the dining room. It was becoming quite a ritual, so,
back we went next day to rectify the situation.

All photos enlarge so that you can see the cute and cuddly (looking)

After a prolonged search in dark places, we ran this little fellow to
earth behind the sofa.

This time, apart from having thrown books about everywhere,
all the ornaments were off the window sill, he'd peed on the books
and pooped on the french polish of book cases and the rest of the
furniture. Although the dining table will never be the same again,
I was happy to see that he had eaten the bunch of tiny rosebuds
I had in a vase on it. There were stalks strewn across the
embroidered cloth but all the flowers and leaves were all eaten up.
Hmm, the water had soaked the french polish ...whoops...
Here is yours truly holding up the prize exhibit. It was only a poor
baby so I was glad he had found a feed and something to drink.
I apologise for maligning the previous possum by my reference to
'he', it was obviously a mama possum, more power to you little

Here is the little one hightailing it past the sage to freedom.
It is a wonder I got this shot since he was going faster than a
flying bullet!

Here is a handful of possum fur that came away when I was
catching the first one. Shock also makes for tender wool in
sheep as well as obviously possums. I suspect it to be an
escape mechanism to give them a head start in running away
while the big bad wolf is left spitting a mouthful of fleece.
The fur is incredibly fine and soft, almost like angora and
historically was used for making felt hats.

I do hope you enjoyed my latest adventure.
Thanks to Michelle of Rambling Woods we have this infornative
meme about nature. Click on the Logo to see more.


  1. Here in NZ, people consider the possum as an unwanted import from OZ.

    With the amount of hair you got, invite a few more visitors, and you will have enough possum wool to knit a beanie. They tell me that possum wool is the warmest wool.

  2. Wow! What an incredibly patient and tolerant woman you are! To have those creatures in your house! What are you going to do with the wool?
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! My Australian grandchildren rang me and one of them sang "Happy Birthday"!

  3. My bro sent me a pair of possum knit gloves from NZ, so I can endorse the previous stement! :)

  4. My goodness me. You had your hands full of fur. Of course, it is cute compared to our possums which look the same color but play dead (playing possum) when picked up.

    Brookville Daily Photo

  5. Okay, the possum is a cutie, but I really enjoyed seeing a smiling you, my friend.

  6. That was quite an adventure you had with those possums. Now what are you going to do for fun.
    I hope you have a relaxing weekend, you probably need it.

  7. Great story Arija! And I love the shot of the capture!

  8. Much cuter than the possums here in NA! Ours have bare tails like rats and I don't think they could move fast if their lives depended on it. They rather remind me of sloths. No one would want a coat of their fur either. It would make an ugly coat. lol Your little trespasser is very cute but sounds as though she wrecked some havoc.

  9. I wouldn't be as cheerful as you are about possums in my house.

  10. Arija, oh my word! What a cute creature and what a disaster! Wild animals belong outside for a reason! I hope you have found a way to prevent his/her entry into the house ever again! BTW, nice to see what you look like!

  11. Oh my goodness..I am so happy that you don't react like a lot of people and think of killing them first. The baby is so cute and I learned about them thanks to you.. Great post for Nature Notes.. Thank you Arija... Michelle from Nature Notes...

  12. Arija, you've had quite a time with your possum visitors. Glad there was something for it to eat and drink, plus it left you a fur gift.

  13. It looks such a lovely cuddly little thing - we don't have them here but I must say it had such adventures in your living room.

  14. Arija, maybe this is Mother Nature trying to tell you to start a possum refuge; except not in the house, of course!
    Everyone here hates our variety but I find them interesting, though if I had the up close and personal experiences you've had, I might not... :)
    It has been a funny post to READ--not LIVE!!!


  15. I did enjoy this sags.I am also happy to see your face,it helps when I read the posts or comments to have a face in my mind.

  16. You have told this story so wonderfully - I laughed so much, but also am sorry about your furniture and things! You are so good-natured.

    Possum hair wool sounds lovely!

  17. I am enjoying your possum stories and I think you are very kind to your visitor. I would have a hard time being this good about it. I love the shot of you and the possum. Your sense of humor and kindness is shining through.

    Thanks for the I.D. on the tree in my post. I am not that great at identifying some of the trees and plants.

  18. Ann,
    hallo from over the big ditch. Possum 'wool'certainly is as warm as toast.

    I love all creatures great and small and find it an honour to have them wish to join me. Furniture, even beautiful antique furniture belongs to things we have to leave behind in the end anyway but life, even that of a possum is precious.

    enjoy your gloves, I know possums are an introduced pest in NZ.

    ours certainly don't play dead when cornered!

    yes, it surely was.

    Oh, you did not appreciate my Quasimodo portrait in the previous possum post?

    there is never any rest for the wicked!

    glad you enjoyed it.

    sweet bay,
    eh...what's a little havoc between friends?

    maybe not, I happen to like critters up close and personal.

    I view it more as a compliment than a disaster that they want to share my habitat. The mess was soon cleared up and what a lovely memory to have of holding a tiger by the tail.

    how could I not share such a gem of a story with your wonderful meme?

    thanks for your understanding. I don't like to see them frightened or starved.

    yes, I never thought possums would be so interested in antique books or dictionaries either.

    a possum refuge we have already in the natural habitat we provide. Possums are extremely territorial and will go home like homing pigeons, and hey, I like to have a little excitement in my life. So much nicer to be catching possums than being knifed in the street of shot at in a war zone.

    glad to entertain and so nice that someone actually LIKED to see my face.

    Raph my friend,
    never mind about the furniture etc., they are only things. I would not have missed this adventure for the world! I really thoroughly enjoyed it.

  19. Oh boy, what an adventure!
    I didn't know they shed fur.
    And I'm with Wil. You took it stoically :)
    (Not that you could have done much about it anyway, no?) ;)

    Best wishes that your furry friends stay outside now ;)

  20. Another side splitting story Arija. I have to admit you sure do look much happier than in the first catch of the day! I'd be looking for where they are getting into the house. I'd be tempted to spin that hair. There are folks that can spin just about any kind of hair.
    Till the next episode...Take care.

  21. You are an incredibly good sport to be worried about the possum after all the damage it did. Though I have to say, your possums are much cuter than the ones we have in the states.

  22. Arija, I am laughing so hard that I have been slapping my desk and then holding my stomach. har har...

    That fur is disgusting, if it had come off I would have screamed and I don't scream.

    You are the most beautiful lady, you are gorgeous.

    Dear friend, I did not receive any emails.

    Love Renee xoxox

    p.s. thanks for the laugh.

  23. What a story!! So glad you can laugh about it. Our opossums are not quite as cute...and I hope none decide to use the doggie door.

  24. what a nice story :) And a cute little "mama".

  25. I'll bet if you placed that fur outside some birds would pick it up to line their nest. Your possums have hairier tails than their American counter psrts.

  26. Your possums are much cuter than ours here in western New York State. Ours look like overgrown rats. (smiles) I went back a few posts and you've had quite the events recently. Amazing how much trouble such a cute little creature can cause. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  27. Funny Story,, and beautiful picture of you... catching critters becomes you...!!

    What a little rascal... and what an escapade.. that fellow is pretty big and cute!!

    do you think you may have a go at spinning the fur... would it have to be mixed with wool or does it have enough length to spin up on its own..

  28. Naughty fellow! Well, should I say, lady? Very cute though, aren't they?

  29. Ah well now. Your possums are much, much cuter than ours, I have to say. He's a Beatrix Potter sort of character, whereas ours...well... more horror movie.

  30. That's an exciting adventure and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I think you are wonderful to take such good care of this little possum, especially as he was pretty destructive, not intentionally of course. I think you deserve a medal.

  31. Talking about having your hands full, tales of possoms and wool! I would be afraid of trying to handle them, you are one brave woman!

  32. Regardless of the mayhem they caused...I thouroughly enjoyed your possum saga.

    Still smiling...


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