Sunday, April 18, 2010

MY WORLD ~ An Extraordinary Occurrence

Yesterday I saw the first Fantail of the season. I always look
forward to them with their fanned out flirty tails. It was right
outside the window and, as I carefully headed out the door, it
came to the door as though expecting me.

Hoping to get a shot at it on the vegetation on the pergola some 4'
away, I started to raise my camera, when, to my surprise and utter
delight I had two tiny birds, like supersonic butterflies, darting to
within a few inches of my face and chest, cirling me and playing
chasey. I stood as though bewitched, the camera unraised. They
were much too close to get a shot at and with such fast and furious
flying, there was no hope anyway.

I stood entranced and enjoyed the performance until they moved to
the lytch gate a little further away.

Getting into action, I did my level best even with the uncertain light
but only managed these two uncertain shots of an unidentifiable
Blue Wren. We have a number of Superb Blue Fairy-Wrens here, but
this particular one matches nothing in my extensive birdbooks.
Obviously it was a territorial altercation which the wren won, yet left me
disappointedly empty handed of my first Fantail photo.

Thanks to the MY WORLD Team I too can let you see the wonders
in my vicinity.


  1. What a lovely bird and a wonderful look at your world, Arija! Hope your week goes well!


  2. The antics of birds will always get me to pause and observe. They can be quite agressive in their territorial disputes.

  3. Extraordinarily beautiful. What an experience.

  4. What a loverly looking bird this is... it reminds me of our Long Tailed Tit...

  5. Oh that is so special,a memory you will carry in your heart if not on picture.

  6. Wow! That was an extraordinary occurrence. Sometimes you just have to savor the experience as you did, and while you were unable to get a photo while the activity was going on, you will always have that memory. Too bad about the fantail, but you'll get that opportunity another time.

  7. Wrens are such cute birds. We had a wren in a nesting box last year and I was just wondering yesterday if it would return. How nice to see yours have!

  8. Arija,
    the pictures are delightful!
    Even though you did not catch your first Fantail, what a joy that they are back.

    May you enjoy their company,

  9. You must have done something right or they got the call to go see you. These experiences only come to certain people and I think the birds all know who they are.

  10. Arija, these are stunning photos of a beautiful bird and the blurred background is beautiful.

  11. What a wonderful experience, Arija. You were surely blessed by this occurance. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Arija
    questo uccello è così piccolo....
    Avrà già mangiato ?

  13. Methinks you had a magical moment Arija, enchanting indeed. A lovely post and lovely photographs.

  14. cool, cool! I'm not familiar with Australian birds. Sounds like a great experience! I've had a few hummingbirds here come up to me and touch my head and hover centimeters from my face (crazy!!). So neat :)

  15. Arija, what a story! Sometimes the experience is worth more than the photos. You can always keep the memory with you no matters where you go! I love that name, "Blue Fairy Wren." I hope you are feeling better. You have been on my mind.

  16. How are you Arija. Good fantail you captured.

    Happy Anzac day.

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    You have an amazing blog! Very interesting content! Keep it up :D
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  18. Yes! The birds must know.

    Yesterday my husband and I went to the vet to pick up something for Daisy and I saw a rose bush and I thought of you. Whenever I see roes no, I think of you and when I see pink one I say your name!

  19. Aaaw, I wanted to ask how you are doing. I hope you are well. Tsup!

  20. Hi Arija, just popping over to let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope you're feeling better, my friend. xx

  21. Wonderful bird.
    We have a French word for it "rhipidure à collier" but it doesn't live here.

  22. It's a beautiful blog, congratulations! Salutations from Barcelona (Spain). I invite you to visit my blog. Thanks for your sensibility.

  23. Interesting story arija. Sorry you missed the photo you wanted!
    The roses below are just beautiful!

  24. How are you my beloved Arija? I think of you everyday...

  25. What a fabulous experience and you described it so beautifully too. I can see you with the birds fluttering around you. I love the 2 photos you did manage to get.


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