Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watery Wednesday & Nature Notes ~ Miracles Still Happen!

Although it is autumn, our summer rain, three months late,
has finally come! My cup runneth over and so does the 500
gallon water tank in my shadehouse.

Nature rejoices as a lovesick cicada serenading loudly in the
hope of yet attracting a mate so late in the season, drags me
out of slumber at three o'clock in the morning. Did you know
that they need rain for their chambers to really resonate?

A sodden bee struggles among the wet pollen ....

'Heritage' delighting in the warm summer rain so unusual
this late in the season..

Nature's jewels lighting up the garden. We had one and a half
inches of rain in less than 24 hours, more rain than we have had
in the last six months in total.

'Just Joey' dripping with pleasure. The pleasure the plants and
the very earth feel at this wonder from heaven is palpable.
All of Nature rejoices!

Apologies for the quality of the first shot, it was raining cats, dogs,
and small elephants and I was more worried about my camera
than a perfect picture.
All photos enlarge as always.
With thanks to 2sweetnsaxy for hosting Watery Wednesday and
Michelle of Rambling woods for Nature Notes.
A click on the relevant Logo at right will find both sites.


  1. Glad you got some much needed rain.

  2. I am so happy you got some much needed rain...You captured it beautifully....Michelle

  3. Oh, how beautiful!! I love the shot of the bee in the wet pollen! And Just Joey is one of my favorite roses... Much love, Silke

  4. Yes, wish I could send you some of our rain that has been pretty much every day for at least a few hours for the past couple of weeks. But when the sun finally does come out it is glorious! How different our worlds! Your photos are so gorgeous as always, Arija, and you can almost feel their joy! Have a lovely evening!


  5. Thankgoodness for your rain Arija. I really love flower pictures taken after the rain. Enjoy.

  6. Beautiful,refreshing rain sent from heaven above.May you also feel that refreshment in your body.

  7. Beautiful collection of rainy photos! The raindrops make those flowers look so vibrant! And I did not know about cicadas needing water to play their music!

  8. all your photos are wonderful. I am so happy that you have water!!!

  9. The raindrops on the petals are beautiful. Beautiful photos.

    Thank you

  10. Gorgeous WW shots in this post. I just love rain drops!

  11. I'm glad you finally got rain! and lots of it too! We still have a few months to go (June...) down in West Africa...

  12. Drought is not fun...it's always super when the rains come. I did know that cicadas always sing...or so the legend goes, 5 weeks before heavy rain fall.

    Here is my Watery Photo, hope to see you stop by to view. It's always great to have you visiting.

  13. Great post and beautiful photos! The flowers are gorgeous!

  14. "Dripping with pleasure" - what delight to hear this from your side of the ponds! ;-)

    Thank you for the information about the cicada,
    I had never ever heard about that, and I have lived through two 17-year-cicada seasons on the East Coast!

    Wishing you well,

  15. Good day Arija
    Beautiful raindrop shots.. raining cats and dogs and small Elephants had me chuckling.. I will be looking out for some rain like that from now on.. ;o)

  16. Wonderful shots of your happy flowers. Rain is such a blessing and your flowers are gorgeous.

  17. Glad to see all these rainy shots! Hope your tank stays full until the next rains.

  18. You have made me appreciate the water that we usually have enough of here....thank you for that Arija... Michelle


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