Thursday, April 1, 2010

SkyWatch ~ Sunset Fizzle

As the sun was sinking towards the west, it lit up these blankets
of cirro-nimbus clouds that had been a teasing presence all day.

Looking straight up, it was like looking down on a melting lake
of blue water and a breaking up ice shet.

The sunset colours never eventuated, they seemed too shy
to show thenselves

but at least the afterglow lit up my special hill.

Dear friends, forgive me for not visiting as much as I would like.
I seem to have hit a snag with my struggling heart and the
side effects are causing quite debilitateing pain.
At this time I specially treasure all your comments ... thank you all.
Photos enlarge as always.
Thank you Skywatch team for co-ordinating this great mem.


  1. Ah...these photos just fill my eyes--and that is the greatest compliment I can give.

    Ooooh, I love these pictures.

  2. I do hope that all will be well, dont stress,enjoy the sights and sounds around you. But I too will feel better when we finally get some rain.

  3. Best Wishes to you, Arija! Your skies are a treat - I hope they bring you peace and make you feel better.

  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Take good care. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  5. First of all I'm so sorry to hear you're having more heart problems, Arija, and I do hope you get better soon! Secondly, your photos are breathtaking and different with the cloud patterns! I love them. Wishing you a Happy Easter Weekend and please know that my thoughts are with you.

  6. Beautiful set of photo's Arija... Have a lovely weekend and Season Greetings to you and your family

    My Entry - Good Friday

  7. These are such delicate blankets. Please take care of yourself Arija. Hugs to You!

  8. Oh Arjia,please do take it easy.I will be praying for you.Your pictures are gorgeous.

  9. Opening skies, peaceful views and sun rays ~ wishing you wellness ~

  10. Such beauty of the clouds your world have given us.

    Arija, may our words of comfort bring cheers and smiles on your face.
    Be well and take care.

  11. What glorious cloud formations.

  12. Beautiful skies - I love all clouds, as you can tell from my blog.
    I'm so sorry to hear of your health problems. Sending good wishes for your recovery.

  13. Dear Arija,

    Hope you are feeling better. Take plenty of rest.

    Happy Easter.

  14. Hi,
    questo cielo serale è molto bello... l'ultima foto mi piace molto :-)
    Buona serata :-)


  16. You always take the most interesting and beautiful sky pictures.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  17. Dear Arija, I hope you feel fine already ... take care of yourself! I wish you much strength and recover and a very happy and relaxing Eastertime! Love,
    kri xoxox

  18. Dear Arija, I have thought of you and wondered about you. I am so sorry that your heart is giving you some pain, and I pray that the pain shall subside and that you shall feel much better in time, just be patient dear lady~ May you have a joyous Easter and blessings your way~ The images of clouds are always a pleasure for none are ever the same...

  19. Beautiful photos of the clouds. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Take care.

  20. Hi,
    queste foto di tramonto sono veramente molto belle... mi piacciono tanto.
    Happy Easter...Myriam

  21. I could say I simpy like this pictures , but as nothing is perfect I hope you want to hear some things that I don't like too . In the first picture a crop would be ok because the branchs in the right of the image are disturbing . I have no comment about the second one . The thid is good , but when I watch it I feel like ...hmmm... everything is going down because of that line which is going down . In the last horizont is in the middle and I think it would have been better in the upper half , but it is ok. Good pictures ! Keep shooting !

  22. It'sME

    viewpoints differ and perfection is an odd concept, I certainly aspire to it, but do not expect to succeed in this lifetime as ' only Allah is perfect'.

    My viewpoint is obviously different to yours, but just as valid.

  23. These are beautiful captures,I especially love the last one. Take care of yourself.
    Blessings and smiles Arija.


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